Caen, 15th Sept. A meet pre and post event?

July 25 - December 11, 2010. Meetups before and after the concerts
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Re: Caen, 15th Sept. A meet pre and post event?

Post by Vicomte » Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:20 am

OK, I think I think we will recognise you both from that description but to be sure, can you hold your left lapel and say quietly "Federico García Lorca sends his regards" for confirmation of a non interloper. Tina and I have grey "tinted" hair (to be in line with Leonard) and Niece (just a few years younger) will have a glass in her hand !

I will be out of contact after Monday (late evening) so I will reserve a restaurant close to the hotel for lunch on Wednesday for the numbers we have then.
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Re: Caen, 15th Sept. A meet pre and post event?

Post by Lookatme » Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:09 am

Well what can I say, but just to thank you for all of yesterday, I really enjoyed your company, guidance and appreciate all the thought that went into booking the superb restaurant and setting for lunch. It was great to meet up with all, Dan, Bruno, respective ladies and not forgetting last minute Louise, providing the appreciated post-concert lift back to Caen.
It doesn’t end there, as you know, the delight started with talking to Sharon Robinson outside her hotel yesterday, but the ending was just as surreal and fantastic. I booked a taxi from the Kyriad Hotel to Caen Airport and eventually shared this with two pilots and a stewardess, who were flying Leonard to Grenoble today.
After the baggage was loaded, the Dornier’s engines were fired up and a coach arrives shortly, Leonard steps out into the sunshine, warmly shakes my hand and we speak from the coach into the empty Departures about the concert, telling him how well The Partisan was received and how totally privileged I felt to be meeting him today as he autographed my ticket and also against Sharon’s from the day before! I wish her well.
The delightful Webb Sisters both enchanted me with their conversations as we approached towards Airport Security; this has made more than my year.
A final handshake with Leonard, where upon I asked when the new studio album was out, was met with ‘God :D knows’, he left the Caen Departures gate with his guitar on his back, one heck of a nice cool easy guy which everyone would like to know more, I am sure.
Thank you so much to Leonard and all who made Caen so great and to all new friends met.
Let’s do it again.
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