Just have to laugh

This section is dedicated to the new studio album and the Dublin concert video
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Just have to laugh

Post by Joe Way » Mon Oct 20, 2014 6:26 am

I'm Facebook friends with Corlynn Hanney from Leonard's early years. Her account was highjacked tonight.
Here is our conversation (so far)!

Corlynn Hanney(thinking it was legitimate)

Joe Way
Hi Corlynn-hope you are doing well. Still enjoying your recording.

Corlynn Hanney (still thinking it was her)
how are you doing

Joe Way
Thanks, doing well. Just had our little granddaughter here. Gave her some horsey rides. Enjoying Leonard's new album-looking forward to the upcoming Bluray of his concert in Dublin last year. We were in the 9th row and one of our Irish friends told us to look behind us-the Irish President was seated in back of us.

Corlynn Hanney (starting to think it was her evil usurper)
Well i thank God for my life today and am so happy to see you online cause i have a good news to tell.

Corlynn Hanney (now I know-the bastard!)
have you heard it before

Joe Way
"I live it full
I live it wide
Through layers of time
You can't divide."

Corlynn Hanney (he's not getting any info from me!)
.did i told you that i won money from the new federal government money grant support program in conjuction with powerball lottery promo

Joe Way
No, I was born in chains
But I was taken out of Egypt.
I was bound to a burden
But the burden it was raised.

Corlynn Hanney (ha!!)
i got $150,000 with a brand new apple laptop real cash ..i save in my bank now and pay off my old bills.did you get your own money yet ?

Joe Way
I fled to the edge of a mighty sea of sorrow
Pursued by the riders of a dark and cruel regime.
But the waters parted and my soul crossed over
Out of Egypt out of pharaoh's dream.

9:48pm (I'm a winner all right!)
Corlynn Hanney
really why i think you should have get the money already because i saw your name among the winners list when the federal government agent with the ups brought cash to my home that is why i ask you if you have get the money already

Joe Way
No, it's not because I'm old
It's not because I'm dead
I always liked it slow
That's what my momma said

Corlynn Hanney (Dear Corlynn, you didn't deserve this!)
all you have to do now is to contact the agent incharge the winning money and claim your own too okay

Joe Way
You said how could this happen
You said how can this be
The chains are gone from heaven
The storms are wild and free

Corlynn Hanney (The only good thing about the ups people is they throw bones to my dog!)
this is real i also received my winning money from the ups people and i thank god for my life now

Joe Way
I cried for you this morning
And I'll cry for you again
But I'm not in charge of sorrow
So please don't ask me when

Corlynn Hanney (You bastard, you are the scum of the earth!)
okay should i help you to claim itt

Joe Way
Baby don't ignore me
We were smokers
We were friends
Forget that tired story
Of betrayal and revenge

Corlynn Hanney (You sorry bastard that does this to people!)
okay try to text the agent right now tto claim your winning

Joe Way
Was it ever settled
Was it ever over
And is it still raining
Back in November

Corlynn Hanney (yes, you son of a bitch!)
is not over just to claim your winning quickly cos the agent is online now

Joe Way
A record of our little lives
The clothes we wore
Our spoons our knives
Seen 10:10pm
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Re: Just have to laugh

Post by Tchocolatl » Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:30 pm

I don't believe in receiving money without having done a work of some sort. I don't believe that people have a privacy of some sort on Internet.

But I believe in you Joe. Good job!
"He can love the shape of human beings, the fine and twisted shapes of the heart. It is good to have among us such men, such balancing monsters of love."

Leonard Cohen
Beautiful Losers
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