“Anthem” referenced in new book

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“Anthem” referenced in new book

Post by besteastern » Tue Oct 23, 2012 3:58 pm

Hi, first of all I apologise if this sounds like a plug. I guess it is in a way, but could also be of interest to those seeking meaning in Leonard’s lyrics. Mods please remove this post if it is not suitable.

My friend and colleague Linda Hoy has written a new book called “The Effect” makes a number of references to his music, partially “Anthem”.

The Effect is a work of nonfiction claiming that new discoveries in science can demonstrate what spiritual leaders have been telling us for centuries. Although other dimensions are beyond our ability to comprehend, she says, there are points of intersection – or cracks, as Leonard Cohen would describe them, where our world and alternative universes come together.

So-called “space-time-foam” is one of the expressions now used by theoretical physicists to describe the possibility of superstrings and multiple universes –, no matter how tightly we squeeze the foam together, it always has a crack running down the middle. We need the crack for us to seep inside another time. In the words of Cohen There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in… A dream, for example, can be such a point, or an instance of déjà vu or a near-death experience, or falling in love

From The Effect

“If we were to imagine another kind of time running alongside ours – and if we were to imagine, rather like the water pipe and lagging, that they run in two concentric circles, one inside the other – and we imagine the narrow crack that runs all the way along the lagging and just suppose – for the sake of argument that there’s a narrow crack in the water pipe as well – if they were able to rotate, there would be the occasional moment when both of the gaps came together. This would of course be the point where we’d get water all over the carpet and have to phone out for a plumber”.

“And if we continue this analogy with the combination lock, when the time came that the crack on both rings coincided – when we’d turned it to the right number - that would be the time when the gap appeared and you could see right through – and Time, or your bicycle, would be unlocked.”

More info on The Efect is at the O Books website at http://www.o-books.com/books/effect-the. The book's website is http://www.theeffectbook.com
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