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Post by Maarten »

Dear friends

After my previous post regarding the effect that the corona pandemia will probably have on our travel plans for next Summer in general and our Leonard Cohen Event in Ghent in particular, I've had quite a few messages from you all. Thanks a lot for the support and the help in making this difficult decision, but I think everyone would agree that it would be best to postpone the Event due to the corona crisis...

We could have waited a bit longer to see how things develop from now up until a few weeks time, but I'm afraid this would only mean we would have to make the same decision next month, so it's better to announce this as soon as possible so everyone who had already registrated for the Event knows how things are going and you can check on cancelling hotel bookings and other arrangements that you might have taken already.

Of course I'm very sorry to having to write this post, but I'm sure you will all understand it's the only logical thing to do given the circumstances...

Postponing the Event means we will be looking for another date of course. Right now, nothing has been decided yet, but we have two options:
- Move the Event to Summer 2021 and move the cycle of Events from even years (...-2014-2016-2018-...) to odd years from now on (2021-2023-...) and leave a gap of 3 years for once.
- Move the Event to Summer 2022 and keep Events on even years, skipping 2020.

Because we also have the Hydra gatherings on odd years and the Walking weekends, we might have to move the Hydra gatherings to the even years if we opt for the first option.

Please let me know what pros/cons you have for the Ghent Event to move to 2021 or 2022 so we can decide what to do.

Regarding the registration fees: like I said before, I'm pretty confident we will be able to cancel the artists/activities/venue/... without having to invest a lot of money (thankfully), so we would be able to refund almost the entire fee for those who have already registered and paid for the Event. But in case the Event would be moved to Summer 2021, it might be a good idea to keep the current registrations as they are now and just move them forward 1 year. Of course you are free to ask for a refund right away or you can wait and see whether or not you can join us in 2021. In case you will not be able to come to the Event then, we will refund you of course!

There are still a lot of things to sort out right now and I will contact our close group of moderators and previous Event organizers soon to hear what their opinion is on this.

Meanwhile: stay healthy, stay stafe and stay home!

We hope to see you all at the Ghent Event of course, whether it's 2021 or 2022!
All good things
Maarten and Co.

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Post by joyezekiel »

Very sad to read this Maarten, but I totally agree with your decision.

We are happy to leave our registration fee with you until such time as you can reschedule. I would probably go for 2021, as two years feels too long to keep things hanging.

Sorry you've had to make this difficult decision, but thanks for all your hard work and for keeping us informed.

Best wishes,
Joy and Mark
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Post by Mabeanie1 »

I’m sorry but not surprised to hear that the event will be postponed Maarten. But none of your hard work should be wasted and the meet up in Ghent will be all the sweeter for the extra wait.

You know my views on postponing for 1 vs 2 years, also that I am happy to roll my registration fee through to 2021. The only thing I’m wondering is if there might be people planning to join the Hydra meet up in 2021 who have already booked their accommodation and may not be able to cancel? Or who might not visit here and be aware of the switch if 2021 becomes an event rather than a Hydra/ walking year (though there will be a list of 2019 participants of course). Something else to think about ....

Take care.

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Post by Mary72 »

Unfortunately seems the best thing to do at the moment, Maarten.
Wishing everybody a safe journey during this appaling times, may you all be well until we meet again.
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Post by jarkko »

This was a decision that had to be made, it's more than clear.

We have to decide pretty soon what will happen in 2021. Maarten already explained our options:

In 2021 Either The Ghent Event OR Hydra Meetup (June) and the Walking Weekend (Fall)

Obviously our 2021 decision will also nail the 2022 schedule.

We would appreciate your input in this matter. Comments please!!!

If we choose to have the Ghent Event in 2021, I will change the plans accordingly on the Files pages plus help Caren and Hans in sending a note to all 205 participants of the 2019 Meetup.
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Post by mydoglorca »

I am saddened by the news but it is the right decision and it was expected. I would prefer 2021, two years seems too long to wait. Postponements give us hope life will be normal again.
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Post by Caren »

Dear friends,

I agree that this must have been a hard decision to make but obviously it’s the only reasonable choice given the situation.

We will be fine with whatever schedule will be decided upon. And of course, we will leave our paid participation fees with you Marten.

Hopefully by next year life will have returned to normal so we can continue our treasured meet ups with all of you.

Caren and Hans
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Post by maphoner »

Thanks Maarten,

I would prefer to have the event in Ghent in 2021, however my diary for 2022 is also clear.
: -))

Thanks again for all your hard work. We will appreciate the next event all the more because of the delay.

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Post by swisschris »

Maarten, although given the circumstances it was the right decision, I feel so sorry for you, Nele and your parents who have already put so much work in preparing for this year's Event.
For me, both 2021 and 2022 is fine - if it will be next year I would only need to know the exact dates till the end of August 2020 because until then I have to hand in my holiday wishes for 2021 to my main employer (and afterwards there is no possibility to change the wishes, this company is unfortunately not very flexible...).
And be it 2021 or 2022, you can keep my participation fee, no refund needed, as I will take part in the event anyway. And in case you would need an additional fee from the participants to cover all the costs because of the postponement, that's no problem for me either.
And I hope that everyone who wanted to participate this year will make it through this terrible crisis and will be able to take part in 2021 or 2022.
Stay healthy dear friends! All the best from Switzerland!

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Post by HugoD »

Dear Maarten,

Sorry that you had to make this decision, but it is the wise thing to do giving the circumstances. Personally I would prefer to keep the current system of even years an event and uneven years Hydra.
But having said that I will of course accept the decision made by the organizers. Hope to see you all next year be it on Hydra or Ghent.

To all: Please take care and stay healthy
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Post by Stranger »

Dear Maarten,

Thanks for a quick decision, however sad it may be. Regarding the new date for the event: I am fine either way (2021 or 2022). I suppose it also depends on the willingness of venues etc to postpone bookings with no or a minimum of charges (2021 may be more palatable to them than 2022), and the schedules of the bands and other guests you wanted to book.

Take care and stay safe
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Post by Brian M »

Hi Maarten,

Realistically this was the only outcome - sad, but the correct decision.

As to when it should now be held, I think 2022, but ONLY if all you efforts can go on ice until then. Otherwise, let's do it next year.

Thanks for all the work!

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Post by bogra »

Hello Maarten!

We understand and agree with the decision you had to make given this awful situation we are in!

We will be fine with whatever schedule will be decided upon. And of course, we will leave our paid participation fees with you.

We really hope that by next year life will have returned to normal and we can continue to see you and all our Cohenite friends. And hopefuly everyone will be in good health. Stay safe!!

Love, Aad and Gery
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Post by Kiwi56 »

We are so sorry, but it's clear you have to decide very soon, Maarten.
Rainer and I would like to meet you all in summer 2021 ( if it is possible) and of course we will leave our paid registration fees with you.
Thank you so much for all your work you have already done!
Dear friends, take care and stay healthy !!!!!

Best wishes
Karin & Rainer
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Post by daveeliver »

Hi Maarten
Thanks for everything you are doing and for everything you already have done.
Because of health concerns I hadn’t registered for the event but had booked a hotel and also Eurostar journeys.
If there is money that has been paid or promised and cannot be reclaimed, please allow me to contribute to any costs you may have incurred or be liable for.

As regards the date of the next event, I like others believe that you and those who work with you must make the ultimate decision.
It is the organisers who know about contracts and availability of venues.

Personally, I have no preference, but I believe that if your plans could be put on ice, it would be less problematic to reschedule the event for 2022.

I don’t think anything has been decided regarding a venue for 2022 and for that date Gent would be ideal.

Also cancelling the 2021 Hydra meet-up and the 2021 German walking weekend may mean that a few organised people (definitely not me!) would have to change plans that they have may have already made.
Hydra seems to be a ‘well to do’ island but I’m sure there are a few businesses (bars!) who will miss our 2021 contribution to their economy.

Too many words but overall, it’s you, Maarten etc who must make the final decision.
Take care all
Look after yourself and (each)others. All the best Dave ♫♫♫

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