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More bootlegs of the Complex (LA) 1993 concert

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:30 am
by jarkko
Looks like the 1993 concert at the Complex in Los Angeles is getting more attention again.
There were already many bootlegs in the 1990's -- all copied from the promotional CD:

A Sunday morning concert by Leonard Cohen at The Complex, on April 18, 1993, was recorded by Leanne Ungar for Columbia Radio Hour. A special CD was released later for 100 participating radio stations (CBS promo CSK 5249).
Note that this is the only official and authorized recording of the concert!
The new unauthorized (=illegal) recordings are:
1. First we take Manhattan
2. Ain't no cure for love
3. Dance me to the end of love
4. Democracy

5. I'm your man
6. Coming back to you
7. Waiting for the miracle
8. The future

Vinyl LP
Publisher: Dol, May 4, 2015
This CD is due on September 4, 2015 by Brr, no other info available.

I have also updated the info at The Files. All other Complex-bootlegs (and many others from the 1990's) are listed here:

Bootlges of the 1980's at
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Please note that I have posted the bootlegs only for your information.
We don't promote these unlicensed recordings and don't encourage anybody to buy them.