new, films and "the tube"

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new, films and "the tube"

Postby opaglabijn » Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:10 am

Hello every one,
I am new here. Didnot know of your existence until last Sunday, when we met a Dutch couple at the hotel who informed us about this forum on our pilgrimage walk to St Pieters. From the grand stand we had a great view from afar on the stage, the sound was impeccable and the concert - no need to say - fabulous. From where we were seated it was impressive to observe how captivated, almost mesmerized every one was listening, drinking in every word of the legendary bard and every note played by the Old Ideas Tour Band, not willing to miss a second of the magic that came down to us from that saintly stage. I posted some films on you tube under my new alias Opaglabijn1, the original one -Opaglabijn- being inaccesible to me since Google took over Youtube. Hope you 'll enjoy them as much as I myself do as well as many other contributions on the tube, which reminds me of a line from "Going Home" which runs "...though he knows he's really nothing but the brief elaboration of a tube." Does anyone know what this tube refers to? I'm inclined to think of an old religious idea that in the end , without divine inspiration, man is no more than an empty vessel, or more profane, than a sausage in its skin. "Brief elaboration"is once again one of these Cohenese contraditions in terms, reminding us with a fat wink that we should not think too much of our importance. This overmodesty, however, brings about the very opposite as well. Tube may also refer tot the underground train, running round in circles through tunnels, or to images on Youtube or TV. Isn't he a genius poet?
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Re: new, films and "the tube"

Postby surrender » Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:13 pm

Welcome to the Forum, Opaglabijn!
Your video's have been discovered already and highly appreciated.
I hope you'll stay and share your ideas with us.

For "the tube" interpretation see:

1988: Amsterdam 1993: Nijmegen 2008: Amsterdam|Oberhausen 2009: Cologne|Antwerp|Barcelona 2010: Ghent (8/20-21-22)|Lille
2012: Ghent (8/12)|Amsterdam (8/21-22)|Verona|Lisboa 2013: Antwerp|Brussels|Rotterdam|Amsterdam

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