Leonard Cohen positions on zionism/Israel

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Re: Leonard Cohen positions on zionism/Israel

Post by Einat » Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:07 pm

I've been reflecting on this subject on the last few days. I remember very well the posts and the attacks on Leonard here on the forum and on facebook from some people, before his performance took place. There was such a horrible rant going on , and he was given so much shit only for concidering a performance in Israel , like it was a crime to make his Israeli fans happy and see him live. He is dearly loved here , and I think he knew it . I dont think Israelis saw the option of a performance here as a political statement. But curiously many others did. Im reading through threads from that time and I realise I didnt even understand fully what was going on and all the negativity Leonard and his team had to deal with.
From my point of view,of an Israeli fan, I was so annoyed and overwhelemed with the crazy anti israeli propaganda that was posted on the forum (only by a few people I guess, but then it felt like there were so many), I decided to stop reading the message board.
Later on, I remember that at a certain point (about a week before the tickets were issued) someone I knew (not from the forum) told me he heard Leonard himself did not want to come and perform in Israel, and that actually he was the reason for delay of the concert . I believed it (how supid of me, I guesss).
At first I felt surprised but then I felt very guilty, because I was one of the more vocal fans who were making lots of noise and encouraging him to perform . I felt like perhaps, unknowingly, we were pressuring him to do something he didnt want to do. But later on things clarified more with statements from Leonard and his mamagment, and as I read on furthe now, I understand more and more how he really cared about Israel, and it is very very moving.very. Wish I understood it a bit better back then.
This is not an invitation for a political discussion. If someone wants to continue the thread with political statements, serve yourself, Im so out of here...this is just a short refelction of a thankful fan, who continues to be thankful. that is all.
Thanks for posting about this topic, Rachel.
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Re: Leonard Cohen positions on zionism/Israel

Post by rachterry » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:14 pm

Leonard Cohen was an ardent supporter of Israel, the Jewish people's spinal cord, rest assured. He tried reaching out to the Arabs of Ramala's offering to preform there but he was rejected, sadly.
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