Budapest Travel Tips #5 - Weather

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Budapest Travel Tips #5 - Weather

Postby majmunka » Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:29 pm

According to the forecast, Budapest will be hot.
Some tips:
#1 Pro tip: bring a wet hand towel with you. Wrap it around your neck or wrist and wipe your face if you feel too hot.
#2 Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses – kinda obvious ;-)
#3 Water: even though the public toilet situation is pretty bad in Budapest, make sure you drink enough. Tap water is safe and it tastes good. There are drinking fountains at many parks but thanks to a recent innovation, some of the fire hydrants also have been transformered to drinking fountains.
Here is a map about where you can find drinking water on the street.
During the heatwave, water (in plastic bags) is distributed at the main train stations.
#4 Handheld fan
Silly tip: use a portable charger (power bank) to power a usb fan :D

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