Hattie Webb at Green Note (31st July 2016)

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Hattie Webb at Green Note (31st July 2016)

Post by John Etherington » Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:48 am

Hattie's first London gig of the year turned-out to be another great success! When I arrived at Green Note, just before 6.30 pm, the queue was already longer than usual. However doors opened unusually promptly and almost everyone was able to get comfortably seated. There was a convivial atmosphere before the music began, and a plentiful supply of vegetarian snacks available at the bar (including pakoras and spicy spinach and potato wraps). It was good to chat with Graham and Mandy Webb before the show, and also with their very nice friends.

Sam Semple played an engaging support set (I previously saw him supporting the Webb Sisters at the Royal Albert Hall) He told the amusing story of when he first supported TWS. Apparently, he arrived at the venue to find there was no food for him as a support, and no dressing-room. He thus had to change his clothes in an active kitchen! However, when Hattie and Charley became aware of his plight they ordered enough food to feed him, too. After this small but significant act of kindness, they became great friends and he has often played support for them, since.

Hattie took to the stage, looking striking in a skimpy black dress, black ankle boots, and her customary tiara. Her accompanist was Pedro Segundo who played percussion and also wore black. Hattie had both of her harps on stage (her smaller one and the one that was given to her as a gift by Leonard). At the back of the stage was the ornate glass case containing white lighted candles, that is seen in her video for “To the Bone”. Her set included this, the title track of her album, “Newton’s Law”, “Arithmetic “Rhythm of the Night” (the song used by MacDonalds), and the very moving “Natalie”. As an encore, she sang a lovely version of James Taylor’s “You Can Close Your Eyes”.

The show ended at 11.00 pm, and most of the audience departed quickly to make their journey home. However Hattie was happy to chat with people at the end, as was her sister Charley who was also present. I’m now very much looking forward to Hattie’s forthcoming bigger concert at King’s Place near King’s Cross on September 2nd, where she will be accompanied by more musicians. This will most-likely be a sell-out too, so I would advise everyone to book promptly!
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