Budapest Travel Tips #2 Safety

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Budapest Travel Tips #2 Safety

Post by majmunka » Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:29 am

While Budapest is safer than many big cities, some basic precautions won't go amiss.

- Airport theft
Don't put any valuables into your checked in luggage. Things became a bit better after
a lot of complaints but theft is still an issue at Budapest airport.

- Taxi
Do not pick up a cab near the big train stations. There's no Uber in Budapest
but the main taxi companies have apps. Try Taxify or Főtaxi for Android or iPhone.
Or simply call them by phone.

- Ticket controllers
Some of the BKK (Budapest Public Transport) controllers might abuse their positions
and try to make some pocket money by fining tourists for no reason. If you use tickets,
don't forget to validate them soon after boarding. Passes are the best. If they try to
fine you without reason, tell them to call the police.

- Night clubs
Avoid them. There are many reports from victims about physical intimidation to force
customers to pay exorbitant bills. Some of these clubs are close to our venue
(just the other side of the main street).

- Pickpockets
Just like in every big cities, trams, buses, metros and crowded places can present
opportunities for thieves and pickpockets.Do not leave your things unattended and be aware
of your surroundings.

Don't panick, Budapest is safe but this kind of things could happen anywhere in the world so be careful.
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