Sharon Robinson's concert in Zurich 13.09.16 cancelled

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Sharon Robinson's concert in Zurich 13.09.16 cancelled

Post by swisschris » Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:17 pm

I have been looking forward so much to seeing a full Sharon Robinson concert for the first time (especially since the wonderful but much too short showcase in Amsterdam).

Then today, more or less by coincidence, I found out that Sharon's concert at Plaza in Zürich got cancelled. There is no explanation for the cancellation neither on Sharon's website nor on her facebook site. The local promoter stated "logistical reasons". Now I'm not a concert organizer but aren't the logistical details of a tour carefully planned before signing contracts for concerts?

Now the likes of Janet Jackson or Barbra Streisand are known for cancelling concerts citing "logistical reasons" when they actually didn't sell enough tickets. I think a cancellation without any explanation or just citing "logistical reasons" shows a disrespect to fans who might have paid for non-refundable train-/airline-tickets or hotel reservations and is in my opinion downright rude....
Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if a new concert in another city would be announced for the same date...

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