Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

General discussion about Leonard Cohen's songs and albums
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Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Post by B4real » Tue Sep 15, 2020 2:41 am

Vickie, good to know you are safe!
And that’s an interesting thought about what song we would choose for each other ;-)
As for me, you all know the story, I kinda didn't choose Hallelujah, it chose me!
So, in respect of that situation, if it turns out this song is not played at my funeral ... I'm simply not leaving ... :razz:
Vickie wrote: Regardless of your politics regarding climate change...the earth will always be here after all... but wouldn't it be nice if humans could always be here too? Somebody has to keep listening to Leonard, don't you think?
Science says our sun will eventually burn up and die and life here on Earth has a few hundred million years left, maybe at the most a billion. But nevermind, well before that happens I reckon mankind will be set up on a new 3rd rock from another sun in the goldilocks position somewhere in space. Rest assured, I feel certain that our descendants will have taken LC’s music with them. Just imagine that voice floating out among the stars to think it already is :)

A couple of lines from 4’s suggested song, Stories Of The Street comes to mind -

“I balance on a wishing well that all men call the world
We are so small between the stars, so large against the sky”

....gravity and perspective....
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