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"If The Moon Had A Sister" - LP reissue (Norway)

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:55 am
by jarkko


One of the best tribute albums ever has been reissued on vinyl, 24 years after the CD!
All songs performed by female Norwegian artists. ... ialutgave/ ... norsk.html


1. Dans meg gjennom kropp og ånd, 4:10, Somebody’s Darling (Dance me to the end of love)
2. Alle vet jo det 5:00, Kari Bremnes (Everybody knows)
3. Spurv på en snor 3:50, Kristen Bråten Berg (Bird on the wire)
4. Susanne 4:04, Kristin Solli (Suzanne)
5. Jeanne d’Arc 5:04, Claudia Scott (Jean d’Arc)
6. Barmhjertige søstre 4:03, Sidsel Endresen (Sisters of mercy)
7. Kapteinen 4:03, Somebody’s Darling (The Captain)
8. Det er krig 3:01, Claudia Scott (There is a war)
9. Gikk du noen gang fri? 4:58, Kari Bremnes (Famous blue raincoat)
10. Hvem i flammer 3:24, Kristin Solli (Who by fire)
11. På gjensyn, lille venn 5:11, Kirsten Bråten Berg (So long, Marianne)
12. Du vet hvem jeg er 3:03, Sidsel Endresen (You know who I am)

Total time: 49:22. Published by Kirkelig Kulturverksted in Ascehoug, Norway. Produced by Lasse Hafreager and Erik Hillestad. All translations from English by Håvard Rem.

Original 1993 CD:


Re: "If The Moon Had A Sister" - LP reissue (Norway)

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:23 am
by jarkko

In 1995 I wrote about this book by Håvard Rem:
This beautiful book was published simultaneously with the Norwegian tribute album. Contents: a short history of Cohen, all lyrics of the tribute CD (translated by Håvard Rem), interview with Cohen made by Håkon Harket and Håvard Rem at Grand Hotel in Oslo in 1992, discography, bibliography and a listing of Norwegian, Danish and Swedish Cohen translations. The book ends with some information about Tyrili Foundation. And there is more: a special edition of the tribute CD is inserted in a black pocket. The book is in a cardboard box, decorated with the girl and the moon (see below).
The book has been almost impossible to find. I don't know if this is also a new edition (and if the special CD is inserted into the book). Anyway, if you follow the link in the first post to Platekompaniet, you will find a special offer of the CD and the book!