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Re: Contribute to the Liverpool 800 Poems Site

Post by blonde madonna »

Thank you for answering my plea Byron, and so sweetly too.

I love mythical creatures. Now why weren't liver birds mentioned in Harry Potter, hey?

Damellon I too have vague memories of 'The Liver Birds' on TV when I was a child but I never understood the title's meaning (ie associating it with Liverpool even) or thought much about it really.
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Re: Contribute to the Liverpool 800 Poems Site

Post by Byron »

The two girl 'Liver Birds' were two 'birds,' as young maidens used to be called in my youth. They were the subjects of mythical stories created by Carla Lane, who wrote many other television dramas. Carla is from Liverpool too. The comedic aspects to the weekly shows were to be found in the way these two young women made their way through life in Liverpool in their 'ordinary' daily lives. To make the story-lines more interesting, one of the girls was Welsh. This allowed for much more scope in comparing an 'outsider' with the natural wit of the Liverpool character.

To live in Liverpool, requires one over-riding and essential, personality characteristic. One has to be sharp-witted to the point where every conversation is riddled with humour. When I left Liverpool to move to a better paid job, (I was 'head' hunted by antler engravers) I struggled to come to terms with the fact that everyone around me in my new place of work was a total misery, suffering endlessly from chronic constipation. All of them!! I was used to sharpening my wits with friends and colleagues, all the time. But this new bunch of dead-heads were unbelievably morose.

I miss Liverpool and the humour.
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Re: Contribute to the Liverpool 800 Poems Site

Post by lizzytysh »

Well, it seems my 'idea' on Damellon using her Brit humour may have been spot on for her submission to this project.

You've made up for your workplace loss when you came here, Byron... both give and take.

~ Lizzy
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Re: Contribute to the Liverpool 800 Poems Site

Post by fradi0 »

Hello guys , I know this is really late to post in this thread, but I need to know if you guys are living in Liverpool? because we're planning to move into this city and only found a city guide article on this website. There are a lot of things I need to ask about Liverpool, not just these things specified in the article.
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Re: Contribute to the Liverpool 800 Poems Site

Post by Marnauth »

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