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DrHGuy wrote:
beatingthelilies wrote:also, still trying not to go off topic but this question has been gnawing at me for a while, does anyone know if Mr. Cohen ever met Jim Morrison? I've been an avid Doors fan since I was 13 and know that The Doors played the Isle of Wight shortly before Mr. Cohen, but I also know that Jim hadn't slept for over a day before going on stage, so I have a feeling he crashed shortly after their set. I would find it a great tragedy if the two never crossed paths. both were/ are into poetry and had published collections of their written word before playing the IOW and both seem to have been connected to Nico. from what I gather in this thread, Mr. Cohen had a thing for her and around early '67, she was smitten with Jim. upon finding out that he liked red heads, she proceeded to dye her hair for him :lol:
It's not really a meeting - but LC apparently accompanied Nico to a Morrison concert.

From 'I never discuss my mistresses or my tailors' by Nick Paton Walsh (The Observer, 14 October 2001) at ... magazine37 (emphasis mine)
The 32-year-old Cohen liked variety. He befriended Lou Reed, who introduced him to the decade's most enigmatic blonde, Nico. And his frustrated attempts to snare her would also prove inspiration for a song called 'Take This Longing'. 'She was great,' he recalls. 'The first time I saw her she was singing in a little club in the East Village, called the Dom. It had been decorated by Warhol with aluminium foil all over the walls. She had this beautiful deep monotone and I just drew closer and closer to her. And, erm, she was not remotely interested in me. But we became great friends over the years, although there were many more attractive men that she had her eye on. I remember going to one of Jim Morrison's first concerts in America. It was very early on in their career, and I went with her. She asked me to leave without her because she wanted to stay behind. But I was a tough old bird by then. I was used to it.'
Jackson Browne was her boy toy around that time.
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