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Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:47 am
by dce
Fontana wrote:Dean, thank you for your great efforts in reviewing the concerts here in Australia.
I have very much looked forward and enjoyed viewing each of your detailed reviews and photographs.
Thanks Fontana ... it's good to know that others are enjoying the concert reports and photos. They are my humble contributions back to the LC Fan community from which I've received so much over the years.
It is indeed unfortunate that the weather turned so chilly for the concert at Hanging Rock. I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would not rain, thankfully it didn't. :)
Actually, that's a good point ... had it rained it would have been really unpleasant. Particularly since the concert organisers had stipulated a mandatory ban on umbrellas. I had a fold-up rain poncho with me just in case, but it might have been difficult getting into the spirit of things if I were cold *and* wet :-)

Dean (from Adelaide)

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:26 am
by dce
Photos from Hanging Rock, Part 5 -- Leonard and the Band

Having Leonard and the band play a set during daylight was fantastic from the point of view of taking some good photos (particularly ones that don't look almost identical to dozens of others I've already taken).

Leonard comes on stage to thunderous applause from 15000+ Aussies:

Leonard and Bob:

Dino and Javier:

My trusty photographer companion and gf, Cathy (from Adelaide) started in Brisbane a collection of Black and White portraits of the individual performers. She wasn't at the Hanging Rock show, but thanks to favourable seating and nice lighting I was able to add a few to her set.

Leonard, Roscoe and Hattie ... a triangle of singers:

Neil Larsen ... looking like a real hep-cat:

Bob Metzger in classic Black & White:

These are BTW the last of my photos from the Hanging Rock show ... hope you enjoyed them :-)

Dean (from Adelaide)

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:29 am
by neo
dce wrote:but it might have been difficult getting into the spirit of things if I were cold *and* wet :-)
Having been to a show which was challenged by similar weather conditions, I had to :lol: about your statement, because that was exactly what I was thinking driving home from the St.Margarethen show.

Always a pleasure to read your reports. I'm curious reading in your final report of your Aus/Nz tour which concerts you did like best. I guess for the cold, you'll remember Hanging Rock best.
(It's interesting that St.Margarethen also was a "rock show". Roemersteinbruch = roman quarry. The UHT better avoid playing at places named after some stone! :D )

I also liked your portrait series of Joey.

And please keep reporting when you've spotted some coke sniffing!

Edit: :lol: Neil Larsen looks great!

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 1:10 pm
by sharon.e
Fantastic photos with great flavor!!
Thanks so much for sharing them!

Also, there sure seems to be something going on with UHTC men sporting all kinds of beards...
Things that happen when you're long on the road.. 8) 8)


Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:20 pm
by sturgess66 ... 04292.aspx
Cohen Concert Shivers
23 Nov, 2010 01:00 AM

Golden moment: Leonard Cohen charms the crowd.
Pictures: Matthew Furneaux

Musical treat: Paul Kelly

HANGING Rock was transformed into an outdoor stage as about 12,000 turned out for Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen's sellout concert on Saturday.

Cohen's inspiring brand of melancholy warmed the crowd that braced against a chill spring night.

In contrast with the brightly regaled audience, the singer-poet cut a dapper figure in grey as he opened the set with Dance Me to the End of Love.

The surrounding hills echoed to the soulful bass voice of Cohen, who shared his "golden voice" with the crowd.

"I was born with the gift of a golden voice," 76-year-old Cohen said. "Thanks so much friends. Thanks for inviting us to this sacred place. It's a great honour.

"I promise we'll give you everything we've got tonight."

He was supported by Australian singers Paul Kelly, Clare Bowditch and Dan Sultan.

A traffic jam was still inching into the car park as Kelly, who also supported Cohen last year, delighted the crowd with a string of favourites including Deeper Water, To Her Door and How to Make Gravy.

The concert fulfilled a long-time dream of Melbourne music promoter Michael Gudinski, who has permission from Macedon Ranges Council to hold a number of concerts there.

- John Mangan/The Age

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:41 am
by bridger15 ... en-hat-on/
Sues Bent
One Librarians view

Leave your Leonard Cohen hat on
November 23, 2010

Under a moonlit sky, with Hanging Rock illuminated in the background, Leonard Cohen held the thousands spellbound as he recited A thousand kisses deep.

It was a magical performance. He and his support band are a class act, with undoubtedly world-class talent. The obvious gap between their musical ability and those of the support acts of Paul Kelly and crew, Clare Bowditch, and Dan Sultan perhaps accounted for their apparent stilted performances. I expected much more from these great Australian talents, but their contributions were brief and lacking in enthusiasm. Leonard Cohen more than made up the shortfall, but I wonder at Paul Kelly. He is a seasoned performer and haled in this country as one of our greats. Was the mastery of Leonard Cohen and ensemble just so superior that it even made the likes of Paul Kelly feel inferior?

The day was perfect with no rain and the first warm day of the summer season. So it was hot standing in the queues waiting to get in and then as the day grew long the sun took its toll. You definitely needed a hat and the Leonard Cohen style was dominant. The break between Paul Kelly and Leonard Cohen hailed the opening of the gourmet picnic hampers and we were surrounded with tempting Master Chef creations. We had not been organised and so joined the queues again to buy hot samosa’s and ice creams.

Crowd behaviour is amusing to watch, don’t you think? There is a self-organising aspect but it only goes so far before chaos takes over. Maybe it can be defined using the Chaos Theory? So the guidelines stated that you were allowed to bring in a camp/deck chair, food, only sealed bottles of water, no glass, no umbrellas, no alcohol but it would be for sale in the venue, and no SLR cameras. And these rules were made to be broken it seemed, or perhaps many just didn’t read the guidelines on the website.

So of course there were SLR cameras about, and glass brought in, and I saw an umbrella. So people choose and stake their spot on the grassy hill and then place their chairs, rugs, eskies, etc. Then as the crowd grows and more people come in, what was a somewhat organised pattern of rows now gets crowded in as other people squeeze in between the generous territories already staked. Then there is the problem with the chairs. Seasoned Port Fairy Folk Festival people will try to exert their traditional PFFF rules relating to low chairs (folkie chairs) and the higher camp chairs. They will shoo anyone away who dares try to set up their higher chair in front of them. And will also try to wave people to sit from 3 or 4 rows back so that they get an uninterrupted view of the tiny ant-size humans on the stage far down at the bottom of the paddock. Thank goodness for big screen technology.

At full capacity the crowd had no sensible traffic flow in and out of any “spot”, or any way to identify this spot when returning from buying food or alcohol or a lengthy trip to the toilet queues. The coffee queues were just plain silly. It became amusing entertainment seeing people navigating the crowded mishmash of the audience, and not being able to find their way back. They would stand with the sun in their eyes lost and forlorn, often holding bottles of wine and beer, talking on their phone to their mates in some attempt to find their spot. You couldn’t even identify groups by their hats because most were like Leonard Cohen’s hat.

Leonard Cohen made it all worthwhile. He was generous with his time and attitude and gave us everything. His backing singers, the Webb sisters, have voices like angels and contrast perfectly with his ruff croon. His guitarist, Javier Mas, is a master in his own right and one guitar solo in particular provided another spellbinding performance. It is a fine lesson in how to tame a fidgety uncomfortable bunch of people and quieten and hold them still and focussed for a few precious minutes.

By the end of the night I was shivering and waiting for Leonard to finish so I could go home. We made a dash for it and crowded into Phil’s blue Landrover that stood out in the car-park amid the more popular styles of car. It was a special and unique experience that I am glad I had despite my dislike of crowds of people.

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:52 am
by sturgess66
A bit of video - not sure if that security person was trying to shut this down but it made it through the blackout. :lol:

Uploaded by "theRok68"- Thanks!

"The Future"

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:02 pm
by sturgess66
Hey lookit!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Uploaded by "brendanobrien69" - Thanks!!!!!

I'm Your Man" - good video -a scarfed and growly Leonard has a case of the "stomps" or something around 2:25 - right after Roscoe's "pleeeeeeese" (and actually before too) - maybe keeping warm :lol:

"Everybody Knows"

Good video and Brendan says he has a few - and apologizes for the shaking! Looks great to me.

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:14 am
by Cheshire gal
Congratulations to BrendenObrien69,

That is one of the best videos I have ever seen of Everybody knows. Great panoramic view. Beautiful. More... More.. :D

a tale of the day I found myself in heaven...

Posted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:13 am
by brendanobrien69
When Leonard Cohen toured Australia last year my wife informed me we couldn't afford a ticket for me to go. This kind of hurt at first, but there've been plenty of concerts over the years that I've never gotten to, so I accepted it as one of those again. It was only after hearing from others I knew who did go that the pain grew to more enormous proportions. When the Live in London DVD/CD was released, which became a favourite rather quickly, I had grave fears that the pain and remorse I felt at missing something so magical might be terminal.

My wife asked me to leave earlier this year, and not long after that was the announcement that Leonard would tour again. No F------ Way would I miss it this time! I bought a ticket to the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, and made arrangements with work commitments to allow me to go.

On a cold and rainy night in beautiful Melbourne, I was glad that it was at a roofed venue, and I had a magical and marvellous night, just like I thought I would. I actually recorded the show digitally on my digital audio recorder, and only missed the first segment of the show, as I was operating on batteries and they ran out before I could change them, thus not saving the file on completion. I don't mean to tease, but they haven't been split and divided yet, but I promise to put links up when I get around to it.

Rewinding a bit now, it was some weeks earlier than the Rod Laver Arena show that the announcement of Hanging Rock was made. I ummed and ahhed about buying another ticket for all of about...ummm...2 seconds, and made sure the day the tickets were released I got one. I decided to treat myself and bought a B-Reserve ticket, which on the day I found meant that I was about 60 metres from the stage, and in a great position.

2 days before the concert, variety store Target started a sale leading up to Christmas, and I bought a new digital camera for a great price, and the deal included a 4GB SD card as well! 15x optical zoom got me excited, and I knew it would be a big day coming up at "The Rock".

The day itself was beautiful weather, and I was feeling the heat both outside the gates and once I got inside. I listened intently to the first two supports, but was more seriously awaiting Paul Kelly, one of my favourite artists. When Paul Kelly came on stage many people flocked down to the front of the stage in the centre aisle and created a crowd scene there, all taking photos. I also went down there, got a couple of nice shots, then returned to my seat. While sitting back in my B-Reserve seat I saw the security people moving everyone away from there, probably mainly because of safety concerns, but I thought it was also fair for the A-Reserve seat-holders so they had nobody blocking the view they paid dearly for.

Then it occurred to me: Not all the A-Reserve ticket-holders were there yet! I could walk back down there, find an empty seat, and click away to my heart's content until the seat-holder arrived, and then just come back to my seat.

The end seat on the centre aisle of row E (that's FIVE rows from the stage!) was empty, so I sat down. Within about 3 or 4 minutes a young fella walked up, looked down at me, and stepped in front of me and sat on the second seat next to me, which was also empty. I asked him was the seat I was sitting in his. He smiled, and said (drumroll for effect), "IT'S OKAY, BECAUSE MY FRIEND IS ILL AND COULDN'T COME." After I picked my jaw off the ground I asked him if he minded if I stayed there and he said it was a free seat, so sure.

I started to float with my good fortune. I felt like one of those people who gets upgraded from economy to first class on a plane simply because there has been a free seat! I collected my esky and my bag from my B seat, and joined him back in row E of A-Reserve!

It occurred to me that my new camera took video, and so I took a couple of Paul's songs on video and they seemed to turn out okay, and excitedly looked forward to Leonard coming on.

With all of the other descriptive reports of the concert, I won't go into it, needless to say I seriously felt like I was in heaven. As the sun went down and it got rather freezing, taking photos or filming was not easy, but by the end of the show I'd taken a stack of photos and 7 videos, including one where I kept it going for two songs, much to the consternation and agony of my arms as I held the camera aloft and as still as possible for many more minutes than my arms wanted to.

I promised Caesar (the guy who let me sit there) that I'd send him photos and video from the show in thanks for his generosity. I took his details down in my phone (he's an IT intern working at a hospital in Melbourne) and looked forward to further contact, as he was truly a genuinely excellent bloke. When I got home his details were nowhere to be found in my phone! I'm writing this now because I'm hoping somehow Caesar will read this and get in touch with me, or if anybody knows him, please let him know so that I can fulfill my promise.

My end note is that I didn't know about this community until I got an email from someone who saw the first couple of videos I posted, and messaged me. I had a look at the post sturgess66 put up, and realised that maybe I should upload all of them. I also wanted to join this community, so I thought it best I use my youtube name so there is no confusion. The videos are high-definition, so most are taking between two and three hours to convert and upload to Youtube, so I'll get them done when I have the time. But for now I've just added a third to this link:

It's Suzanne. I hope you enjoy it.

And please let Caesar know if anybody out there knows him.


Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:21 am
by Cheshire gal
This a great story brendan. What luck and welcome to the forum. :D You will have a lot fun exploring all the past posts.
Looking forward to more videos from you.

Thank you
Cheshire gal

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:53 pm
by brendanobrien69
This is the link to The Darkness

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:17 pm
by sturgess66
Hi Brendan O'Brien! What a great story you have told. I'm glad that the "um and ah" lasted only about 2 seconds regarding Hanging Rock and so happy for you that you were able to go to two of Leonard's shows! I seriously think that you might have been in heaven. :D :D And we are lucky recipients of your fortune as well, with your sharing of your videos. They are most welcome especially in light of the fact that we have had very little video from this leg of Leonard's tour. Not to mention the fact that they are excellent videos - and I thank Target for having that early Christmas sale and happy that you were able to take advantage. :lol: :lol: And I know about that "consternation and agony" of the aching arms coupled with the determination to capture the moment. You wonder if you will ever be able to move your arms again!! :lol: :lol:

I see you have uploaded "The Darkness" and I think this is the first video I have seen of any of Leonard's new songs from all the performances in New Zealand and Australia. I have just watched it - a terrific video Such a wonderful new song with fabulous arrangements - I'm loving the solos by Bob, Neil and Dino - and there is a very smiling Leonard at the end! :)

When I read your description after you uploaded your first video (I'm Your Man") - and your apology for the shaky video - and your mention of having a few more - I thought you sounded very self-affacing/modest - and then when more didn't appear right away (like immediately :lol: :lol: ), I feared that you might think they were not worthy of uploading - or you were not aware of the interest that others had. So I took the liberty via YouTube of contacting you to let you know - and express appreciation. :D But I'm glad I did and it's nice to see you here. You will find a haven here at the forum - a sanctuary for all things "Leonard Cohen" - and more.

I'm putting links here of all your videos (so far :lol: :D 8) ) just to have them altogether. And I'm looking forward to seeing anything else you might have - when you get around to it. Thank you!!

~ Linda

p.s. I hope you are able to make contact with "Caesar." Very cool of him to be so congenial towards you about the empty seat! 8)

I'm Your Man"

"Everybody Knows"


"The Darkness"

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:40 pm
by Susy
Hey Brendan O` Brien 69
welcome to the forum... and thanks for your great story of Hanging Rock ,
and many more thanks for " The Darkness " video , :D
I love that song since I`ve heard the very first time in Venice ( August 3th. 2009 )
rehearsal in the afternoon !
ps. can`t wait to see some of your photos !
Greetings from Switzerland ... Susanne

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Hanging Rock, Australia, November 20, 2010

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:05 am
by brendanobrien69
Linda (sturgess66),
I see you have uploaded "The Darkness" and I think this is the first video I have seen of any of Leonard's new songs from all the performances in New Zealand and Australia.
From memory of the two shows I saw, I have a feeling that this may have been the only song I didn't recognise (though I could be wrong), so maybe he is not playing many "new" songs in the Pacific region of his tour? As mentioned, I have audio files from the Melbourne show I got to, but it is very time-consuming to process them, and right now my days are full full full, so time is of the essence. shit shit shit!


And last night I saw three different performers at two separate gigs, and took my camera to both, and recorded video of all, which I'm hoping to upload to youtube so that people may get a taste of some other wonderful Aussie music too (and don't worry, because I'm pretty sure I won't post links here, as it won't be appropriate). The last thing I want to do at the moment is spend more time in front of the computer, and I'm reckoning now that I've become a bit of a youtube addict, something I never wanted to be!