Marin Sorescu, Shakespeare

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Marin Sorescu, Shakespeare

Post by sakuntala » Thu Jan 25, 2007 3:26 am

Marin Sorescu
(great Romanian poet, born 1936, died 1997)

(translated by Michael Hamburger)

Shakespeare created the world in seven days.

On the first day he made the sky and the mountains
and the ravines of the soul.
On the second day he made the rivers, the seas, the
oceans as well as the other feelings
and gave them to Hamlet, to Julius Caesar, to Cleopatra, Ophelia, Othello and others,
to reign over them with their children and later descendants
for ever and ever.
On the third day he summoned the whole of humanity
to teach them the diverse tastes:
the taste of happiness, that of love, the taste of despair,
of jealousy, fame etc.,
till there were none left to distribute.

But then a few people came who were late.

Sorry for them, the creator patted their heads
and informed them there was nothing left for them save to become
literary critics and debunk his work.
The fourth and fifth days he reserved for laughter,
gave the clowns a free hand,
allowed them to turn somersaults
and so provided amusement for kings and emperors
and other unfortunate persons.
On the sixth day he dealt with administrative problems:
he set up a storm
and taught King Lear
how to wear a crown of straw.
There was some waste matter, too, from creation, and
out of this he made Richard III.
On the seventh day he made sure that nothing was left undone.
Already theatre managers had plastered the whole world with their playbills, and
Shakespeare thought that after so much hard work
he deserved to see a performance;
but meanwhile, because he felt so excessively drowsy,
he lay down to take forty winks of death.

Sorry, there are several translations of that poem into English, this is one of two I like best. Enjoy!
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Post by lizzytysh » Thu Jan 25, 2007 4:18 pm

This is so enjoyable, Sakuntala 8) :lol: . Thanks for posting it :D .

~ Lizzy
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