Where to eat on Hydra

Our biennial Hydra meetups, and the big 2002 Event
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Where to eat on Hydra

Post by jarkko » Sun May 14, 2017 8:23 pm

This year we have 200 participants and it would be very difficult to organize a dinner for such a large group.
Therefore we have promised to give some ideas where to eat in smaller groups.
Note that this list is far from complete! Hydra is full of taverns that serve delicious Greek food.
These are just some of our personal favorites. (Roloi is not listed here because everybody knows it anyway!)

Feel free to add YOUR suggestions to this thread!
In the Hydra village:
To Gitonikon (used to be Cristina & Manoli's)
Dusko's (official name Xeri Elia Duskos)


Wijbe wants to add the following:
In the Hydra village:
Secret Garden
Pedro Serrano:
Kryfo Limani (the one i like best)
Il Casta (nearby Krifo's and a good italian dinner)
Annita's Tavern (in the plaza near the pharmacy).
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Re: Where to eat on Hydra

Post by hydriot » Wed May 17, 2017 6:13 pm

Every-one has their favourite of course (and I won't mention mine) but I also like Psaropoulos which moved last year from the front to overlooking the port on the far west side. I particularly recommend their seafood salad.

Crypto Limani (The Secret Harbour) is tiny but much appreciated by locals: outstanding black-eyed bean salad and the lamb-with-quince is excellent (but out of season right now).

Christina and Manoli's is now being run by the next generation and continues her tradition for excellent fare (the swordfish is recommended). I bumped into Christina with her granddaughter a few days ago (she has moved to my part of the island). She seemed as well as could be expected.
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Re: Where to eat on Hydra

Post by harald » Thu Aug 31, 2017 5:19 pm

There is now an ever increasing number of restaurants and bars on booming Hydra. It´s probably best to discover yourselves, though the ones mentioned in the posts above are good hints.
To us the main distinction for food quality was, is the fish and meat fresh (good) or frozen (bad and dry). Most restaurants on the island are reasonably priced with mains from 8 to 15 €, fresh fish by the kilo a bit more. Even the few more upscale ones have the mains mostly under 25 €.

I try to list here the restaurants and bars to my knowledge related to Leonard Cohen. Mind, obviously they all have changed quite a lot since Cohen´s times. And please correct me where I am wrong or add more information.
2 restaurants:
Duskos on a romantic village place inside the town, the one with the tree, you all know the foto Cohen playing guitarre there, still good food at reasonable prices
Cristina & Manoli's, now To Gitonikon near Duskos, mainly on a roof terrace, insiders know at which table Cohen sat, after the horrible crime now seemingly run by the sons, like Duskos still good food at reasonable prices
some bars:
Roloi at the port under the clock tower, our home base of Nikolas, Nota and Iannis, the former Katsikas shop and bar, where Cohen first met Marianne as it is said, at the Roloi one can sit from breakfast till very late and finds also a menue to eat, the hospitality of the owners is exceptional
Bill´s Bar is now integrated in the Bratsera hotel also close to Duskos, the bar is open also to non hotel guest, you could have dinner by the pool in the courtyard or rather just have drink inside at the original bar
Pirate Bar in the corner of the port, close to the Roloi is said to have been another hangout of Cohen and friends
the red and yellow house at Kamini port is told to have been another bar that Cohen frequented, but it´s closed since years
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