The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Dec 11, 2013 6:14 pm

I know he's old enough to be my grandfather, but Leonard Cohen has a really sexy voice. #confused
How sublimely brilliant is Mr Leonard Cohen and THAT band of his??? Heaven!
Leonard Cohen, ya no me hagas llorar.
Leonard Cohen, don't make me cry now.
it's 6am and I'm drawing shitty caricatures of Leonard Cohen in turtlenecks
Mr Leonard Cohen - 79 years old, ageing successfully & better than ever.
At a Leonard Cohen concert. Because I'm my mothers daughter. And the tickets were free.
I'm not sure how much Leonard cohen I'll be able to snap tonight. In surrounded by old people and I feel like they are judging me:P
Night off to see Leonard Cohen @ #Adelaide entertainment ctre thanks to an unexpected surprise from a client. #lucky #sogladitwasntbonjovi
If you're at Leonard Cohen's show tonight and younger than 30 please come see me because I feel very outnumbered!
Sometimes I'm drinking goon out of a mug in student accommodation, other times I'm at a Leonard Cohen concert sipping overpriced red wine.
Front row at Leonard Cohen - all problems resolved - can't wait.
Saw Leonard Cohen tonight. Amazing, amazing! Such a captivating voice
Leonard Cohen and band, simply amazing. Sensational concert!
3 hour performance master class from Leonard Cohen. OK Stones and Springsteen, the Adelaide bar is set :-)
Once again Leonard Cohen did about a million encores and it was a fantastic show. Love you Leonard ❤️
Leonard Cohen's programme comes with stickers! Best programme ever!
Leonard Cohen made the arenas feel intimate but seeing him in a 2400-seater, even in a post-ARIAs fog, is sublime.
Christmas with Leonard Cohen starts late. His gift is wrapped in Regret. He eats the plum pudding. Then he tries to sleep with your wife.
Saw Leonard Cohen tonight. Amazing, amazing! Such a captivating voice
3 hours of in undiluted class from Leonard Cohen. ‘Old’??? Don’t talk daft
Lol "I'm Your Man" by Leonard Cohen is so strange! There's synth-pop everywhere!!!
Son of a bitch, why didn't I see #LeonardCohen when he was at UT a while back? He's such a badass.
the fact that there are leonard cohen songs in my can lit textbook
there's no better way to spend your time than listening to fuckloads of Leonard Cohen. Sod the lawn!
Today's all hot tea and sweatpants and job apps and Leonard Cohen and William Carlos Williams reading his poetry, so we're ok.
#LeonardCohen show last night at @Palaistheatre was fabulous from top to bottom.
The songs of Leonard Cohen arranged for lute and hurdy gurdy
Leonard Cohen's voice thoughhhhhh #imyourman
Been in my head the last few days. Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep
taking my Leonard Cohen record on a walk
Lo mejor para relajar antes de un examen:
#LeonardCohen #Partisan #MusicBreak
The best thing to relax before an exam:#LeonardCohen #Partisan #MusicBreak
Stuck in my head Leonard Cohen - Night Comes On.flv
And now, inexplicably, Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" will be in my head the rest of the day. (As it often is.)
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:57 pm

Napalm Death is an ill advised soundtrack for essay marking, time for something more sedate. #nowplaying Leonard Cohen - Various Positions.
Only Leonard Cohen understands on nights like this.
I never see T. here any more. Is he pulling a Leonard Cohen & becoming a mysterious Tibetan Sex Monk, or is it my unsightly rash?
Remembering a dream where I was trying to rent Leonard Cohen's apartment & when the agent walked away I said, "that's no way to say goodbye"
En este hastío mental, lo único que salva es Leonard Cohen:
In this mental tedium, the only thing that saves is Leonard Cohen:
Instead of being snarky & sarcastic on twitter, listen to this! Leonard Cohen - Show Me The Place - YouTube
My mother thinks Russell Brand is Leonard Cohen somehow.
If I can't be Leonard Cohen I can sure hurt people like he did.
Leonard Cohen was amazing. <3 I don't understand why I was the only one simultaneously singing and crying though.
Solo se supera si viene Leonard Cohen y voy y lo chapo en medio del recital.
It could only be better if Leonard Cohen comes and I go give him a kiss in the middle of the recital.
leonard cohen is the only man i need in my life
I saw Leonard Cohen in concert last night, one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our time, at 79 years old, he did the damn thing.
Si conociera a alguien con la voz de Leonard Cohen le pediría matrimonio.
If I knew somebody with the voice of Leonard Cohen I'd ask him to marry me.
Does anyone know if Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen ever performed together? Could that lovemaking of lyrical prowess and grizzly notes exist??
leonard cohen because there's life after weed.
Half time at Leonard Cohen with mummy. He has such a pretty voice
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:59 pm

Leonard Cohen es la luz.
Leonard Cohen is the light.
You just don't talk at a Sigur Ros concert. Same with Mogwai. Or Leonard Cohen. And countless others. It's wrong.
going through a Leonard Cohen thing. trying to shake it off.
Remember that time Leonard Cohen said that his album Death of a Ladies man was big with his daughter "and the punksters"? Punksters!
Ojalá más hombres con una voz tan sensual como la de Leonard Cohen.
Wish there were more men with a voice as sensual as Leonard Cohen's.
5 more sleeps!!!!

For what...are you planning an earlier Christmas than the rest of us?

I have tickets to leonard cohen :-)
So yeah that'll pretty much be my Christmas.

Oh...I forgot about that!!
I'd be thinking of that as 10 Christmases in 1!!!!
Ruth 1:16, hearing Leonard Cohen singing/praying in the background...
Jazz Police is by far the worst Leonard Cohen song and possibly one of the worst songs in the history of the world. #jpaulgetty
leonard cohen probably has the most obnoxious okcupid profile
No quiero que Leonard Cohen Muera. No aún pues. =(
I don't want Leonard Cohen to die. Not yet anyway. :(
"So the Hallelujah of this moment is not of the Handel variety.. more of the Leonard Cohen variety." RT @TheDailyShow
That thing where you're in a third world country and they're playing Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen still the best Canadian rapper ever tho
Jamás me voy a cansar de escuchar "In My Secret Life" de Leonard Cohen, un groso un capo un genio de la vida!!!
I'm never going to get tired of listening to "In My Secret Life" by Leonard Cohen, a great one, a boss, a genius of life!!!
Man, go to ONE Leonard Cohen concert and they think you're a Boomer forever
Vuelve Leonard Cohen!
(Se había olvidado el móvil en la habitación del hotel. El jefe de recepción está avisando a sus compañeros)

Leonard Cohen is coming back!
(he forgot his cell phone in the hotel room. The bell captain is letting his companions know)
well no, not really... the tweeter is in Spain and Leonard Cohen, his hotel room and presumably his cell phone were somewhere in Australia...
My bronchial infection makes me sound like Leonard Cohen.
Setting up for Leonard Cohen waddupwaddup (@ CBS Canterbury Arena)
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:52 am

I took some time off for Christmas (had family over) but I'm BAACK!
“@NeinQuarterly: 2013: The year the paranoid proved to be prophets.”

The paranoid and Leonard Cohen. #TheFuture
My late uncle could have impersonated Leonard Cohen for a living. Which always makes listening to Cohen's music a surreal experience.
One of those days where you wake up with Leonard Cohen stuck in your head, go to tweet about it, and almost type Leonard Nemoy.
... and, sure enough, the Twitterer in question almost typed "Leonard Nimoy."
Compiling conversation topics for when I stake out old froggy Leonard Cohen in Montreal and insist on buying him as many drinks as he wants.
The holy duck was moving too? Wo will die heilige Ente denn hin und warum erzählt Leonard Cohen mir davon?
The holy duck was moving too? Where does the holy duck come into it and why is Leonard Cohen telling me about it?
Okay. Time to put on some Leonard Cohen and drive around crying.
¿Acojonante? Acojonante es Everybody Knows de Leonard Cohen, tanto por la letra como por la manera de cantarla
Fucking awesome? Fucking awesome is Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen, both for the lyrics and the way it's sung.
Escuchando Old Ideas, el último trabajo de Leonard Cohen. Una maravilla oí algo tan...magnético, avezado, profundo, en una noche de Navidad.
Listening to Old Ideas, the last work of Leonard Cohen. A wonder I heard something so... magnetic, experienced, profound, on a Christmas night.
Si alguien habla conmigo por teléfono ahora mismo puede pensar tranquilamente que soy Leonard Cohen.
If someone talks to me on the phone right now they could easily think that I'm Leonard Cohen.
Frente frío 22. Clima nublado y precipitaciones. Se recomienda acompañar la tarde con café caliente , Tindersticks y Leonard Cohen.
Cold front 22. Weather cloudy with precipitation. Recommend accompanying the afternoon with hot coffee, Tindersticks and Leonard Cohen.
¿Quién no quiere ser Leonard Cohen?
Who wouldn't want to be Leonard Cohen?
There's a reason people say Bob Dylan is the best, and that's because he's the best.

He's no Leonard Cohen.

hmm you'd have a hell of a job convincing me

I find Bob Dylan to be great and all but... Boy does he ever produce a lot of less-than-good stuff.

oh sure! When I say Bob Dylan, I mean the one that did the first 7 albums

That is why I rate Cohen higher. Has produced less but higher quality.
leonard cohen is currently my cure
Tarde fría y Leonard Cohen sonando a todo lo que da :3
Cold afternoon and Leonard Cohen playing as loud as it will go :3
After putting on Leonard Cohen as a post-Christy Moore upper, tonight's dinner compilation music included 'Stormy Weather'. So cheerful.
Glass of wine, pen and paper and the soft voice of Leonard Cohen is doing the trick. #writing #reflection #bye2013
I refuse to believe there was ever a jukebox that played Leonard Cohen, even the most decadent of fictional 1970's West German hotels.
ShermanDowney Loved your version of Chelsea Hotel, despite my Leonard Cohen snobbery ;) #feastofcohen
Leonard Cohen's voice is so seexxxxy.. I wouldn't mind sounding like him tbh
Nothing beats listening to Leonard Cohen Recent Songs on LP.
If Leonard Cohen were dumber and hip he'd have been Neil Diamond. And Neil Diamond would have been Queen. A real one, not the band.
"I'm your man" de Leonard Cohen es probablemente una de las más perfectas canciones que haya escuchado en mi vida
"I'm your man" by Leonard Cohen is probably one of the most perfect songs I've heard in my life.
Sometimes there is no more perfect sound that Leonard Cohen's voice.
Leonard Cohen at O2 DVD manages to be intimate despite the venue. Remarkable poetry, musicality and oh, so polite.
Leonard Cohen is heavy as fuck.
Leonard Cohen is everything
#WritingTip Leonard Cohen has mentioned this time of year as ideal for writing to acquaintances and thin thieves who try to steal your Jane.
#MePregunto cuantos emos habrán ahora mismo frotando sus esporas con #LeonardCohen de fondo.
Hmm.. por saber estas cosas molaría ser dios.
#IWonder how many emos there are right now, rubbing their spores with #LeonardCohen in the background.
Hmmm... to know these things it would rock to be god.
Que nos traigan a Leonard Cohen. Que nos lo traigan.
Bring us Leonard Cohen. Bring him to us.
El mediocrísimo director español, José Luis Garci, tiene los bemoles de decir que Leonard Cohen es de segunda división.
The very-mediocre Spanish director, José Luis Garci, has the stones to say that Leonard Cohen is second-string.
Gillian Clarke Desert Island discs, blushing at memory of meeting Leonard Cohen and speaking lovingly about Seamus Heaney. Gentle Sunday.
Neighbours been playing Leonard Cohen very loudly in his house all weekend.I had to complain, couldnt keep awake
En mi casa suena Leonard Cohen, y aún hay quien se pregunta cómo pueden gustarme los domingos.
Leonard Cohen is playing in my house, and there are still those who wonder how I can like Sundays.
Los últimos discos de los Maestros fueron apoteósicos: Born to Sing (Van Morrison), Old Ideas (Leonard Cohen), Tempest (Bob Dylan).
The last records of the Masters were otherworldly: Born to Sing (Van Morrison), Old Ideas (Leonard Cohen), Tempest (Bob Dylan).
Finally have my own copy of Leonard Cohen's "Let Us Compare Mythologies," w/c I first read in the late 90s. 50th anniv facsimile ed. Delish.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by MaryB » Tue Dec 31, 2013 1:37 pm

HelenOE wrote:I took some time off for Christmas (had family over) but I'm BAACK!
The holy duck was moving too? Wo will die heilige Ente denn hin und warum erzählt Leonard Cohen mir davon?
The holy duck was moving too? Where does the holy duck come into it and why is Leonard Cohen telling me about it?
:roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:
Nice to have you back Helen. Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by 264811403188 » Tue Dec 31, 2013 7:38 pm

Its good to have you back, Helen. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family.

Now I can pick up the tweets again and enjoy them!

Thank you and best wishes for 2014.

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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Jan 01, 2014 5:44 am

The birds they Tweeted on New Year's Eve (and a happy 2014 to everyone!)

Impossibly beautiful book I forgot existed and rediscovered: Book of Mercy by Leonard Cohen. One I’ll keep revisiting my whole life.
Leonard Cohen si sabe de lo que habla caray
Damn, Leonard Cohen sure knows what he's talking about.
What song do you sing most often in the shower? Mine is "Chelsea Hotel #2" by Leonard Cohen. It's the only one I know all the words to.
Yes, I'm pretentious enough to listen to Leonard Cohen on vinyl. No, you can't possibly hurt my feelings right now.
Well, whaddya know, Leonard Cohen is an ordained Buddhist monk :)
De repente, apareció la corista rubia de Leonard Cohen, impecablemente vestida de negro, y me cantó al oído "Dance me to the end of love".
Suddenly, Leonard Cohen's blonde backing singer appeared, impeccably dressed in black, and sang "Dance Me To The End Of Love" in my ear.
Might do a Leonard Cohen and go crazy and write 80 verses to a song whilst bashing my head on a hotel floor.
I, meanwhile, have 0 tattoos, panic attacks when I think of numbers, weird Leonard Cohen obsession & continue to toil away at my novella
My life pretty much evolves around revision, working on music, the occasional GTA session and listening to Leonard Cohen at the moment.
Perth Arena ‏@PerthArena 17h
What was your favourite @PerthArena event of 2013 #Perth? @tweetperth

@PerthArena @tweetperth Leonard Cohen... no flashing lights or explosions, just pure class. Followed by KISS, and all their explosions.
"Hey, Leonard Cohen! Whaddaya think of this font choice?" "I've seen Futura, brother. It is murder."
Leonard Cohen's lameness-to-blowjob ratio continues to rattle the foundation of physics.
I need a cute boy 2 come listen to Leonard Cohen with me and we can also make out
If you've never heard "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen, I suggest you go change your life now
leonard cohen, you are so good
Excellent news this morning. Good morning world. I got seriously sloshed last night & had a conversation with John Lennon & Jimi Hendricks.

Next time throw in a bit of Leonard Cohen for good measure. Enjoy.
Leonard cohen get off my ipod
Leonard Cohen ~ Cry a bit on the last day of 2013!
Just listen to the words with ~ 7 Million People. ... ata_player
Leonard Cohen, perfect for winter
Gray snowy morning in late December, so I listen to Leonard Cohen. Daughter: "are you listening to lame music?" Me: [got nothing] "Yes."
Hay gente que publica en su balance cuántas minas se comieron. Gracias Leonard Cohen por enseñarme ser más galante y menos imbécil.
There are people who publish on their balance sheet how many girls they ate out. Thank you Leonard Cohen for teaching me to be more gallant and less imbecilic.
Acabo de oír que Joaquín Sabina es mejor que Leonard Cohen. Me sangran los oídos.
I just heard that Joaquin Sabina is better than Leonard Cohen. My ears are bleeding.
Al 2014 le pediré música de leonard cohen
I am asking 2014 for Leonard Cohen music.
Leonard Cohen is amazing. His music makes me sob. There is so much truth and beauty in his lyrics.
Acabar el año con Leonard Cohen. Una buena manera de terminar (y de empezar).
Ending the year with Leonard Cohen. A good way to finish (and to begin)
Tengo mucha nostalgia del año que se va. Escucho Leonard Cohen.
I have a lot of nostalgia for the year that's departing. I'm listening to Leonard Cohen.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sat Jan 04, 2014 1:43 am

Jel! I'm actually sneaking in an essay on Leonard Cohen for one of my classes. It's a very narrow path, but I found it somehow!
God bless Leonard Cohen
Querido Leonard Cohen, te adoro, lo juro. Pero voy a dejar de escucharte por hoy porque me estoy deprimiendo cosa mala.
Dear Leonard Cohen, I adore you, I swear. But I'm going to stop listening to you for today because I'm getting depressed something awful.
Letting Leonard Cohen stab me in the heart.
Leonard Cohen is one of music's greatest poets and songwriters.
...y son Legión los que dicen que Death of a Ladies Man es el peor disco de Leonard Cohen y para mi es el Antiguo Testamento
...and those who say Death of a Ladies Man is Leonard Cohen's worst record are Legion, and for me it's the Old Testament.
I've created a playlist that is nothing but Leonard Cohen and Dragged Into Sunlight. Fuck the snow.
Is Leonard Cohen the Monster Mash guy?

Leonard Cohen sounds like the Monster Mash guy.
I once had six different versions of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' on my iPod. That was evidently a confusing time in my life.
ridiculous. I grew up listening to The Smiths, Leonard Cohen,Joy Division, Nick Cave and I was never...uh, never mind.
NO todos los canadienses son estúpidos como dice South Park. Por suerte nos dieron a Leonard Cohen
NOT all Canadians are stupid like South Park says. Luckily they gave us Leonard Cohen
listening to Leonard Cohen, well trying. My puppies barks and whines don't fit into the songs well. FINE, I'LL TAKE YOU OUT...AGAIN!
¿Se imaginan qué increíble sería si Leonard Cohen cantara tangos?
Can you imagine how incredible it would be if Leonard Cohen sang tangos?
if Leonard Cohen covered moon river id drown in tears
Leonard Cohen porque si.
Leonard Cohen because Yes.
Listening to Leonard Cohen when you're in a gloomy mood isn't as great an idea as it seems to be.
Epic fail, again. Where is Leonard Cohen when you need him! Oh yeh, he is on the intergoogles. One day I am going to get this life thing.
Estoy escuchando a Leonard Cohen porque ademas de moderna me cabe deprimirme
I'm listening to Leonard Cohen because besides being modern I have to be depressed.
Back to academic work on Leonard Cohen. I am soaking in glorious velvet vocals. #heaveeeen
Had to ask my neighbor to keep it down. Even Leonard Cohen hates hearing Hallelujah at 3 am.
>at this stage we’re crying into our pillow, as something by Bach or Leonard Cohen plays on the stereo
"You know it's a bad day when you wake up and the birds are singing Leonard Cohen numbers" - Jenny Eclair
*puts on Leonard Cohen's 'Suzanne' on repeat*
Started crying while listening to Chelsea Hotel #2 by Leonard Cohen. jfc im quitting music
"Oh, this is the 'Shrek' song!" says my roommate when Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" comes on Pandora #blessherheart
Nunca puedo negar que Leonard Cohen es cordón atándome a tierra,extenuada de ser caperucita roja, falta de lobo.
I can never deny that Leonard Cohen is a string tying me to earth, worn out from being little red riding hood, without the wolf
after seeing Leonard Cohen recently Gillian Mears interview more pertinent & poignant
It's a #LeonardCohen kinda day.
Technology is driving me mental today. On a lighter note, Leonard Cohen's 'Old Ideas' CD isn't half bad :) Carry on.
Today's news story (buried inside a Leonard Cohen song) was... ... -1.2482482 … … ICYMI: … …
I have a problem where all I ever want to do is listen to Leonard Cohen.
Buena Vista Social Club, Leonard Cohen y Van Morrison. Pa' que mas?
Buena Vista Social Club, Leonard Cohen y Van Morrison. Why do you need anything else?[/
What song do you all want us to cover next?! Let us know

if you havent' already done so, please make a cover of hallelujah by Rufus wainwright or...

Hallelujah is a song by Leonard Cohen and Rufus covered it, so you are asking for a cover of a cover version...
Joyce Carol Oates ‏@JoyceCarolOates
Names of writers & poets should have a certain "beat"--you would avoid a spondee or inadvertent rhyme if possible.

Andrew Snowdon ‏@snobiwan 38m
@JoyceCarolOates We keep it trochaic in Canada: Marg'ret Atwood, Leonard Cohen, Douglas Coupland…
Powerful message and a cry to the world to start the New Year ~~ KD Lang sings Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"...
So we own a copy of The Essential Leonard Cohen. Anyone got a copy of The Inessential Leonard Cohen?
Leonard Cohen has done probably the best piano cover for the pirates of the a Caribbean theme song
Leonard cohen says : I'm your man
Mama says : He is the liar don't listen him. I'm here for everything.
Before her, I'd heard Jeff Buckley version, who I initially thought sang the original. Then I heard Leonard Cohen's, who did the original
Leonard Cohen, Live in London. A darn good way to end a night
Almost in the end of my Ph.D. proposal with the best soundtrack
Famous Blue Raincoat - Leonard Cohen
Anyone know where I can find the Leonard Cohen Olympics commercial online? #wearewinter #beauty
if you don't like leonard cohen or frank sinatra or bob dylan or elvis or johnny cash then what are you?
the other day this guy told me he was in a band that did punk leonard cohen covers
Leonard Cohen is finally the top-ranked "Leonard" on Google search autocomplete! 6 months ago it was Nimoy. (Yes, I've been tracking it.)

haha, why?

An overabundance of curiosity about Leonard Cohen.
Mi planta está triste porque le pongo a Leonard Cohen.
My plant is sad because I play Leonard Cohen for it.
A quite pretty song about metadata, set to Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.
La depresiones con Leonard Cohen son más, pero mejores.
More, but better, depressions with Leonard Cohen.
I feel like Leonard Cohen but I bet I couldn't even name a Leonard Cohen track, is Leonard Cohen wack?
Me repugna escuchar "Hallelujah" con alguien que no sea Leonard Cohen
It's repugnant to me to listen to "Hallelujah" with somebody who's not Leonard Cohen
I know it must be. Though a cliche, time will help. Wishing you much healing in 2014 (new Leonard Cohen tour would be nice too!)

I got to see him in New Zealand a couple years ago. So incredible. Cried through most of it. #emo4life

I think he must be a spirit, prophet or something like that. Saw him twice last year & overwhelmed by his generousity & purpose.
This song makes so much sense. Anthem – Leonard Cohen
The people who want Carberry dropped are the same who bought The Thrills album and thought, "My, what musical dexterity".

What, the selectors?

Yep. They're all Indie bandwagoners. Used to see Whittaker at The Oval wearing a Passion Pit tour T-shirt all the time.

a Leonard Cohen t-shirt.

Which Leonard Cohen song would best sum this tour up?

Ahh, the last time we saw you, you looked so much older, your famous blue raincoat was torn at the shoulder

'Hey, that's no way to say goodbye'?

Nice. I caught the darkness.

But you lost them in your freedom; And you need him now, you're wild; Blessed is the memory; Of everybody's child

I've seen the future. It's murder.
Cada día me gusta más la pedazo de voz del grande de #LeonardCohen #<3 #Music #Relax #Munich #Cold
Every day I like the hunky voice of the great Leonard Cohen more. #Music #Relax #Munich #Cold
I'm pretty happy these days, I better stay that way over the next few weeks because I can't be bothering with a big Leonard Cohen head!
Quiero un Merlot y Leonard Cohen de fondo. Sí, a esta hora.
I want a Merlot and Leonard Cohen in the background. Yes, at this time.
Yo poniendome melancolica con Leonard Cohen y M. sacandome carcajadas con sarcasmos absurdos y vitales :) Esta bien :)
I'm getting melancholy with Leonard Cohen and M. is making me laugh hard with absurd and vital sarcasm. :) It's good.
There are some cold winter mornings in Minneapolis where all a person can do is listen to leonard cohen all day.
Leonard Cohen siempre.
Leonard Cohen forever.
Leonard Cohen looked a bit like Michael Corleone
I love you Leonard Cohen .... I will always love you....
Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah gives me nirvana. The Good Neighbour always has great music. Love this place.
MUSIC NEWS: Songs of Love and Hate is a much better album than The Best of Leonard Cohen.
In a lamplit room, listening to the most recent Leonard Cohen album. He sounds antediluvian. It's lovely.
Hay canciones de Leonard Coen en que su banda parece la de Mocedades.
There are Leonard Cohen songs where his band seems like the one from Mocedades.

Leonard Cohen es dios.
Leonard Cohen is god.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:14 am

I love days where I can just lay on my couch and read Leonard Cohen books all day long. #thebest #alsomaybesobbing
aaaand we're off! A new what's-wrong-with-Gen-Y piece for the year! And it's by Christopher Bantick too!
I bet you get all teary when you listen to Leonard Cohen. Philistine.
“We’d rather get all teary with Leonard Cohen than concentrate, really concentrate, on Mahler.“
when you’re criticising leonard cohen as part of a diatribe against modern society your own personal timestream may have slipped a little.
I love that he thinks the Rolling Stones, Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed are the music of the youth of today
What teens like: selfies; X-Factor; Ang Lee; Josh Pyke; Leonard Cohen; Rolling Stones; Looking for Alibrandi; Lou Reed; Kurt Cobain; Banksy.
Condensed Christopher Bantick: "New art bad, old art good! Leonard Cohen is culturally worthless modern pap."
yeah i love both now; Leonard Cohen has one of those voices that at first ur like ehhh but then you keep listening and ur -
Jeff Bucley y Leonard Cohen me parecen de los mejores escritores de música de todos los tiempos.
Jeff Buckley and Leonard cohen seem to me the best writers of music of all time.
I feel like this Chelsea Hotel book might be a joke. Leonard Cohen using black magic & candles to lure Nico away from Jackson Browne? C'mon
Band concept: Lynyrd Cohen (Leonard Cohen songs played in a southern rock style)
Forcing a person to do a podcast is a bad idea. But maybe we could force Leonard Cohen anyway.
goals for 2014: listen to more Leonard Cohen, stop doing all the stuff i do
someone talk to me about patti smith and leonard cohen and frank zappa
My mood is best established by what I play on my guitar.

Tonight: nothing but Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave.

Leonard Cohen: my go-to sexy, Jewish, tortured poet music. Sure to excite the ladies any day.
sorry if you need me i'll be locked inside of Leonard Cohen's "Lover Lover Lover" for the next thousand years
Leonard Cohen is the kind of guy I'd really like to hang around w/
I have two Leonard Cohen songs followed by Heads Will Roll on my playlist. That is not okay
Leonard Cohen looks like a wise, ancient tortoise, and if a tortoise could sing they'd sound like the wise, eternal Leonard Cohen.
Every time I hear the song "Hallelujah" I wish Leonard Cohen had written a line in it about how Fred Flintstone would "Yabba dabba do-ya".
My train announcer sounds so miserable. He makes Leonard Cohen sound positively chipper!
only learned of Leonard Cohen as of late and damn great poet! <3
--Trying to describe The Smiths to the Italian owner of the Hotel. A more Miserable Zucchero isn’t cutting the mustard.

--Leonard Cohen without the sunshine?
--Was just challenged to a battle of who can come up with the saddest songs, which is something I have spent my entire life preparing for.

--any early Leonard Cohen is a shoe-in
--there are 2 guys here having a deep & meaningful discussion. Every 3rd word is, like, like, y'know? LOL

--y'know. What you should what you should do. Is phone someone who y'know and do it back. y'know....

--now they're analysing the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah and Bohemian Rhapsody

--Most impressed you gave Depeche Mode their props -- it's a minority view, shared only by Leonard Cohen as far as I know.

--AT THE SAME TIME???? y'know thats like mental
Played the harp this morning: Satie, Sonata in B minor Scarlatti, even some Leonard Cohen. #handsonharp
hehe it's always good to have someone to blame. I blame my parents for letting me read Leonard Cohen before I was 10.
Leonard Cohen is older than Leonard Slatkin: just one of the fun facts you'll learn from our 2014 birthday list.
Please play Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah', the song about sex and women's agency in the bible, at my funeral.
Whoever sings that country version of Jeff Buckley's version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah is officially my nemesis.
I wish I was more like a young Leonard Cohen crossed with a Terminator 2 era Sarah Connor...
Leonard Cohen was right,
The future, brother, it is murder.
I’m sorry this wasn’t beautiful.
This was 2013
Me descompone cuando alguien escucha Hallelujah de Leonard Cohen (versión de Rufus Wainwright) y dice: "qué buena, la canción de Shrek".
It really gets to me when someone hears Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (Rufus Wainwright's version) and says: "so good, the song from Shrek."
Mind is racing. I think I need to put on some Leonard Cohen and read and sleep.
Spent the evening playing the ukelele (badly). A mix of Fleetwood Mac, Miley Cyrus, Jason Mraz, Leonard Cohen, Adele, und so weiter.
and so do I most days but I am feeling a bit blah today. Listiening to Leonard Cohen for therapy
sometimes the times call for Leonard Cohen
It's definitely a Leonard Cohen kind of morning. #soundtracktolife
Qué capo este tío. Leonard Cohen - Who By Fire
What a boss this guy is. Leonard Cohen - Who By Fire
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:59 pm

Film class thoughts: Young Leonard Cohen looks like love child of Ray Romano + Demetri Martin. Or maybe they're his love children! #scandal
Toddler napping, time to clean the fridge and listen to Leonard Cohen.
The guy next to me is listening to Leonard Cohen. I love Leonard Cohen. I hope this guy stays here for the whole album
Killer opening line to an email I just received: "I’m revisiting old Leonard Cohen interviews today because it’s cold and he’s so warm"
If I could snuggle up with one Cdn musician now to keep warm I would pick #LeonardCohen
AND his son Adam haha #keepwarmandrockon
there's a type of maudlin that calls for both Leonard Cohen's /Tacoma Trailer/ and The Eagles /Journey of the Sorceror/...
.@kapiti_reports Fairly shocking Leonard Cohen review online. Your guy can't spell the name of his best known tune! #EnoughSaid
@VIA_Rail’s on-hold music is Leonard Cohen. Keep me on hold forever!! No complaints.
Leonard Cohen being his usual charismatic cheery self
I'm in my room in the dark singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah... It's moving.
Today I just want to lock myself in a room with an espresso machine, listen to Leonard Cohen and draw dungeon maps on graph paper.
Oh wait! This Frontline is about STEVE Cohen not Leonard Cohen! Shit. #pbs #frontline
Never much of a Leonard Cohen fan, hate freezing cold & driving at nite on QEW but this nite the combination was magical. Life's surprises
when in doubt, Leonard Cohen
Give me a Leonard Cohen afterparty
Script finished 1 day ahead of deadline!!! It's the all-nighters & Leonard Cohen that did it! Sex scenes might need polishing though....
Always good to start the day with Leonard Cohen: 'There is a crack in everything.That's how the light gets in.'
Esto demuestra la cultura musical de España. ¿Leonard Cohen el 33? Flipante. ... -en-espana
This demonstrates the musical culture of Spain. Leonard Cohen is #33? Trippy. ... -en-espana
Just start rocking the bolo tie. It's good enough for Leonard Cohen and Chuck Berry. #bolotie ... cool-hats/
There's a guy who looks exactly like Leonard Cohen on this BART train.
All of a sudden, I'm living in a Leonard Cohen universe.
El Shakespeare de la música: Leonard Cohen - Suzanne
The Shakespeare of música: Leonard Cohen - Suzanne
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Fri Jan 10, 2014 2:19 am

so long marianne is so perfect leonard cohen's voice just gives me goosebumps
Just read a page from a Leonard Cohen book of lyrics. I bet his family hide the sharp things from him.
leonard cohen aka god x
Hobbies include: singing Leonard Cohen songs an octave lower when I’m sick.
--In a very serious mood tonight I mean really serious. Like Tori Amos serious.

--Now that is serious. On a lighter note I'm listening to Leonard Cohen.
Sometimes I forget what it's all about, then Leonard Cohen reminds me. Thanks.
Covering Leonard Cohen's "hallelujah" seems like picking Hamlet's "to be or not to be" as a monologue. Too obvious yet still alluring.
I sound like Leonard Cohen. It's uncanny, really.
Hallelujah-Leonard Cohen is a perfect song.
So... Stevie Nicks is known... more for her lyrics right? Like Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen?
Y nada mejor para entrar en faena que un par de temas clasicos de Leonard Cohen. Keep calm and keep studying
And nothing better for getting to work than a couple of classic songs by Leonard Cohen. Keep calm and keep studying.
and it's like Leonard Cohen insofar as everyone who makes music I love digs him, but he doesn't have huge commercial appeal...
Heard some Leonard Cohen at Starbucks this morning, which means I'll have "Everybody Knows" stuck in my head for the next 12-16 hours.
Listening to Leonard Cohen all day long, his voice is so calming...
When was the last time you took time to love the moon? Basically Leonard Cohen asked me this last night.
--When @jandersonesque interviewed Cave, 1st thing Cave said was: "anyone told you you look like Nic Cage?"

--i told him everyone in canada calls leonard cohen "Canada's nick cave." he told me to fuck off.

--That's your obituary, right there.
Madres! Leonard Cohen es chido, pero si se pasa
Damn! Leonard Cohen is cool, but he does go too far.
Nah. kick off your shoes, turn phome off & slob out on sofa with your favourite tipple listening to some Leonard Cohen.
songs of love and hate. about to move onto songs of leonard cohen. singing along. badly. but that's okay cos it's cohen
and I will gaze upon you and think, “This person has slighted Leonard Cohen.” And then I’ll pop you.
--big bag of marshmallows and leonard cohen. i know how to live.

--At first I thought you had Leonard Cohen in a big bag of marshmallows. Which I feel certain has been done before at the Chelsea.

--Maybe that's what True Love Leaves No Traces is about.
Bob Dylan vs. Leonard Cohen was a tough call, but for some reason, I figured Cohen would be more likely to carry a concealed switch blade.
...the exciting news I promised earlier. Our next recipe zine is going to be recipes from POETS. We have a recipe from LEONARD COHEN for it.
I prefer Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah to the Jeff Buckley version everyone goes mad for.
Se nota que es la biblioteca de la uni cuando te echan con Democracy de Leonard Cohen.
You know it's the university library when they throw you out with Democracy by Leonard Cohen.
My taste in music is so eclectic. I'll start with old Leonard Cohen transition to Bossa Novas and then end up at Drake. Makes no sense.
you can only listen to so much* leonard cohen before your brain is convinced it's nap time. (*so much = 5 songs)
Os daré envidia: pondré el concierto de Leonard Cohen y me iré a la camita.
I'll make you jealous: I'll put on the Leonard Cohen concert and go beddy-bye.
Temblando de frío y ahora con Leonard Cohen.

Trembling with cold and now with Leonard Cohen.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:35 am

--It's "Hallelujah" all over again.

--I hated it when everyone just knew the Alexandra Burke version and weren’t even aware of Jeff Buckley’s original

--Leonard Cohen??
There's a framed poster over my bed. Is it
A) Nico
B) Leonard Cohen
C) a masturbatory post-modern statement on my ego
I still can't quite believe I've seen leonard cohen live
id give anything for a bus journey with Leonard Cohen like this
Que traigan a Leonard Cohen a México y que se presente en el Palacio de Bellas Artes.
Bring Leonard Cohen to Mexico and have him perform in the Palacio de Bellas Artes.
orrr you could go the opposite way and listen to "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen on repeat into a land of dreamy dreams...
En toda familia hay un Leonard Cohen del que los mayores no les gusta hablar...
In every family there's a Leonard Cohen that the older people don't like to talk about...
Oh hell yeah am I talking about Leonard Cohen for my essay.
I could have sworn I saw Leonard Cohen in Tesco earlier
Ain't no thang, Leonard Cohen gets me
Don't send a prospective date Snapchat of scab with caption "New Skin For The Old Ceremony" Making a Leonard Cohen reference doesn't matter
--This kid next to me always listens to like, Leonard Cohen and his music is up so loud it's all I hear

--haha Leonard Cohen isn't even that loud

--he has it at full volume he's tryna blow out his ear drums with the sweet sound of Hallelujah

--haha that 60s folk is hardcore
Leonard Cohen. Genius song writer.
The National sound like the Cure practicing in Leonard Cohen's sinuses
Leonard Cohen is perfect music for not sleeping.
Leonard Cohen is an interesting choice of build up music for the Newcastle-Victory match @SBS2. Expecting a low-tempo game?
If Leonard Cohen and @owlcity ever made a record together the world would explode of awesomeness.
I'm having tea and oranges like in the Leonard Cohen song. The tea's from Yorkshire and the oranges from Tesco. Not all the way from China.
ah Leonard Cohen . my daughter was named after his song Suzanne xx
pretty sure the 1,932,294 views on Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat are mine
Afternoon sponsored by Leonard Cohen's soothing mammal tones.
Cranking up the Leonard Cohen.
I love listening to #LeonardCohen peaceful, subtle, simple, elegant and reminds me of my childhood #memories
My Leonard Cohen record has been shipped. Thank the golden god.
Everyone said it couldn't be done, the punk-rockalization of @leonardcohen. Yet again, we've done the impossible. Coming soon.
Walking around home depot looking at cabinets listening to leonard cohen killing time before my shift, what is my life becoming
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:02 pm

Listened to too much Leonard Cohen and now I have to reevaluate my entire life
i'm going to start telling people that prototype by outkast was originally a leonard cohen song
.@mpeyrouxmusic is allowed to cover any damn song she likes. Even if it’s by Leonard Cohen.
Leonard Cohen is as close as I can get to becoming romantic.
Interpol, junto con PJ Harvey, Portishead y Leonard Cohen deberían ser inprescindibles en toda carpeta marcada como "Música para follar".
Interpol, together with P J Harvey, Portishead and Leonard Cohen should be indispensable in every folder marked "Music for fucking."
Llevo toda la tarde cantando Hallelujah, y va mi padre y me pone a Leonard Cohen.
I spend the whole afternoon singing Hallelujah, and my father goes and puts on Leonard Cohen for me.
Omg...this kid has swallowed Leonard Cohen :-/
I think that Leonard Cohen is my favorite song writer ever
Listening to Rufus Wainwright's version of Leonard Cohen's 'Everybody Knows' coz it seems topical & appropriate as I read news.
O a Leonard cohen. Mierda. Dilema musical, uno de los dos peores tipos de dilema. D:
Or to Leonard Cohen. Shit. Musical dilemma, one of the two worst kinds of dilemma. D:
Leonard Cohen. I love you so much. A poet.
heal my soul Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep: via @youtube
guaranteed fact: If you listen to Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen while thinking of your OTP, you will cry.
His Grace insults me. He calls the epitome of beige 'good music'. I'll stick to Ser Peter Gabriel and Ser Leonard Cohen.
Can't we have anything happen without @bono ? Is there anyone @bono is not inspired by? #mandiba #leonardcohen #bukowski #everyone #GoldenGl
I had never heard this one... So damn groovy ... Leonard Cohen - The Darkness
we sang leonard cohen in church? literally everyone knew the chorus and it was like a layer of snow uprooted i cant stop thinking about it
I'll praise the ground Woody Allen, Leonard Cohen, & Laurie Anderson walk on to the very end & I will proclaim "Fuck yeah" the whole way.
In case I didn't love Leonard Cohen enough, he based Alexandra Leaving on a C.P. Cavafy poem
Warren Zevon covering Leonard Cohen almost rips a hole in the space-time continuum. #toomuchcool
Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah at 6am on the metro. A fave, a little heavy going for a Monday morning no? Something a little happier perhaps?
Toni Bentley, THE SURRENDER at Theatre Row. A surprisingly spiritual and literary journey through a woman's sexuality. Bonus: Leonard Cohen!
If you didn't already know I'm dating Leonard Cohen in my head
I think Leonard Cohen wrote a song about this: The rich got $524 billion richer in 2013
You're listening to scratchy Leonard Cohen today? Oh dear. I know it's a Monday but...
No, YOU'VE been knitting and listening to Leonard Cohen instead of revising oh fuck *cries*
Upon revisiting Leonard Cohen's Various Positions with a few listenings, I'm surprised to say I like it. Some cheese, but such great songs.
imagine being so cool that you could happily release the song "jazz police" and still be leonard cohen.
Mmmm, thank you Mr. Leonard Cohen for my morning dance.
::Stumbles on live Leonard Cohen recording. Crawls under desk. Cries for rest of day.::
How can I have got to 44 & never heard a single Leonard Cohen song, the guys a bloody genius, a voice like treacle..
Cuando escuchas al Leonard Cohen ese te pones de un trascendente que no hay quien te aguante.
When you listen to Leonard Cohen he makes you so transcendent that nobody can stand you.
Don't trust him. He will ruin your life. "Yes you, who must leave everything that you cannot control - Leonard Cohen."
Beer followed by bath with Leonard Cohen's Death of a Laides Man on the CD. Excellent. Now for bug-fixery...
From Leonard Cohen to Low - These "wonderfully melancholy" songs will remind you to live your life in 2014 ... able-songs
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Jan 16, 2014 1:40 am

Gosh! Lots of fucking swearing in #TheTaste. Anthony Bourdain is like the gruffer younger chef bro of Leonard Cohen.
(am I the only one who finds the interjection, taken in combination with the gerundial adjective, really funny?)
My romance with Leonard Cohen is going to last forever.
thank you, @tide, for the ad that started in the middle of the leonard cohen song i was listening to. should be: "everybody, clothes."
--Blimey #eastenders sings Leonard Cohen

--as if Albert Square wasn't miserable enough

--Oh I love Leonard Cohen. He's not miserable at all. He's witty, clever, sexy and just brilliant.Probably the best lyricist ever

--Agree -but Leonard Cohen doesn't exactly have a reputation for heading the Mardi Gras parade does he ....? ;)

--Ok, I'll give you that..
Character doing a Leonard Cohen cover on prime time BBC1. Not 'The Future' though, obviously.
#Eastenders in classic Leonard Cohen music shocker. #touchingclass
what the heck is going on I turn on eastenders and there's someone singing Leonard Cohen quickly followed by screaming
#eastenders why not cheer up your sick gran with some Leonard Cohen songs.
I'm not dying alone, so long as I have beer and Leonard Cohen, I'll be fine.
Sorry sweetie -- I shall go and listen to Leonard Cohen for a bit - always cheers me up
Turns out that Mogwai and Leonard Cohen make good soundtracking for harvest... #V14 #huntervalley
I didn't know there were mariachi versions of Leonard Cohen songs until I came to this taco truck
Cuando escucho a Leonard Cohen me siento mejor persona.
When I listen to Leonard Cohen I feel like a better person.
Does anyone else stop in their tracks when they hear Leonard Cohen's Chealsea Hotel #2?
The baritone is your key to the feels machine. Leonard Cohen!
sadness so real im bustin out the leonard cohen
At least my ex introduced me to some amazing music. Leonard Cohen foreverrrr.
Mom found an old Leonard Cohen vinyl she owned through college. While I, on the other hand, found out that she listens to Leonard Cohen
Bugger James Blunt! I have returned to the earworm of choice: Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah
Sometimes it's hard to know who's the greater #Canadian: #Wolverine, or #LeonardCohen.
"Songs from a room" de Leonard Cohen. Vengan de a uno.
"Songs from a room" by Leonard Cohen. Come one at a time.
Nothing makes me want to be a soul singer like Leonard Cohen's Death of a Ladies' Man.
Whenever it rains I always end up listening to Radiohead and Leonard Cohen
Okay. Just because you CAN sing "Lecha Dodi" to Leonard Cohen's "Halleluja" doesn't mean that you SHOULD...
late to this party. Kris Kristofferson, Marissa Nadler, Leonard Cohen. Then lots of Stevie to pull out of it.
How the fuck can Leonard Cohen be broke? Seems like everybody including my garbage man's cousin has recorded a version of Hallelujah by now
Escucho recitar a Leonard Cohen y me entran escalofríos.
I listen to Leonard Cohen recite and I get chills.
some songs of Default, Fuel, & the force of nature called Leonard Cohen as well :-))
Sadly, Johnny Cash will never sing live from Wrexham Gaol. Worth asking Leonard Cohen, though
Nadie cantó/contó mejor un triángulo amoroso que Leonard Cohen en "Famous blue raincoat"
Nobody sang/told the tale of a lovers' triangle better than Leonard Cohen in "Famous blue raincoat"
--Someone in my office keeps playing Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" at their desk really loud. That's considered "a cry for help," right?

--Are you sure they haven't been dead since the 90's? I guess now they'll never know it was a Leonard Cohen song.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:24 pm

I'm madly in love with Leonard Cohen
I came to the library to study, but Leonard Cohen happened, and.. *sigh*
HALLELULAH! sang Leonard Cohen. And so did I. But really I should have shouted BINGO so I was disqualified.
Just learned that Leonard Cohen is Quebecois. Badass.
Is it wrong that I just want to build a cabin deep in the woods and do nothing but read Leonard Cohen & Sylvia Plath all day? #warningsign?
Fun birthday idea: Leonard Cohen books
Leonard Cohen is an absolute literary/poetic/musical genius. A human treasure.
Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah will be also be known as "The Sad Shrek Song"
Leonard Cohen is brilliant. He is an amazing poet. Listen to him.
Leonard Cohen es otro nivel.
Leonard Cohen is another level.
Dude at Walgreens looks like Leonard Cohen.
Oh, Leonard Cohen
Both Neil Young and Leonard Cohen have won "Male Vocalist of the Year" Junos. And yet Geddy Lee has not. Canada, you baffle me sometimes.
--ummm, what are you quoting?

--A Chorus Line, "At the Ballet"

--my braids, my blouse, all undone. Is from a chorus?

--No. That's a Leonard Cohen song.

--cause that was beautiful. I don't care about the chorus stuff

--Leonard Cohen. You'll love him.

--maybe, he's old and Canadian. That's one plus and one minus. where should I start?
--Creeps will find any way to torment people. Craigslist is a great place to do that. They're miserable losers with no lives.

--As a miserable loser with no life who doesn't say creepy things to women, I resent this generalization ;-)

--Yes, not all miserable losers are creeps, but all creeps are miserable losers. I doubt you're a loser, though.

--Leonard Cohen wrote a novel called Beautiful Losers... Maybe I'm one of those.
I'm having a beautiful afternoon with Leonard Cohen
--Following yesterdays lesson in the power of affirmative music, a song or two from your POSITIVE PLAYLIST would be of interest

--Any Leonard Cohen will do.
10 minutes to class. I'm rehearsing my Leonard Cohen impersonation. Gonna enter classroom screaming "There's a crack in everything!"
--damn Leonard Cohen making me cry on the bus #Canadian

--Leonard Cohen on a drag-of-a-day such as this? I think you need more Vengaboys in your life. #Vengaboys
I thought about putting this next one in the "He's Still Got It" topic but the violence of the reaction makes it seem a little equivocal:
Voz de Leonard Cohen aka motivo da explosão dos ovários de garotinhas
Leonard Cohen's voice AKA the reason that young girls' ovaries explode
Leonard Cohen is a humble wise man [with link to graphic of "My guitar is so beautiful sometimes I wish I could play it]
Damn you, Leonard Cohen! I can't hear this song without getting a huge lump in my throat.
Kind of a slap in the face when shuffle follows Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah with a Leonard Cohen song actually sung by Leonard Cohen.
in my feeble defence i have been listening to leonard cohen quite a bit in the past day
The JUNO Awards ‏@TheJUNOAwards
Did you know that there have been over 2, 700 covers of #CMHF inductee Leonard Cohen's songs? @CanMusicHF
Leonard Cohen and Philip Glass - Book of Longing: Prologue and I Can't Make the Hills … via @youtube
So far I am still of the opinion that Tom Waits is an after the watershed Leonard Cohen. #HEEBYJEEBIES
young Leonard Cohen was like a hotter young Dustin Hoffman
Keith James in Concert: The songs of Leonard Cohen, at Rudry Parish Hall, Friday March 14th. 8.00pm £10.00....
Pretty! Last time I went for physiotherapy, they were playing Leonard Cohen songs. I don't know if was supposed to cheer us up!
The combination of Virginia Woolf and Leonard Cohen has put me into a solid funk
tonight i'm meeting w. bob dylan, dave van ronk & leonard cohen in greenwich village to discuss the revival of folk music!
The Sisters of Morsi - Leonard Cohen can pop over to Egypt and croon a final insult after attending Sharon's burial. #ArabSpringSongs
My pup can't listen to Leonard Cohen when he's napping. A song came on & he sat up, startled, then looked at me sleepily until I changed it.
Bumpin' Leonard Cohen in the dark over here. This is my life.
Feelings? Leonard Cohen says he could not feel so learned to touch. I'll try that instead
Shouldn't listen to Leonard Cohen early in the morning. Now I just want to lounge in a dark room drinking whiskey. #nowplaying I'm Your Man
Can somebody please convince Michael Cera to do album covering old Leonard Cohen songs? All kidding aside, this is an awesome idea. I think
Chatting to an old man who's seen Leonard Cohen like three times, now I wanny see Leonard Cohen
una vez más Leonard Cohen se gana mi alma y oídos con su peculiar voz y letras tan atinadas gracias precioso :*
One more time Leonard Cohen wins my soul and my ears with his distinctive voice and such penetrating lyrics thank you darling:)
Bujews: … Leonard Cohen and Goldie Hawn apparently converts. Guilt edged enlightenment?
¿A quién se le ocurre ponerse Leonard Cohen a esta hora? A mí.
Whose idea was it to play Leonard Cohen at a time like this? Mine.
famous blue raincoat by leonard cohen is a genius piece of music..
Listening to Various Positions by Leonard Cohen, my 15 yr old daughter has the temerity to ask who the "cover" version of Hallelujah is by.
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