"The Partisan" in "Mass Effect Andromeda" (kind of)

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"The Partisan" in "Mass Effect Andromeda" (kind of)

Postby Geddes » Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:16 pm

I'm playing the game "Mass Effect Andromeda" right now and during the quest "Dissension in the Ranks" quite late in the game on the planet Eos I found something funny: While scanning the third relay in the mission the description text ends with "the chosen interference is a snippet patrol report from Prodromos: 'There were three of us this morning. I'm the only one this evening.'"

Now of course there are many versions of this Résistance-song but since Leonards should be the most popular I guess it's a nice nod to him (and the Résistance, since it fits thematically) ... :)

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