Julie Christensen's new album - A Sad Clown

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Julie Christensen's new album - A Sad Clown

Postby B4real » Sun Jun 10, 2018 12:55 am

Today I received this link below as an LC alert. I can't see it on the forum yet and thought members would be interested in Julie's new album called A Sad Clown. It was released in March this year - https://juliechristensen.bandcamp.com/album/a-sad-clown


You can listen to the songs in the link above.

1. A Sad Clown 03:39
2. Exile on Myrtle Beach 05:31
3. Honey, Let's Go To Town 02:52
4. Like Nothing Hurts 04:36
5. Burning Star 03:40
6. Cold Tennessee Rain 03:52
7. Vienna, Illinois 04:53
8. Slow Blue Fly 03:46
9. Anything Like Home 05:00
10. Sunday 04:11
11. Hold On 05:38
12. The Sun 03:30
13. Getting Through 03:24

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