Ernest Becker's 'The Denial of Death' & Leonard's music

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Ernest Becker's 'The Denial of Death' & Leonard's music

Postby lac999 » Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:10 pm

Greetings folks,
I am currently reading Ernest Becker's seminal psychoanalytic and sociological work "The Denial of Death" & I see a lot of relation to Cohen's music there, especially songs such as 'The Future' with his writing on transference.
There is a good post on this website (3rd down at the moment written on March 20th 2012) about the links with Leonard's new album & Becker for a start.
Was just wondering if anyone else out there was familiar with Becker & felt that it gave an extra dimension to Leonard's music or if I've just been reading too much into Becker and lost the plot? ;-)
Sincerely, L. Coleman

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Re: Ernest Becker's 'The Denial of Death' & Leonard's music

Postby UrPal » Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:01 pm

Cohen’s description of himself as an “elaboration of a tube” nicely reflects the evolutionary process as well as what Becker describes as the horror of the natural world, the global cafeteria of food in/food out.
I was about to dismissively suggest on reading the above from the blog post linked that surely the relevant lyric from "Going Home" is "though he knows he’s really nothing but the brief elaboration of a tune"?

But then the lyric reproduced on the LC Files website seems to confirm that the lyric is "though he knows he’s really nothing but the brief elaboration of a tube".

That's a bit of a surprise. I thought the version I have been hearing was funnier and more apt*.

PS. From a quick google (to seek to verify the correct lyric) I see that this issue has been the subject of at least one lengthy thread on this forum already so I wouldn't want to encourage another.

*that is, unless the "tube" in question is a whoopie cushion, or Leonard is indirectly restoring the anal sex reference so long omitted from The Future? ;-)

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