The Darker Album and the Songs

Leonard Ciohen's last studio album (2016)
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Joe Way
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Re: The Darker Album and the Songs

Postby Joe Way » Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:14 pm

Thank you very much Mat and I'm Your Fan for introducing the work of San Juan de la Cruz. It reminds me that Leonard referenced mystic poets such as "cloud of unknowing." And thank you to Diane, Ursula & Vicki for your continued discussion about the album. Boss, I think Doron can give you more detail on Jubilee.

I'm still struggling a bit with making overall sense of the album as it is such a departure from much of Leonard's earlier work. I still listen and enjoy it immensely. I will pop back occasionally if I have an observation that seems relevant.

Vicki, deep sympathy in the loss of your daughter to cancer-how terrible for you.

"Say a prayer for the cowboy..."
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mat james
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Re: The Darker Album and the Songs

Postby mat james » Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:11 am

Hi Joe, thanks for saying hello,

I posted this piece below on another thread I started titled "Traveling Light, with Leonard".
My intention there is to explore all things Leonard, including this Darker album.
However, it fits nicely here too.

The fragmented self …diablo

Mirabai Starr, in her Introduction to her translation of Juan’s Dark Night of the Soul tells us that she has chosen the term “the fragmented self” for all things evil; the reason being, she implies, is that god is “Unity” until he is ‘fragmented’ in our human mind, and he is Unity again when we, (being “the me and you” Cohen sings of) surrender again to that “position” (Various Positions) of Unity.
Cruz’s very close friend and fellow mystic poet Teresa of Avila, says this of that unifying moment: “God dissolved my mind, my separation”. In other words, she re-gained her own position of Unity with the merciful help as Cohen suggests in his Book of Mercy, of god.
"Fragmentation" then, is the painful world of the opposites: and there is the good …and also the diabolical which literature has personalised into angels verses devils and Satan and Snake and evil spirits and such; all mental positions that keep us from our Unity position/perspective. So when we dissolve our mind, as Teresa says, we are dissolving the diabolical and the good as well. And therefore, recognising this need for a changed perspective, Leonard sings on The Darker album about how he and his G~d got back “on the level” ;

“Let’s keep it on the level
When I walked away from you
I turned my back on the devil
Turned my back on the angel too”

To hold the Position where one turns their back on both the good and the bad takes a while and a lot of courage because that attitude goes against all we have been taught and to do this is a scary thing; but as he sensed his G~d was present, the "We", the “me and the you” dissolved “my mind” and the separation dissolved along with it;

“Your crazy fragrance all around
Your secrets all in view
My lost, my lost was saying found
My don’t was saying do”

So as he walks away from his old self , he sings; “Let’s keep it on the level, when I walked away from you I walked away from the devil, turned my back on the angel too…they should give my heart a medal…” :lol: ;-)

No more Diablo for Leonard. And no more angels either; just him and his G~d.

"You smiled at me like I was young
It took my breath away"

...and how beautiful is that! for an old man's line about the Divine in each of us, and, in the Unity/G~d Itself.

I love Leonard Cohen. :razz:

I'm traveling light!

"Without light or guide, save that which burned in my heart." San Juan de la Cruz.
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Re: The Darker Album and the Songs

Postby vickiwoodyard » Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:40 pm

I got the feeling that he was traveling light because it was his au revoire to the ego and its concerns. He has seen through the illusion of duality and come to rest in and as the One projecting all of the "stuff."

There are many unsolvable koans in this his last album, just as there are in his others. He wanted it that way. He was not writing science, after all. And yet the science of the soul, being metaphysical, conveys love to the nth power.

in spite of his knowledge of how things are, he is suffering like any mortal does, but without negativity. He has left that table.
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mat james
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Re: The Darker Album and the Songs

Postby mat james » Thu Apr 06, 2017 3:49 pm

"...resting in the one projecting all the stuff"

That makes sense to me Vicki.

"Without light or guide, save that which burned in my heart." San Juan de la Cruz.

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