Bird on A Wire in French Sung by LC

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Bird on A Wire in French Sung by LC

Postby HelenOE » Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:55 pm

I'm aware that many long-time fans may already be familiar with this, but I wasn't... so, posting or re-posting: Bird on a Wire
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Re: Bird on A Wire in French Sung by LC

Postby B4real » Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:49 pm

Yes, Helen he did that in a few early concerts and the odd scattered line or two since then. Thought you might like to know the following info -
He also sang Je Veux Vivre Tout Seul at Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania on 23rd November 1975, an historic concert in itself for the introduction of some songs in their first form.

Paris 05 & 06/06/76 - *Montreux 25/06/76 (*this verse sung)
(the verses from the Serge Lama's french cover "Vivre tout seul" are sung there, in french, as additional verses)

Je veux vivre tout seul,vivre comme un oiseau sur son fil
(I wanna live all alone,like a bird on his wire)
Sans femme sans famille sans amis
(No woman,no family,no friends)
Je veux vivre tout seul,vivre comme un poete en exil
(I wanna live all alone,like an exiled poet)
Sans visage,sans papiers sans pays
(No face,no papers,no country)

*J'en ai marre de toujours faire le beau
(I'm tired of always showing up)
De sourire quand j'ai mal dans mon coeur
(Of smiling when my heart is aching)
J'en ai marre,je veux monter plus haut
(I'm so tired i want to go higher)
A l'abri des chiens et des chasseurs
(Away from hunters and their dogs)

Certains soirs je trouve sur ta peau
(Some nights i found on your skin)
Quelque chose qui ressemble au bonheur
(Seems like happiness)
Mais helas tu t'endors aussitôt
(Alas you're already asleep)
Le matin tu te leves à 8hOO
(The morning,you'll get up at eight)
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"Vivre tout Seul" ("To live alone") is the adaptation of "Bird On The Wire" Serge Lama wrote. Leonard sang the cover verses in Paris and Montreux (1976 tour). Again, during the 1993' tour, Leonard sang cover verses for "Bird On The Wire", those of "The Neville Brothers " cover version.
photograph: Michel Quainnetier
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