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Post by yentek » Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:57 pm

Evidently in the upcoming movie, Rosewater, directed by John Stewart, the lead character, a journalist imprisoned in Iran, sings Leonard Cohen songs to himself while in jail. The trailer shows him dancing to a song in his cell, but the soundtrack does not reveal the song.
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Re: Rosewater

Post by MarieM » Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:04 am

The song the character dances to is Dance Me To The End Of Love.

Here is all the discussion on the Forum that occurred when Maziar Bahari's story originally was told:


Here is the official trailer to the movie:

Here are a couple of articles about the film: ... ater/43548 ... 201291126/ ... how-728386

Info on the soundtrack: ... k-details/

Allan at Heck of a Guy quoted yesterday from the Hollywood Reporter article listed above ... own-cameo/:
The scene ends with Bahari learning that he is having a daughter; his then-fiancee, Paola Gourley, was pregnant when he was arrested. When Bahari is taken back to his cell, his joy pours forth in a languid samba to Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love” as his flummoxed guards watch on surveillance monitors. Cohen allowed the production to use his music, but Stewart’s original idea was to have Cohen himself in the cell with Bernal.

“That was the thing we could not get him to do,” says Stewart of Cohen. “Which, by the way, is a completely reasonable reaction: ‘Hey, Leonard, do you want to leave your tour, just for the day, fly to Jordan and sit in a solitary cell with a guy and play “Dance Me”? Would that be cool?’

“So I told Gael: ‘I’m going to stick [director of photography] Bobby [Bukowski] in there with an easy rig, and I’m going to play you this song. Knock yourself out.’ And he delivered that dance in one take. He and Bobby created a chemistry in that room that was just wonderful, man.”
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Re: Rosewater

Post by bigdee » Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:32 am

I saw the film this afternoon, LC was featured in it in several spots. In the begining when the guy from the Iranian government is going through the main character's personal belongings he pulls out a vinyl copy of "I'm Your Man" and asks about it. That then is followed by a flashback of him as a kid listening to the album when it was new while we hear the studio version of 'Everybody Knows" playing. A short time later there is a scene where the main character is walking down a street past shop windows that has various "ghosts" of his past reflecting in the windows. One of those reflections is LC singing in concert taken from the Live in London DVD. There is no audio of LC singing so anyone who does not know what LC looks like will probably have no idea who "the old guy in the hat" is. Then there is the already mentioned jail cell scene with "Dance Me..." playing which, by the way, is the live version from the 1993 tour taken from the "Cohen Live" album. While I will say it nice to see LC featured in the movie I will save the opinions of the film itself for the critics to discuss.... :roll:
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