Thank you Ghent 2022 !

The Ghent Event - before and after
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Thank you Ghent 2022 !

Post by Wybe »

Finally it was possible again after the planned event 2020, but the waiting was finally paid off with a wonderful event in Ghent.
Thank you Maarten and his whole family to make this all happen for us. They have put all their energy into it to make it an unforgettable event for all of us.
So thank you very much we had a fantastic time!

Willy and Wybe
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Re: Thank you Ghent 2022 !

Post by HugoD »

Very well said Wybe, I totally agree. It was a wonderful event . Can only imagine how much effort it Maarten, and all that helped him, must have taken to make this happen.

So thank you all very much!
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Re: Thank you Ghent 2022 !

Post by Judy »

Thank you Maarten for the marvellous weekend. Thanks also to Anne and Eddy and to your wife and very efficient children. It was so very good to meet everyone again after such a long time. Wonderful memories in the making. Thank you again!
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A weekend with Leonard in Ghent

Post by pim »

Friday, August 5. Without any expectations I travel to Ghent. As a newcomer and big LC fan, I'm mainly curious. Who are the event visitors, what happens at such an event, what is the atmosphere like? Are they all scholars trying to fathom the life and lyrics of our great hero in endless exegetical discussions? Are there regular fans – like me – who just enjoy his music and poems and take it for granted that you don't always understand what those poetic lyrics are about? Is it fun at such an event?

My curiosity is more than satisfied.

First of all, I was struck by the extremely professional way in which Maarten, Nele c.s. organized the event. The historic location, the beautiful logo, the cool goody bag containing the T-shirt, the wristband, the beautifully designed program booklet with more than readable background articles, the sweets, the notepad with LC silhouette, the logo pin and the tea light with Bird-on-the-wire decoration. And of course the program!

I was pleasantly surprised by the city walk and the boat trip. I learned a lot about our Low Countries history and Ghent's role in it. The Museum Dr. Guislain was an experience. The building, the exhibition (I have to go back!), but especially the forum discussion about the relationship between LC and psychiatry was more than interesting. Also thanks to Maarten for the special unreleased sound fragments of a performance by LC at the Henderson Hospital.

The movie "Little Axel" touched me deeply. It was especially impressive to hear Axel speak about his youth and his life on Hydra. How fantastic that Maarten managed to show us this documentary.

To be honest, I was less fascinated by the guest speakers Christophe Lebold and Marilyn Ambach. But that was undoubtedly more my fault than theirs.

And then there was (of course) music, lots of music. On stage no less than six concerts in three days. Six wonderful concerts. For me, Rags & Feathers and Martin Kubetz stood out, without wanting to do the other bands short.

The after parties took me back to my childhood. During summer camps around a campfire singing songs together accompanied by a guitar. The campfire was missing, the feeling of togetherness was there. It's gotten late.

It was a beautiful weekend with beautiful people.

Thank you all.

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Re: Thank you Ghent 2022 !

Post by Janetld »

And a very big thank you from me too, Maarten, and to your family, too - what a wonderful event.

Not only did we see exceptional acts but the city walk and boat trip, showed us such a lot of the history of the beautiful city. The afternoon in the Museum Dr Ghislain was interesting and very emotional and time well spent.

The Miry Centre was a brilliant and perfectly placed venue. The logo, T shirt, goody bag and information was very much appreciated and so useful too.

It was good to meet up with old friends and make new friends too.

Thank you so much, Janet
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Re: Thank you Ghent 2022 !

Post by maphoner »

Dank u wel Maarten et al.

It was mighty! :) :)
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Re: Thank you Ghent 2022 !

Post by Kiwi56 »

Thank you again Maarten for the arrangement of the wonderful Ghent festival! We can imagine how much work it was, but the result was amazing! We enjoyed every hour!
Thank you Maarten and Nele !!!!
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Re: Thank you Ghent 2022 !

Post by Paula »

Thank you so much to Maarten and family I had a lovely time. I bought some Belgium waffles today :D
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Re: Thank you Ghent 2022 !

Post by Joe Way »

Anne & I are home now. We want to thank Maarten and his family for the wonderful event that they produced. We had a great time and it was so nice to see old friends and meet some new ones at this fantastic weekend. We haven't stayed up until after 3 am for many years! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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