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A Source for Tacoma Trailer?

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:07 am
by lightning
Wherever did Leonard get the musical inspiration for Tacoma Trailer, the instrumental cut on The Future? The Jazz Police have discovered a clue. It may be stolen from a 1968 piece by Yusef Lateef
Listen to this beautiful piece, especially 5:59 onward. Sound familiar? ... ture=share:

Re: A Source for Tacoma Trailer?

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:24 am
by B4real
Some clarification on that source firstly from "The Source Himself" :) during an Interview in 1992 "The Future Radio Special" from a special CD released by Sony music.

LC’s words:
"This was designed for a theatre piece by Ted Allen. It was part of long suite and I kept playing the music when I was in this trailer in Tacoma. That part of the suite attached itself and started to sound better and better. Then, I thought it would just be a nice moment to unwind from a very dense and literate album. I think you can unwind before you put the record on again."

Some technical aspects of “Tacoma Trailer” include that it is written in a 4/4 meter, in the key of D flat major, and its playing instructions are cantabile e legato. One of LC’s signature songwriting styles is the presence of minor chords. From a songwriting standpoint, LC has said, “I think the juxtaposition of a major chord with no seventh going into a minor chord is a nice feel. I like that feel.” With that in mind, “Tacoma Trailer” contains a friendly mixture of major and minor chords.

The personnel on this recording were Leanne Ungar (engineer), Steve Croes (synthesizer), and Bill Ginn (producer).
LC wrote and arranged the song.

Incidentally :) “Helen’s Theme (Incidental Music)” on a Columbia Records promotional cassette tape copyright 1992 Sony Music Entertainment Inc was an early, shorter four minutes long piece that later became “Tacoma Trailer.”

Some say Tacoma Trailer has a resemblance to the theme from Twin Peaks -

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