Walking weekend in Yorkshire 2019

Everything about our biennial Walking Weekends in just one record-long thread!
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Re: Walking weekend in Yorkshire 2019

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Dear Wybe,

Thank for this wonderful montage of the most lovely photos, many shot from the most interesting perspective!
It was great to see the pictures of all the participants.

How long was the walk - it looked exhausting. Also, who is the singer and name of the song around 3:00 that started with 'Take a little walk'? Again, loved your choice of music.

Loving regards,
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Re: Walking weekend in Yorkshire 2019

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Yorkshire Lad wrote: Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:16 pm A massive thanks from Jean and myself for all your lovely gifts you gave us on our walking weekend . It is greatly appreciated . Now I just want good writing service with college essays that wow and after to sleep for a week due to the fantastic weekend . Your life is measured by the quality of the the friends you gain along the way and jean and I could not wish for any better friends we have in the Cohenite family . Now our thoughts must turn to Ghent next year but after that in 2021 the WW must continue . Volunteers please come forward I would be so upset if ours were the last one !
Nice to hear from you. Massive thanks to jean also! :D
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