Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Leonard Cohen's previous album (January 2012)
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by cfbro3 » Sun Feb 05, 2012 7:59 am

And from Melbourne...
He's having a laugh, young Lenny….Read more. http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/ ... 1qtwi.html
WHEN Leonard Cohen calls himself ''a lazy bastard living in a suit''...
Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/ ... 1qx0a.html
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by AlanM » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:06 am

In "The Advertiser", Adelaide, Australia's News International morning paper is a column block on P31 announcing a competition.
"New Cohen album
The thinking woman's sexy symbol Leonard Cohen has a new album - Old Ideas.
The CD is the 77-year-old's first album of original material in eight years and is a must-have for serious music fans.
To celebrate the release of Old Ideas, My Week is giving readers the chance to win one of five copies. Visit http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/competitions before 3pm on Thursday to enter.
Code word: COHEN.
My Week is a section within the paper.

Just for fun (I have my copy) I tried to access the link, but it must be an example of print in advance of electronic media - no sign of the offer in the online version.

Too much Leonard Cohen is never enough.
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by hansr » Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:49 pm

Without doing something special myself LC has come the number one in Holland! It's amazing, all at once everybody knows who is Leonard Cohen. It's very nice to talk with people about him and explain them what a wonderfull singer and poet he is.

Hans and Sjanie
Rotterdam Holland

De Album Top 100 wwww.dutchcharts.nl

dw vw aw
5 2 54 ADELE 21
2008 Rotterdam
2009 Antwerp, Colmar, Barcelona
2010 Malmo, Ghent (3x), Strassbourg, Lille
2012 Ghent (2x), Amsterdam (2x), London, Dublin, Paris, Lisbon
2013 Antwerp, Brussels, Lucca, Vienna, Oslo, Manchester, London, Rotterdam, Amsterdam
Erin van de Poll
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by Erin van de Poll » Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:29 pm

Dear Jarkko,

I found various reviews, in Dutch, that I could send you.
Would it be helpful if I sent you a translation in English, with each copy of the original?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards,


P.S. My personal review:

"I could slow dance till the end of time, with Leonard and his Old Ideas..."
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by FOXWOOD » Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:54 am

Old Ideas Number 2 in UK album chart.
Royal Albert Hall London 1988, Manchester Opera House 18th June 2008,
Manchester Arena 30th Nov 2008, Weybridge 11th July 2009,
Lissadell House 31st July 2010, Dublin 11th & 12th September 2012, London O2 21st June 2013,
Manchester Arena 31st Aug 2013,Leeds 7th September 2013
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by Anthony AY » Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:26 pm

Here is another review in the local newspaper, the "Weserkurier" (Bremen). They are very enthusiatic and rate "Old Ideas" as much better than "Dear Heather" and "Ten New Songs". There is another article about Leonard the same day, covering a whole page.

http://www.weser-kurier.de/Artikel/News ... Ideas.html

http://www.weser-kurier.de/Artikel/News ... ahren.html
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by jarkko » Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:17 am

Erin, please share the articles and reviews with all of us here on the Forum. You may attach a scan ot copy the text from the online version of the newspaper. An English translation is of great help although we may also use google to make a rough translation. It is obvious by now that Leonard has never got such publicity all over the world!
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by st theresa1 » Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:51 am

Another great review of Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas.
"Listening through, the biggest surprise is what Cohen didn't do on this disc. He didn't go back, he moved forward, and strongly. He got better, like any artist wants, and even though his age is there, it's not the topic, not the excuse, not really considered. Unlike contemporaries Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, there are no ruminations on what things have changed. For Cohen, nothing really has in his work, and the work is all-important, which is why he "love(s) to speak with Leonard". He's our man, skipping into the future. "
From the east coast of Canada--
http://www.cbc.ca/nb/mt/east-coast-musi ... ideas.html
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by pla » Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:19 pm

Well, here I am in the quake-devastated city of Christchurch New Zealand with a glass of wine in hand and "Old Ideas" on the stereo. Ten thousand aftershocks (and counting) and a couple of near death experiences along the way certainly make it very easy to relate to LC's near death lyrics! I love that LC has returned to his poetic roots and intones rather than sings the lyrics and I think the musicians and backing singers are brilliant in the way they subtly weave their magic around LC's words. There's not a weak song on this album, I love them all, but my favourites would have to be Show Me The Place and Come Healing
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by John Smith » Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:53 pm


http://www.val202.si/2012/02/slo-top-30 ... c-novosti/

Google translate
No new albums this week on a scale Slo Top 30, because of the thirty best-selling albomov faced ten returnees. Adele is still at the top, second and third place in session news last week - Lana Del Rey, Born To Die (from 25th to 2nd) and Leonard Cohen, Old Ideas (jump from 24th to 3rd place).
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st theresa1
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by st theresa1 » Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:04 pm

LOL @ Old King Cohen
http://www.hindustantimes.com/Entertain ... 09769.aspx

For those still engaged in that old debate about whether a great song is made by words riding the music or the music straddling the words, Leonard Cohen has always provided a straightforward answer at least for his own songs: the words are paramount, coming alive when bathed in the light of his trademark soft, wet music. Cohen closes the old debate yet again in Old Ideas, his new album and, to my ears, his finest since his 1984 record, Various Positions
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by annmarie » Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:20 pm

Oh I love that review! "the words are paramount".....says it all really!
I can never understand why almost every reviewer compares him to Dylan :o :o
I mean, there's absolutely no comparison, is there?? Am I missing some connection, apart from both of them being big in the 60s?? Guess I don't get it because I was never a Dylan fan.
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by jeremek » Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:51 am

Polish official list of sales OLD IDEAS :)

http://www.cgm.pl/aktualnosci,21162,coh ... ,news.html


TOP50 569. OLiS:
1. Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas
2. Andrzej Piaseczny - To Co Dobre
3. Adele - "21"
4. Lana Del Rey - Born To Die
5. Zakopower - Boso
6. Kazik Na Żywo - Bar La Curva / Plamy Na Słońcu
7. Adele - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
8. Sylwia Grzeszczak - Sen O Przyszłości
9. One Direction - Up All Night
10. Irena Jarocka - 40 Piosenek
11. Rammstein - Made In Germany 1995-2011
12. Rihanna - Talk That Talk
13. Amy Winehouse - Lioness: Hidden Treasures
14. Czesław Niemen - Pamiętam Ten Dzień
15. Sting - The Best Of 25 Years
16. Coma - Czerwony Album
17. Adele - "19"
18. Florence & The Machine - Ceremonials
19. Michał Bajor - Od Piaf Do Garou
20. Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto
21. Lora Szafran - Sekrety Życia Według Leonarda Cohena
22. Muzyka Filmowa - Muppety
23. Różni Wykonawcy - Marek Sierocki Przedstawia: I Love Ballads (2012)
24. Ewa Farna - Ewakuacja
25. Andrzej Piaseczny - Na Przekor Nowym Czasom Live
26. Zaz - Sans Tsu Tsou
27. Różni Wykonawcy - Marek Sierocki Przedstawia: I Love Disco (2012)
28. Yugopolis - Yugopolis 2
29. Różni Wykonawcy - Rmf Fm Najlepsza Muzyka Na Imprezę 2011
30. Eros Ramazzotti - Best Love Songs
31. Hemp Gru - Lojalność
32. Różni Wykonawcy - Siesta 7 - Muzyka Świata & Stare Radio - Prezentuje Marcin Kydryński
33. Sade - The Ultimate Collection
34. Amy Winehouse - Back To Black
35. Różni Wykonawcy - Bravo Hits Zima 2012
36. Różni Wykonawcy - Muzyka Z Serca 2012
37. Różni Wykonawcy - Tango!
38. Różni Wykonawcy - Pure … Love
39. Pih - Dowód Rzeczowy Nr 2
40. Różni Wykonawcy - Hity Na Czasie - Zima 2012
41. Endefis - Taki Będę
42. Różni Wykonawcy - Melodie D'Amour
43. Rafał Blechacz - Debussy, Szymanowski
44. Donguralesko - Zaklinacz Deszczu
45. Anna Maria Jopek - Sobremesa
46. Brodka - Granda
47. Guns'N'Roses - Greatest Hits
48. Różni Wykonawcy - Osiecka O Miłości
49. Marcin Wyrostek & Coloriage - Marcin Wyrostek & Coloriage
50. The Doors - L.A.Woman (40Th Anniversary)
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by jeremek » Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:14 am

http://gramuzyka.redblog.gk24.pl/2012/0 ... -recenzja/


Absolutely wonderful old ideas

"A living legend such as Leonard Cohen, you just can not write otherwise than well. Immediately, however, stress that I do not do this by default, because "that kind of praise falls and now." "Old Ideas" heard repeatedly. And it's just great music. Quiet, subdued, moody, slowly seeping into the ear and making a genuine pleasure.
To make things more interesting, although its share of recording took quite a few people do, that this record does not contain many sounds. It seems that every note is here almost dispensed with Pharmaceutical accuracy. Drums, if already there, this is a rather delicate brushes, snare and cymbals, bass marches in most minim, and all the scores, and guitar, and violin dęciak do absolutely wonderful pop-folk-rock background. Background for the low, warm voice and niepodrabialnego Leonard Cohen, accompanied by a female chorus girl. In order not to be groundless. Turn on "Going Home" opens the album. This work consists essentially of keyboard patches enriched from time to time murmurs a violin and percussion instruments. And how much emotion in this song! Similarly, it is built, "Show Me The Place". And in "Come Healing" in addition to bodies, magnificent climate make giving a chorus girl can work a little gospel, sacred character. A "Crazy To Love You"? Acoustic guitar and purring, more recitation with music than singing Leonard Cohen. Do you need something more? Absolutely not! Why excess soap song sounds and instruments. Although they are obviously the "Old Ideas" and the more elaborate compositions in terms of number of instruments, such as a seven and a half minutes, "Amen" and "Darkness" is one of the few cheerful songs with a distinct percussion, in a climate of blues. Well it is still absolutely wonderful "Different Sides". Besides the album, each of the 10 tracks, is the Dreaming. Such a "cohen-s". I think any fan of the 77-year-old musician does not have it as bad (I just have to refer to the album title), that still goes after the "old ideas". Such Cohen every fan wants to just listen".

google translator


http://www.leonardcohen.com/pl/news/pie ... -old-ideas

Testament (will) of the herdsman

"old raiment (robes) of the emperor, by it the ones best !" -

http://www.leonardcohen.com/pl/news/old ... 5-w-polsce

"OLD IDEAS" The top selling albums in Poland!

"Such a return would like any artist, especially if this return takes place at age 78: the new album by Leonard Cohen from the date of release is the best-selling album in Poland (according to Olis of 9 February 2012). Physical and digital - in the last week reign at the top many times iTunes Album Charts. Thanks to this album, "Old Ideas" has already received a Gold Record status of the firm and from the plates away only a few thousand media.
Given Cohen's current popularity in Poland, such a result is not surprising, but it turns out that Coheno-mania gripped virtually the entire world - "Old Ideas" was placed on top of sales letter (official, iTunes and Amazon store) already in 20 countries, including the United States, Britain and France and the TOP5 the baby next. Songs from "Old Ideas" gathering rave reviews everywhere and in Poland we can appreciate their value because of the excellent translations of Daniel Wyszogrodzki"
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Re: Let's Help Make Old Ideas #1 Worldwide!!

Post by jeremek » Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:45 am

Super Competition in Warsaw to 14.Feb 2012

Take a picture of Cohen, win discography

http://muzyka.dlastudenta.pl/artykul/Zr ... 77555.html

To promote the new studio album of Leonard Cohen, Sony Music has organized an unusual contest.
In several Warsaw Empik Cohen - specifically, his cardboard likeness - was seated on the bench, referring to the album cover "Old Ideas," and all those who until February 14 to address pr_pl@sonymusic.com send your photo with Leonard on that bench (not counting the technique or image quality, but an interesting idea), have a chance to win a full discography of the artist. Leonard can be found from today for the first 2 weeks in the following stores Empik: Golden Terraces, Arcadia, Junior, Mokotów Gallery, Will Park, Auchan Piaseczno.

1 LC FEB 2012 WARSZAWA (4).jpg
2 LC FEB 2012 WARSZAWA (2).jpg
LC FEB 2012 WARSZAWA (1).jpg
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