Javier Mas interview in el Periodico de Aragon

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Javier Mas interview in el Periodico de Aragon

Postby remote1 » Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:29 pm

http://www.elperiodicodearagon.com/noti ... 25663.html

Here is the Google translate version. Not a very good one, but better than nothing!
Javier Mas: "Playing with Leonard Cohen is like playing in the NBA"

Already has a global recognition. This category was awarded for having taken his lute and mandolin by Leonard Cohen. He visited his family in Zaragoza and prepares new projects

Joaquin Carbonell 04/01/2012

- Are you going to participate again in the upcoming tour of Cohen?

- I do not know, because I do not even know if there will be tour. Will birthday, and a tour like we did three years is very hard.

- But he participated in the new album, Old ideas.

- Leonard participated but then locked back into the studio and redid everything to their liking. And in this new mix I just play a song.

- What projects are you then?

- At the moment plenty of rest. While I have made some contacts with friends who I know on the tour with Cohen and I have things in the air.

- What?

- Well, I met Glen Handsard, a very good Irish singer. I asked to play on his new album and even did some gigs with him and his group. It's a very interesting musician I've collated a lot.

- Anything else?

- Well, I'd spend a little more attention to my own music. I have plans to record something, I have offered projects. All very much in the air because I have not devoted much attention, keep in mind that just passed by house and now I'm spending some time with my grandchildren, to fix my house.

- Living in Zaragoza?

- Do not dislike me because here is part of my family, my mother lives, but basically I need to live near a major airport.

- Does your tour with Leonard Cohen is the top for a musician?

- Man, completely! I I've played with everybody, including you and Labordeta, when you get to those levels that you see are projects from another dimension. You could say it's like playing in the NBA.

- Especially when you have a leader like Leonard Cohen that allowed him some freedom.

- No, no, I allowed all the freedom. I think I did the tour one never repeated. That's not ever happened to me with other singers. They tell you to do what you want is something unique freely.

- And in that freedom is allowed some hints?

- Exactly. I raised a little by playing in a city. In Istanbul, for example I gave it a more oriental, and the audience appreciated it. Or in Liverpool, including the one touch of Within you, without you the Sargent Peppers, in a tribute to George Harrison. They are very specific details but very rewarding.
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Re: Javier Mas interview in el Periodico de Aragon

Postby swisschris » Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:08 pm

Pero participó en el disco nuevo, Old ideas.

--Participé pero luego Leonard se encerró de nuevo en el estudio y lo rehizo todo a su gusto. Y en esa nueva mezcla yo solo toco en una canción.

Very interesting quote from Javier Mas:
It seems, that he participated in the recording but later on, Leonard locked himself in the studio again and decided to redo the recordings according to his taste. Now, with the new mix, Javier only play on one single song (I suppose it is "The Darkness"...

Honestly, I cannot understand Leonard's choice. Having such a gifted band and such an exceptional guitarist as Javier Mas is, I think it is actually a crime not letting him play on more than one single song. That's just my humble opinion...but I have to say that I am rather disappointed.

By the way, I got the information from Sony Music that Leonard won't do any promotional activities apart from being present at very few album-playbacks for a very selected audience. So maybe we will never know why he chose to re-record the songs the way they are now on the album..

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Re: Javier Mas interview in el Periodico de Aragon

Postby B4real » Fri Jan 06, 2012 11:52 am

Thanks Natalie for posting this - a bit of interesting info.....
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Re: Javier Mas interview in el Periodico de Aragon

Postby holydove » Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:35 pm

If one wants to hear more Javier Mas than there is on this album, one can buy Javier Mas' album. This is Leonard's album & as much as every artist's contribution is appreciated, IMHO, it should be exactly how Leonard wants it to be (which, as we know, was not always the case in the past). So, Good For Leonard!! This info makes me even more eager & excited about hearing the album.

Thank you for posting this, remote 1!
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Re: Javier Mas interview in el Periodico de Aragon

Postby BarbM » Sun May 20, 2012 3:52 am

Isn't it interesting to watch these issues play out over the years. In truth, many worship Mr. Cohen as a god and star celebrity but when it comes down to it ... he's simply a man like anyone else albeit greatly talented. Javier Mas is an incredible musician and I'm always eager to hear his performances and I believe I will look for his album. No one, not even Leonard Cohen, can take that away from him with re-recording songs or anything else. I've read that Mr. Mas is greatly protective of Mr. Cohen as he's aged and often stands between overeager fans and the singer. This type of friendship is based on something I don't believe any of us can ever really know and it speaks well of the whole group.
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Re: Javier Mas interview in el Periodico de Aragon

Postby lizzytysh » Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:33 am

"I Did It My Way" ~ a song that has simply got to increase in its significance and importance as we grow older.

Good on you, our Leonard Cohen 8) .
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