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Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:22 pm
by JudyJudyJudy
John K. wrote:
Andrei wrote:Great - thanks Judy! Yeah, a combination of both of those reasons might do it.

See everyone soon!

I just want to compliment Judy on doing such a good job of coordination on this! I came to the forum this morning to copy down the names and addresses of the places for tomorrow night and see even more updating! Thank you!
gah.. John, you are so kind, it's nothing, really.

just a note, the entranceway to Marché says 181 Bay, (the BCE place) which is the entrance at the other end of the building/restaurant.
When you enter, you'll see big white arches, like this: ... cat=125387 (this view is looking West, I believe, and if you're beside that brown stone wall, you're in front of the restaurant)... if you dont' see that big stone building, you have to walk to the other end of the building , walk east.

and, it's the nice sit down one on the street level, not the "short order" one in the basement level.
and you can get it it from Yonge Street doorway easier, when you see the big fountan overhanging the hanging circular chrismas "tree" rings... same area as Roots store and Hockey Hall of Fame store.