Live in London July 17th CD

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Live in London July 17th CD

Postby Pope » Fri Aug 20, 2010 9:43 am

I've had a pretty hard week. I've spent a long time correcting the galley and terrified about what first reviews were like. My wife came home from shopping and said, 'I've got you a present. I can take it back if you've got it already.'
She'd bought me the cd of Live in London July 17th.
I'm not a big fan of live cds so I hadn't.
It was wonderful of her, a thoughtful lovely gift.
We listened to disc one while we were eating dinner outside. Our cottage looking out onto miles and miles of French countryside.
Our own music festival.
I listened to disc two after a bath, pyjamed, away in a room, living the moments.
Wonderful stuff.
I just wish they'd left 'Whither Thou Goest' a bit more personal. I bet he said something like, 'And when you get on the tube tonight, mind those doors...'

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