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MOJO Review

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2007 6:31 pm
by Davido
UK music mag. 'Mojo' (NO.163, not yet on website: has very positive review of 'Blue Alert' by Charles Waring:
Leonard Cohen's backing vocalist steps impressively out of the shadows.
Dark, rich and smoulderingly erotic, Anjani Thomas's voice is the kind that leaves an indelible impression.
Evidently, Leonard Cohen thinks so too,having first hired the Honolulu-born jazz-trained musician to provide keyboards and background vocals in the mid-'80's.
Significantly, she's remained with the legendary enigma ever since.After a couple of independently financed albums, Anjani returns with her most impressive outing yet, co-written and helmed by mentor Cohen. Interestingly, this 10-track jazz-tinged album includes Anjani's own versions of two songs (the excellent Blue Alert and Half The Perfect World)recently covered by bohemian chanteuse Madeleine Peyroux.On them, Anjani injects a completely different feel,sacrificing groove for a slower, unadorned arrangement that allows her voice to shine in the spotlight. Wistful, introspective and elegiac, Blue Alert is spellbindingly beautiful.
There is also an interesting full-page article (and full-page pic. of LC) by Sylvie Simmons, reviewing the first 3 LC album re-issues. It concludes:
As Prince Charles put it, "a remarkable man". As Janis Joplin put it, she preferred handsome men but for him she would make an exception.Brilliant.