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Re: History of songs performed twice in the same concert

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:49 pm
by bposside
Update on Willimantic Shaboo Inn Concert: Thanks to "Goldin", "Jazzmanchgo" and others
for further comment on the Willimantic, CT USA concert at the Shaboo Inn, espcially pointing
out my error on the date (it was a long time ago!) - yes, it must have been 1975, not 1976. As for "old crow" vs. "cuckoo clock" (again, it was a long time ago) I'm pretty sure he referred to
himself as an old crow (this was one of the few concerts I went to where I didn't drink or smoke or ingest anything that might have distorted the experience) - but that doesn't exclude "cuckoo clock" either - maybe he used crow one night and cuckoo clock the other, or both in the same night- maybe he told the same joke twice (ha ha). Anyway, thanks for verifying that the concert actually took place! The night I went the crowd was well-behaved and polite, even reverent, and left the place so neat and clean it looked like there hadn't even been a concert (at least by 1970's standards). I had a sense of deja-vu about the model behavior of Leonard Cohen fans at the June 2008 World Tour concert at the Rogers Center in Toronto, CA where a sign that said no food or drink was allowed in the auditorium had a note on it stating that "An Exception Will Be Made For This Concert".