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The Ghent Event - before and after
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Event registration

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Hi Friends

The registration for the 12th Leonard Cohen Event in Ghent 2022 is now open again!

The official dates are August 5-7 2022 but we might have some pre- and post-Event programs so make your plans accordingly. :D
Our event is not commercial, so the participation fees are required to cover all the expenses associated with organizing an international event including the venues, bands, the hiring of technical and musical equipment, the souvenirs and so on.

Please carefully read how to proceed to registrate for the Event below!

1) Send an email to maarten.massa@me.com

Include the following information:
  • Name(s)
  • Forum name(s) (if you are a registered member of the Leonard Cohen Forum)
  • Email address(es)
  • Mobile phone number(s) (please include your country code aswell, eg. +32 473 ...)
  • City and country of residence
  • T-shirt size(s), male/female (a size chart with measurements will be made available later and you will be able to edit your size if needed)
  • Indicate if you are paying by international bank transfer (for EU) or PayPal.
  • Let us know if you, for some reason, don't want your name to be shown on the online Event pages.

2) Pay the registration fee

2a) Registration fee
  • Normal registration: €180 (starting from January 1 2022)
  • Note: Alas, we will not give the opportunity to have an Early Bird registration any more because the rescheduling from 2020 to 2021 and then again to 2022 has had an impact on the financial situation and therefor new registrations will be asked to pay the normal registration fee whenever they register.

2b) How to pay the registration fee

1/ International bank transfer (EU)

> SEPA transfer is the fastest, cheapest and prefered way of payment if your country is a SEPA member.
> Check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_Euro_Payments_Area for more details.

> Bank account details
  • PAYEE: Leonard Cohen Event
  • BANK: BNP Paribas Fortis
  • IBAN: BE85 0018 7390 4806
  • BANK ADDRESS: Houtbriel 7, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
  • Make sure to include the name(s) of the participant(s) in the message field!
2/ Paypal

> Go to www.paypal.com and log into your account.
> Choose "Send and request" and use the "Send" tab
> Recipient account: maarten.massa@me.com
> Choose "Sending to a friend" to avoid unnecessary PayPal fees!
> Make sure The Event will receive the full amount! This means that you have to pay all the PayPal fees for both ends of the transaction!
> No problem if you have no PayPal account or any balance on your existing account – you will be able to pay through their secure services by your credit card.

3/ Other methods of payment

> Credit card holders may pay through PayPal even if they don't have an account there (also remember to pay the fee!)
> Other payments can not be accepted. Sorry, we can not accept cheques!

3) Registration confirmation

After a few days (upto a week) you will receive a confirmation email when your email and payment have been received. Your email address will be included in a mailing list that will be used solely to inform you about The Leonard Cohen Event, but everything will be posted on this forum aswell.

4) Cancellation policy
  • if cancelled before March 15 2022, 50 % of the fee will be refunded
  • After March 15 2022 there will be no refunds
  • The registrant has the right to transfer the registration to another person (and be able to get the whole fee refunded from that person)
  • Important: if COVID-19 should force us to cancel or reschedule the Event again, we will do our very best to refund any participants that will not be able to attend the rescheduled Event.

5) Notes
  • Use @LCGhent2022 and #LCGhent2022 on social media if you post anything related to our Event!
  • The Event is organized by Maarten Massa and his Team, The Leonard Cohen Files and The Leonard Cohen Forum
  • If you have any questions, post them here or email me at the email address stated above.

I am looking forward to seeing many friends -old and new- in Ghent in August 2022!


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