New tribute CD: Folks (featuring Claudia Rucker) Play Cohen

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New tribute CD: Folks (featuring Claudia Rucker) Play Cohen

Postby jarkko » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:54 am


Folks featuring Claudia Rucker: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen - Nine Popular Songs

Chelsea Hotel # 2
Lover lover lover
True love leaves no traces
Take this waltz
In my secret life
You got me singing

Folks Play Cohen/Mystery, Germany 2017, cat. no. 307.2607.2 / LC 07682

Band: Claudia Rucker (vocals), Jörg Müller (keyboards, accordion, vocals), Ben Leinenbach (acoustic guitar, vocals), Robert Winkler (double bass)

Claudia and her musicians have performed in many of our gatherings, including Hydra in June 2017 (Claudia with Ben)


Photo from the website of Folks:
1988, 1993: Helsinki||2008: Manchester|Oslo|London O2|Berlin|Helsinki|London RAH|| 2009: New York Beacon|Berlin|Venice|Barcelona|Las Vegas|San José||2010: Salzburg|Helsinki|Gent|Bratislava|Las Vegas|| 2012: Gent|Helsinki|Verona|| 2013: New York|Pula|Oslo|||

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