Tribute to LC at Kulturhuset Karelia

Tributes & covers; Leonard's songs on the soundtracks and TV
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Tribute to LC at Kulturhuset Karelia

Post by B4real » Sat Jun 05, 2021 12:14 am

Tribute to Leonard Cohen at Kulturhuset Karelia
We had a Leonard Cohen tribute night 5th of June. We have the great honor in bringing you a concert featuring both the music and recollections of the life of Leonard Cohen. Leonard Cohen was born in 1934 with his career already starting in the fifties, then as a poet.
His first music album was released in 1967 and his last posthumous album 'Thanks for the Dance' came out in 2019, three years after his passing.
Lisa Theman´s soft angelic voice brings a new dimension to Leonard Cohen´s traditionally baritone sound. Through four songs from four different decades, Lisa is accompanied by piano and violin. Felix Lönnqvist is our young, very talented pianist and with his skillful accompaniment he keeps everything together, treating these songs with the utmost respect whilst giving them his own flavor. On violin we have the fabulous Lotta Ahlbeck, who handles the violin in a way that I am certain makes Leonard smile from his place in heaven.
The show is hosted by Charlotta Barman who through the concert shares short stories on the legacy that is Leonard Cohen.
This tribute night has something for everyone. If you are a Leonard Cohen fan, we hope you will love our interpretations of these great songs, and if you are not familiar with his music, we believe this night will spark an interest in his magnificent poetry and beautiful tunes.
Leonard Cohen made 15 studio albums with each album being different from the previous one. To truly get to know Leonard Cohen, we recommend for you to listen to them all.
So encouraging for the future that the young artists in this tribute are remembering Leonard and honouring his legacy.

... and oh, I know I have said this before but how I wish the first song here, "The Window" could have been performed by Leonard (& Alex B) at least one time during the last world tour 2008-13.
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