Famous Blue Raincoat....sung by LC or a woman??

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Re: Famous Blue Raincoat....sung by LC or a woman??

Post by Lilifyre » Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:26 pm

Straying a bit from the topic/thread I started, I was thinking recently about my personal preference for Leonard singing his own songs, as opposed to the song being covered/performed by someone else. There is one striking exception to this preference of mine. The song "Nightingale"! While I love Leonard's version from "Dear Heather", I actually prefer the slower, sad/sweet version done by Anjani on "Blue Alert". Especially since the song was written in memory of a singer who had died well before his time, the version by Anjani seems to better capture that feeling of loss, sadness, yet so much love and caring, that is just not there in the peppier, more upbeat version on "Dear Heather."

"Well, that's my story
I admit it's broken and it's bleak
But all the twisted pieces fit
A 1000 kisses deep."
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