Adelaide - Who's Going?

July 25 - December 11, 2010. Meetups before and after the concerts
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Adelaide - Who's Going?

Postby dce » Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:27 pm

So, I'm quite looking forward to the Adelaide concert (Thursday), partly because it's my home town. I've heard a few rumblings that there will be other forum folk coming along to this show. If anybody is keen to meet-up afterwards for a few drinks -- maybe across the road at the Gov -- either reply to this thread or PM me, and I'll try to co-ordinate a meeting place.

Of course, anybody who is willing to track me down is welcome to a LC Forum totally unofficial "Aus Tour 2010" lanyard :-)

Dean (from Adelaide)
(For most of November 2010, I followed Leonard and the band as they toured around Australia and New Zealand. You can read about my wanderings on the blog I created to collect them all in one place:

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