The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:52 am

leyendo a Leonard Cohen por la mañana porque la vida es bella.
Reading Leonard Cohen in the morning because life is beautiful.
Brad Sherwood ‏@TheBradSherwood
Every living person has the right to do a remake of Jeff Buckley's amazing version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".

But they shouldn't.
"Musicians" who cover Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah', should have their instruments confiscated. Especially when they call it Jeff Buckley's.
Feeling dead yet still alive... like Leonard Cohen.
I feel a kinda fraternity with you all. I think we are doing the same thing." Leonard Cohen talking to psychotherapists
Ah, Leonard Cohen. I do love you. #TenNewSongs
"I never really had a good understanding of poetry" Leonard Cohen // huh?
Nothing against Leonard Cohen's poetry. Just why does he have to sing it?
That moment in a music shuffle where Leonard Cohen comes on and all seems poetic. Even PowerPoint.
Sat in a local dingy watering hole and Leonard Cohen comes on #Brilliant
I downloaded my first English song - Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Heard it on tv today and it flashbacked all my memories :).
how are you both? Enjoy Prague? X

It was bloody fantastic. If you haven't been, put it on your list. An incredible city!

I shall add it to the list of places to visit then. Glad you had a good time, Leonard Cohen excellent as always?

Totally sublime. The man is 78 and still oozes charisma. Believe me, he's fucking incredible.
I am desperate to see Leonard Cohen live in September. I mean come on
Got a sudden deep longing for attendance at a Leonard Cohen performance.
Just heard the Plan B version of Suzanne by Leonard Cohen and I was a bit scared to be honest
I am listening to Leonard Cohen. #fuckingclass Even if I don't understand it all:-)
Watching part of Leonard Cohen early 70's gig in Tel Aviv looks intimidating for act and fans, pure chaos #passingthrough
Bit of Leonard Cohen after midnight. Lovely stuff
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Jul 24, 2013 5:31 am

More liquor stores need to play Leonard Cohen.
En mi carrera debería haber un seminario de la poesía de Leonard Cohen.
In my university program there ought to be a seminar on the poetry of Leonard Cohen.
dont talk shit about leonard cohen in front of me
just tweeted a pic/lyrics from my FAVORITE #LeonardCohen song, the song that explains all of my life choices. my heart hurts.
Creo que llegó la hora de escuchar a Leonard Cohen
I think the time has come to listen to Leonard Cohen
Somos los hermosos perdedores de Leonard Cohen
We are the beautiful losers of Leonard Cohen
This Leonard Cohen live record I just bought from the Isle of Wight 1970 is instantly among my favorite live recordings ever.
I'm not sure why Canada has to always apologize for Bieber, Nickellback and Celine Dion.

On a serious note, as a Nation, we're sorry.

Leonard Cohen and poutine balance out the sorry pretty well.

You have officially won my heart and my stomach
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Jul 24, 2013 4:32 pm

why does Leonard Cohen have to be playing right now. my heart
and soul:
Leonard Cohen loves to fuck with your soul doesn't he?
A friend also gave me library discards for Leonard Cohen and Indian music the other day. Excellent.
Leonard Cohen "Save the Last Dance" ... JR_1ljlxLc … // chas... se ve viejito viejito...

pero con mas energía que tu.

y con una voz envidiable
Leonard Cohen "Save the Last Dance" ... JR_1ljlxLc … // shhh... he looks old old...

but with more energy than you

and with an enviable voice
Spoiler: in the post-credits sequence, Wolverine is recruited for an important mission by fellow Canadian Leonard Cohen.
Parents are So Unsympathetic, Part I:
ugh mum didnt let me buy the leonard cohen cd :(
Parents are So Unsympathetic, Part II:
Cheers :) Lol at your Ma going to see Leonard Cohen and not taking you btw. Ffs!

I know! The cheek of it!
Leonard Cohen me hace sentir muchas ganas de enamorarme, próximamente. #havingagoodfeeling
Leonard Cohen makes me really want to fall in love, right away. #havingagoodfeeling
"I hate it when people compare Leonard Cohen with God,... I mean, he´s good, but he isn´t Leonard!"
(and this may explain why Leonard doesn't hang with fans more often... he doesn't want to be there when the fire comes down from heaven :lol: )
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by 264811403188 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 5:21 pm

Last one is the best tweet ever!
Laughed and laughed .....

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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Jul 25, 2013 2:15 am

Leonard Cohen's debut album massages my soul.
Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits walk in to a gravel pit...
Who knew Leonard Cohen was talkin #ComicCon when he wrote,

Baby I've been here before, I know this room and I've walked

this floor. #SDCC
3 visible and 2 invisible shadows enjoying ice cream and a street performer doing Leonard Cohen. Bliss!!
Leonard Cohen ya está viejito pero que voz y que porte, estos son gentleman de verdad, no pedazos.
Leonard Cohen is old now but what a voice and what poise, these are true gentleman, not fragments.
I'm about two shots of epresso away from standing on my desk and belting leonard cohen's hallelujah but the rufus wainwright version
I wonder what it's like to live in the iteration of the multiverse where Famous Blue Raincoat is THE Leonard Cohen song.
Your daughter has moved on to Leonard Cohen - help
I want to be Leonard Cohen's violinist on his next world tour. #childhooddreams
1. Ver a Leonard Cohen en Italia.
2. Ir al Comic Con.
3. Fotografiar una Aurora Boreal.

1. See Leonard Cohen in Italy.
2. Go to Comic Con.
3. Photograph an Aurora Borealis
Okay. Fuck punk. It's all passé now anyway. What's the craziest thing you've done to try and impress somebody you fancied?

Back in the day you had to listen to at least two entire Leonard Cohen albums and pretend to be deeply moved to get a shag.
Leonard Cohen. He just keeps getting better.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:44 pm

Un Leonard Cohen para esta mesa, por favor
One Leonard Cohen for this table, please
That weird summer where I did little else but lay around my 3rd floor overheated apartment and listened solely to Leonard Cohen.
rosanne cash ‏@rosannecash 17m
Had dinner with @RodneyJCrowell tonight; discussed Leonard Cohen & how he makes fear of irrelevance irrelevant. Then we had coconut gelato.
à propos the above: You use that metaphor. I do not think it means what you think it means.
@JasonIsbell “@rosannecash: Had dinner with @RodneyJCrowell tonight; discussed Leonard Cohen..."
God I wish I coulda been a fly in the soup.
#madeupalbums Chet Atkins and Leonard Cohen, 'Twangst'
I sound like Kathleen Turner and Tom Waits had a chain-smoking child who was raised in a coal mine

Love those days. Can't stop singing late Leonard Cohen to myself.

Ha I'm not singing Falling Down while having a bourbon here, I'm sick! Did you see Cohen when he was here last summer?

No and it seems likely I'll miss him again. Would love to though. You?

No, it was around the corner from me though so I heard a good bit. It got some crowd!
Not sure back to back Leonard Cohen is lifting my mood this morning.
At work. Inexplicably and delightfully Chelsea Hotel is constantly playing in my head #LeonardCohen #daydreaming
Completamente sólo en un foro ubicado en las afueras de Tequisquiapan; Leonard Cohen está sonando. No quiero morir.
Completely alone in a forum located on the outskirts of Tequisquiapan; Leonard Cohen is playing. I don't want to die.
I saw Leonard Cohen in concert a few years ago and felt him in my soul. It was indescribable
how shall we end tonight?

...a little #LeonardCohen? don't mind if I do.

*tips invisible hat*
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Fri Jul 26, 2013 3:40 am

Today's search for Leonard Cohen-related tweets brought up tweets in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Slovenian and Croatian.
Nicked my dads Leonard Cohen tee cause I loves it
2 angel voices (webb sisters) singing a song written by Leonard Cohen.
Read 15 pages of Leonard Cohen's Beautiful Losers and like that I want to write again.
Leonard Cohen is playing Live Tonight under my balcony. #priceless #LeonardCohen
Leonard Cohen basta que me haces doler acá *señala*
That's enough, Leonard Cohen, you're making me hurt here *points*
Yo pensé que mi hermana estaba loca de nacimiento pero luego recordé que su canción de cuna era The Future, de Leonard Cohen...
I thought that my sister was born crazy but then I remembered that her cradle song was The Future, by Leonard Cohen...
I avoided Leonard Cohen because I thought it depressing, what I found is depressing is to write off an artist/writer on prejudice
Leonard Cohen knows all my feels
Recordatorio: Leonard Cohen va al baño. Nietzsche tenía sífilis. Julian Casablancas debe tener una ETS. Los de Daft Punk escuchan prog rock.
Reminder: Leonard Cohen goes to the bathroom. Nietzsche had syphilis. Julian Casablancas probably has an STD. The members of Daft Punk listen to prog rock.
Tonight I'mma cruise down Sydney Rd in my yaris, windows down, bass up, Leonard Cohen on the stereo... who's in?
Paolo nutini and leonard cohen are the only men in history to make sex sound romantic
Tonight I have been enjoying an evening of Leonard Cohen and reflection, is this what being an adult is about?
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:46 pm

Leonard Cohen-related tweets this morning in English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Slovenian, Japanese, Turkish, Catalan, German and French
Tú, yo, café, música de Leonard Cohen, cigarros, no se...piénsalo. *_*
You, me, coffee, Leonard Cohen music, cigarettes, I don't know... think about it. *_*
Leonard Cohen has to only call=pray and GOD knows what is needed... awe i love you=Leonard (@YouTube )
I know I don't need to say it but #leonardcohen is an absolute poetic genius!
Just heard Leonard Cohen, Portishead & Radiohead back to back on the wireless. Th'on DJ definately hasn't had his Crunchie today
Wrong person? De hecho vi a Leonard Cohen el año pasado y fué sublime... Duró como 3 horas
Wrong person? In fact I saw Leonard Cohen last year and it was sublime... it lasted about 3 hours.
#starClipper is in Hydra, a gorgeous little port. Disappointed not to see any nod in town to Leonard Cohen - does he still live here?
Mis pesadillas son las mejores porque el OST es de Leonard Cohen.
My nightmares are the best because the OST [original sound track?] is by Leonard Cohen.
Me tienen prohibido poner a Leonard Cohen en el coche, porque al amorcito que conduce le produce somnolencia.
I've been forbidden to play Leonard Cohen in the car, because it makes the darling who's driving sleepy.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sat Jul 27, 2013 7:54 am

hibernar con leonard cohen muertos de risa los dos. que alguien nos traiga almendras y nueces. tenemos hambre.
hibernating with leonard cohen both of us dying with laughter. somebody bring us almonds and walnuts, we're hungry.
te amo leonard! en el verdadero sentido de la palabra! … Leonard Cohen - Primero tomamos Manhattan
I love you leonard! in the true sense of the word!
Leonard Cohen - First We Take Manhattan
FYI -- I'm still playing Leonard Cohen's gloomiest songs on my folks' Clavinova, awaiting our departure to the #weddding.
In desperate need of #leonardcohen
Even the atheist Christopher Hitchens liked to listen to Leonard Cohen sing IF IT BE YOUR WILL. "A murmurred prayer." - L.C. So moving.
When Leonard Cohen sings tjaaaaaaaaai
déjenme llorar amargamente,porque nunca veré a leonard cohen en vivo.
let me cry bitterly, because I'll never see leonard cohen live.
Time to channel some Leonard Cohen and make like a ladies man.
Total que ya me siento jodida, qué más da escuchar a Leonard Cohen cantando halleluyah.
Bottom line, I feel fucked up now, what does it matter if I'm listening to Leonard Cohen singing Hallelujah.
Huh! Who knew that the Leonard Cohen-posed question of "Did you ever go clear?" is a reference to Scientology? He's one clever fucker.
me & my dad, jack palmer, covering leonard cohen @newportfolkfest, photo by neilhimself side of stage.…
@amandapalmer You had me at Leonard Cohen. @Newportfolkfest
Everyone's a critic.
a better way for amanda palmer to channel leonard cohen would be by taking the buddhist vow of silence
amandapalmer Leonard Cohen meshes well with you. He probably meshes well with us all, to be fair.
(edited to add: A bit of research reveals that the song they covered was One of Us Cannot Be Wrong. Here are Amanda Palmer and her dad Jack Palmer singing it back in 2009.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:39 am

Cuando sea viejo quiero ser Leonard Cohen
When I'm old I want to be Leonard Cohen
totally discovering Leonard Cohen, not sure how I missed him all these years...
"If you don't become the ocean, you'll be seasick everyday." Leonard Cohen. Que bárbaro, que inteligente ese muchacho.
"If you don't become the ocean, you'll be seasick everyday." Leonard Cohen. How awesome, how intelligent that guy is. … I've been watching it over n over again. So so excited that dear L Cohen decided to take the first step to China !
I'm sure you're very happily settled down so it won't happen to you:) Leonard Cohen is ace even when you're happy!
Time to get drunk and listen to Leonard Cohen in a dark room
Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is hard. So so hard. Crooning at its max.
#leonardcohen is such a g. i've been waking up to this song everyday this year... perfect song for gloomy indoorsy weather #montrealer #gloomy #80s #introvert #poetry #everybodyknows
lol little toddler rocking out dancing to Leonard Cohen
Hasta #Pey se rinde ante el reto de buscarme una mujer a la que le guste Leonard Cohen. Si es que...
Even #Pey gives up when faced with the challenge of looking for a woman for me who likes Leonard Cohen. If it's that...
Cuando la iglesia diga que te vas a ir al infierno, imagina entonces que Leonard Cohen tocará los primeros acordes de bienvenida.
When the church tells you that you're going to go to hell, then imagine that Leonard Cohen will play the first chords of welcome.
Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah is for eternity. - perfectly performed
Also, the place where we did karaoke tonight had ten Leonard Cohen songs in their collection. TEN! So good. #makingupforlosttime
a buddy comedy starring leonard cohen & tom waits.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:54 am

Why is "No, I'm just going to sit here and listen to Leonard Cohen and cry" not an acceptable answer to the question "Ready for bed?"
Leonard Cohen's songs are PERFECT for Rainy Days and Sleepless Nights.
Hoy toca tarde de pelis de saw y mantita. Que tarde más dominguera.
Today it's time for an afternoon of Saw movies and a blankie. What a Sunday afternoon.

la tarde dominguera es para ver pelis de amor, deprimirse y comer helado de chocolate... <3 #Concepto
Sunday afternoon is for watching romance movies, getting depressed and eating chocolate ice cream... <3 #Concepto

yo cambio el amor por las visceras y sangre, el helado por palomitas y eso de deprimirse intento aplazarlo siempre un día más.
I'll exchange the romance for blood and guts, the ice cream for popcorn and the getting depressed I'll always try to postpone for one more day.

entonces has de leer a bukowski y a leonard cohen y te correrás con sus poemas de amor sin depurar. Amor a pelo y crudo
then you have to read bukowski and leonard cohen and you'll get off on their unpurified love poems. Raw naked love.

tomo nota :3
I'll take note. :3
My housemate just asked if Leonard Cohen "Hallelujah" was written for Shrek and now I want to move out
Not many things go together better than coffee and Leonard Cohen
"The Big Boys' Book of Cataclysmic Despair"; high jinx and suicidal japes from Leonard Cohen, the late Ted Hughes and Zippy. #BargainBooks
After watching #themill I think I need cheering up a bit. Going to play my Leonard Cohen LPs in a cold dark room.
I have to be the only person in the world who's lazy Sunday consists of Leonard Cohen and NASCAR.
Thank you, as always, Leonard Cohen for inspiring me on a foggy Sunday. Your voice is like leather & velvet reproduced and oh your words!
BBC Radio 6 Music ‏
Which gigs have you been to in the last few months which have really blown you away? #Blog6Music

@BBC6Music Leonard Cohen at the O2. Aged 79 - 3 hr show and no slacking!
Leonard Cohen's voice is so sexual, it's frustrating.
Sexo es sexo.
Cuando Leonard Cohen suena de fondo, es hacer el amor.
Sex is sex.
When Leonard Cohen is playing in the background, it's making love.
I think it's possible to create a methodology of therapy that consists entirely of reading Leonard Cohen lyrics very slowly to clients.
I wonder what kind of gnarly conflict goes down when Leonard Cohen tribute albums get made over who gets to play Suzanne.
You can tell it's been an emotional year because all my recently used emojis are Leonard Cohen staring out various windows.
State of the cemetery man: listening to Leonard Cohen and now with 100% allergy to avocados.
My uncle just started talking about Leonard Cohen and I was like "his poetry is great and his musi- KURT COBAIN MENTIONED HIM IN A SONG!!"
Bueno que esté de moda Leonard Cohen.
Good that Leonard Cohen is in fashion.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:51 pm

Starting off with one for Jarkko:
Debbie Harry meinaa jäädä eläkkeelle. Miksi? Muija on vasta 68! #Blondie
Debbie Harry gonna retire. Why? This chick is only 68! # Blondie

Joo, Leonard Cohen on kai 80, Mick Jagger c.s.70, Mc Cartney, Daltrey, Charlie Watts ja paljon suomalaisia artistejakin!:))
Yeah, I guess Leonard Cohen is 80, Mick Jagger, CS70, Mc Cartney, Daltrey, Charlie Watts, and a lot of Finnish artists! :))

Jep! Ja Chuck Berrykin on jollain konstilla vielä elossa 86-vuotiaana.
Yep! And Chuck Berry is somehow still alive at the age of 86.

varsinkin blues ja jazz maailmassa on hurjasti hyvin vanhoja muusikkoja. Mä ihailen näitä tyyppejä
especially in the blues and jazz world there are plenty of very old musicians. I admire these guys!
y le dedicaba canciones de Leonard Cohen, que obviamente ella no entendía y no la culpo mi país esta bajo de cultura.
and he was dedicating Leonard Cohen songs to her, which obviously she didn't understand and I don't blame her, my country is low in culture.
Todays mood went from Macklemore to Leonard Cohen pretty damn fast : (
I do not think that word means what you think it means:
He's back. Leonard Cohen may not be everyone's thing, but reports of his last two Aus tours have been evangelical. He's back in November.
Leonard Cohen rifa con esa canción.
Leonard Cohen rules with that song.
Leonard Cohen was unreal.
Qué suerte que tenemos a Leonard Cohen como amigo, muchachos.
How lucky we are to have Leonard Cohen as a friend, boys.
i swear i'll cry when leonard cohen dies.
OMG Leonard Cohen is coming back to Sydney. Closest thing I'll have to a religious experience. Soooooo excited!
Shame on Leonard Cohen for making me cry this morning. Now he wants crack and anal sex.
Insisto: qué clara la tuvo Leonard Cohen cuando era monje budista y advirtió que toda la mierda que anidaba en el corazón del ser humano había empezado a filtrarse hacia los dominios de la realidad.
I insist: how clear-thinking Leonard Cohen was when he was a Buddhist monk and warned that all the shit that was hiding in the heart of human beings had begun to seep into the domains of reality.
I shouldn't really listen to Leonard Cohen while writing this tender.
Escuchar a este señor, #LeonardCohen, es en definitiva uno de esos verdaderos placeres.
Listening to this gentleman, #LeonardCohen, is definitively one of those true pleasures.
Uh oh I'm onto Leonard Cohen. Send help.
Domestic dispute about coolest man on planet. Bowie or Leonard Cohen? It's unanimous - @bjork !!!
Listening to Leonard Cohen and writing sad novel scenes. Why does it feel so damned good to cry when I write? #writing #LeonardCohen
What a great day to be in a cosy office listening to Leonard Cohen and working through a mountain of union casework. #happydays
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Jul 31, 2013 3:42 am

¿Quién tiene más clase, Nick Cave, Tom Waits o Johnny Cash?
Who has more class, Nick Cave, Tom Waits or Johnny Cash?

Yo creo que Nick Cave, Tom Waits siempre ha sido un poco más salvaje. Johnny Cash ya no juega porque ya se murió, aunque admito que era todo un lord.
I think Nick Cave, Tom Waits has always been a little wilder. Johnny Cash isn't in play any more because he died already.

uuuuuuuuuuuh y Leonard Cohen??
uuuuuuuuuuuh and Leonard Cohen??

Sir Leonard Cohen, a sus 78 años, es el ser humano con más clase vivo en este momento en este planeta.
Sir Leonard Cohen, at 78 years old, is the human being with the most class alive at this moment on this planet.
Es un gusto volver a enredarme con Leonard Cohen.
It's a pleasure to get tangled up with Leonard Cohen again.
pinche Leonard Cohen eres la pistola, mano... LA-PIS-TO-LA...
damn Leonard Cohen you are the bomb, bro... THE-B0-0-0MB...
I think Leonard Cohen put me into a fugue state.
"First we take Montreal, then we take Berlin." Yep, we're in Leonard Cohen territory. Smoked meat for lunch and something French for dins.
I was hoping he would do an Unconference lunch: The IT Industry as Described by Leonard Cohen Lyrics. No such luck.
...donde quedará la dimensión donde te dejan las voces de Leonard Cohen, Mercedes Sosa, Florence Welch, Frankie, Esperanza and counting
...where is the dimension where the voices of Leonard Cohen, Mercedes Sosa, Florence Welch, Frankie, Esperanza and counting leave you
i've run out of dr pepper my life official sucks right about now fires up leonard cohen mp3s
"First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin." -Leonard Cohen / two LA moms planning a carpool
Leonard Cohen at the dentist's office?
I want to fill out a government form just so I can list my religion as Leonard Cohen
In a traffic jam listening to Leonard Cohen. #mylifeinanutshell
Caller from Shirley area reported finding a small bird ‘tweeting’ a sad song, looking lost in their back garden.... is it yours?

@SolihullPolice No it's not, have you tried Leonard Cohen?
Omg my dad has changed his ringtone to Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen live in London. Owowo. Herontdekking. :)
Leonard Cohen live in London. Owowo Rediscovery. :)
would call it sir "Leonard Cohen" day! have missed his heavenly voice big time! such a pleasure such a relief
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:36 am

Si eliges parecerte a Leonard Cohen, los pantalones largos han de ser un compromiso también para el verano.
If you choose to resemble Leonard Cohen, you have to commit to long pants for the summer too.
A lot of good ones to choose from, but "Monster Mash" is probably my favorite Leonard Cohen song.
Every last Leonard Cohen song downloaded. Time for a month long intensive 'learning every word' course before his gig.
Few songs give me the chills like Leonard Cohen singing Hallelujah gives me the chills.
The god that is Leonard Cohen is playing at Pula amphitheatre (yes like a Roman one) this Friday.
Leonard Cohen's music sends me to another world completely. I just love him!
Listened to Leonard Cohen's song "Chelsea Hotel" before bed last night, sang it in my dreams and now been singing it all day! #art
Sighs. No, girls. Adele did not, for the last time, write Make you feel my love. It was Bob Dylan.Bob Dylan Bob Dylan Bob Dylan.Bob DYLAN.

and for the same cohort, Leonard Cohen wrote Alleluia
This is going to be another one of those days spent repeating the chorus of Leonard Cohen's 'Anthem' under my breath as a prayer, isn't it.
Glad it's sunny out now- iPod just switched to Leonard Cohen. If it'd still been rainy I might start drinking bourbon before noon. Bad idea.
Leonard Cohen might be a Zen Buddhist and all, but being instrumental in the romantic downfalls of so many people is surely vewwy bad karma.
The Legend himself Leonard Cohen is staying in the same hotel.
Hijo de puta leonard cohen sos mas jodido que picar cebolla
sonofabitch leonard cohen you're more fucked up than chopping onions
In the square we're sitting in in Montmartre: Older guitarist playing Leonard Cohen. Young artist drawing him with a pen and ink pot.
Having my locks washed and retwisted sitting under a dryer discussing Descartes and the merits of Leonard Cohen
Estoy bajando los tres primeros discos de Leonard Cohen porque dicen los que saben que Cohen no defrauda
I'm downloading the first three records of Leonard Cohen because the people who know say that Cohen does not disappoint.
(and how about paying for those downloads so as not to disappoint Cohen?)
It is nine o clock and I am in my bathing suit recording Leonard Cohen waiting to go to the beach
Just bought 2 Leonard Cohen tixs for my Dad's birthday. Now me, my bro and mother will wrestle it out for the spare #BringItOnBitches #Lycra
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by mnkyface » Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:56 am

A lot of good ones to choose from, but "Monster Mash" is probably my favorite Leonard Cohen song.
:lol: :lol:
"In this world of shallow, he is the abyss."~ YouTube commenter greg450318
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