Name that song - 2

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Name that song - 2

Postby dudders » Wed Apr 03, 2019 12:32 am

Sorry I'm late - completely forgot! This one is a bit rushed and therefore rough in places, but still a lot easier than the last, on account of each clip being much longer.

Some helpful tips:
* All the songs are in what I would call Cohen's 'main repertoire' - nothing obscure;
* If you find it difficult, try just humming along with the chords and you should pick up the melody;
* I've only ever played solo - just me and the guitar - so have often had to improvise where I'm playing a song that had backing musicians on the original. Particularly on one of these clips!

Here it is: ... r-2-take-2

Hope you enjoy puzzling this out. I have something appropriate waiting for the first correct set of answers sent to me via PM. I'll put up the answers on May 2nd - assuming I remember...

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