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Re: CONCERT REPORTS: Sligo, Ireland, July 31 & August 1, 201

Posted: Thu May 31, 2012 6:56 pm
by sue7
I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but it sounds as though sturgess is being accused of "selective quotation."

If you check real-alan's post on the topic, you'll see that he quotes what appears to be basically the same article as sturgess, but he does not give a source or a link. I haven't seen Tony's link or quote. This, by the way, is the same article, quoted in full by Linda, that came up on my google alert, which is an article from the Irish Independent newspaper. "Local" these days doesn't always give the same advantage it used to, unless one has access to the kind of information that is not freely available on the internet.
What Linda did was to basically copy the article and a couple of comments (perhaps the comments that came up on the first page of comments, or perhaps they were the only comments that were there when she posted the article, which was soon after it appeared online). Perhaps Tony picked up the article later, or perhaps he just went further in copying the comments.
Tipperary Ann, forgive me if I'm misreading your comment, but you seem to be implying that Linda has a "position" on who is in the wrong on the Lissadell dispute. Of course, I can't answer for her, but if you look at many of her posts, she often shares relevant articles of interest on the forum, and I'll bet that that is what she did here. Personally, I find her contributions to be helpful, along with those of many other people on the forum.
I understand that the Lissadell situation must be very upsetting to people who are close to it, for a number of reasons... but I don't see that that's a reason to impute animus to a forum member who is simply posting an article. Again, forgive me if I am misreading your post.

I hope that the forum continues to be a place where we all feel we are free to contribute items, articles, thoughts, feelings of interest or importance to us.

Re: CONCERT REPORTS: Sligo, Ireland, July 31 & August 1, 201

Posted: Thu May 31, 2012 8:07 pm
by sturgess66
TipperaryAnn wrote:
Mabeanie1 wrote:This story has already been reported by real-alan, who is local to Lissadell, here: viewtopic.php?f=58&t=31759&start=60

Exactly, Wendy, and it's worth looking up real-alan's ( local knowledge is always an advantage!) or Tony's link (which includes all the original comments ) to get an UNBIASSED view of this complex dispute - the 2 comments quoted by Sturgess66 are only 2 of many differing opinions - talk about selective quotation!!!
This sordid dispute has been covered here in detail in the past and is BY NO MEANS a black and white situation.

Anyway, as regards LC, it is now academic - such is the bitterness of this dispute that unless he (and the rest of us!) live to be a hundred or more we are are unlikely to see him perform at Lissadell again.
This is becoming ridiculous isn’t it?–
Well – actually – it already was

Thank you Sue7 for your comments.

Yes - do have a look at where real-alan posted the article – here -- viewtopic.php?f=58&t=31759&start=60#p307807
And from what I see - he does not provide anything "local" - but if he would like to - I would be glad to read it. I believe he merely suggests his disappointment about no show in Sligo
Also – he copies the article – but does not provide a link.
And this is in no way meant as criticism on my part as to what or how real-alan posted.

And Sue7 is correct -
The suggestion that "Sturgess66" (that would be me) posted "selective quotation" is "assuming" (incorrectly), and absurd, and just plain wrong!
There were only 2 comments to the article at the time I accessed the link and then posted!
No "selection" was involved – and don’t tend to do that when I post media

Were I to single out a comment and then post it – it would be because I wanted to say something about that particular comment –
and have done no such thing in this instance.

Also - I usually don't bother posting comments to an article - but thought I would in this case - as an indication that there were comments - with the thought that those who might be interested in reading further - would be aware that there were ongoing comments - and would be encouraged to actually click on the live link, rather than just reading the article that I copied. And - I did provide the link.

As well – with reference to “Tony’s link” providing all the original comments – “sturgess66” provided the same link at the top of her post – and then copied the article.

Looking at the thread where Tony posted the link - viewtopic.php?f=5&t=30929&start=105#p307820
I do not see that Tony “includes all the comments” thereby providing an “UNBIASSED view”? He does not post any comments.
He merely posts a link to the article – just as did “sturgess66”
As well – I really see no discussion in that thread – local or otherwise – about the comments to the article
And – again – this is in no way meant as criticism on my part as to what or how Tony posted.

Also – I just clicked on the link to the article – and now what I am seeing is that there are NO COMMENTS there – at all?
Maybe the discussion became too heated and the comment feature was disabled? I have no idea. When I posted the article - the comments were visible under the article. It could be that comments are still accessible and that I am not seeing how to access? – or you have to log in? – or whatever ... (I am not going to investigate further)
But at least the link does now seem to be working (the last time I tried to access the link, it was not working - as I stated in my previous post).

No - I am not "local" to Sligo - I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
I'm still interested though – I think we all are? In all local situations - no matter where Leonard travels all around the globe.
And - three cheers for the the internet - the Worldwide Web!

An aside - or a "local" comment from me -
It is beautiful here today in Philly – blue skies, a few wispy clouds – sunny and cool
A lovely Spring day!

Re: CONCERT REPORTS: Sligo, Ireland, July 31 & August 1, 201

Posted: Thu May 31, 2012 9:03 pm
by Mabeanie1
Goodness, what have I started?? I get a bit fed up seeing the same thing posted by different people in different places but I certainly didn't intend for all of this to happen.

I already apologised to Linda for commenting on the "wrong" duplicate report (now buried on the previous page) so TipperaryAnn quoted me totally out of context. I dissociate myself from anything that's happened subsequent to my apology.


Re: CONCERT REPORTS: Sligo, Ireland, July 31 & August 1, 201

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:27 am
by TipperaryAnn
sturgess66 wrote: There were only 2 comments to the article at the time I accessed the link and then posted!
No "selection" was involved – and don’t tend to do that when I post media
I see I owe you an apology. Let me explain:

I had seen that article 3 times before I happened on yours. I had read it on the Independent site, seen Tony Crosbie's link to it, and realalan's copy of it. At that time the article was followed by a lively and yes, heated debate in which different views were given full expression - I could quote some of the more colourful ones from memory, but I'd better not!

I was surprised then to see just 2 comments after the article in your post. ( Especially because, as you say, you don't usually include any comments) They were not, as far as I can remember, the first two comments or even 2 consecutive comments, so it certainly seemed as if you had selected two,( presumably because you agreed with them) but I should not have jumped to that conclusion and for that I apologise.

As you say, all the comments seem to have vanished now - I hadn't realised that newspaper sites were such slippery and changeable things - I saw lots of comments, you saw two, now there are none!

Perhaps I over reacted because it reminded me of the forum discussion of this topic two years ago ; so many posts then expressed a simplistic and black-and-white view of what is a complex dispute, mainly affecting the people who actually live in the area. Of course we are all interested, but they know most about it!

Re: CONCERT REPORTS: Sligo, Ireland, July 31 & August 1, 201

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:55 am
by TipperaryAnn
Mabeanie1 wrote: TipperaryAnn quoted me totally out of context.

Wendy, I was responding to your first post, and had submitted my comment before I read your later one.

I must admit my first thought was why would you bother pointing out that the article had appeared elsewhere, as that happens all the time now - what one person pounces on as a great find has already been read several times by someone else!

But then my second thought was - well, yes, you have a point - the local person is naturally the one you would most associate with this topic. Trying to work out who posted first gets a bit complicated, especially with different time zones!

Re: CONCERT REPORTS: Sligo, Ireland, July 31 & August 1, 201

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:18 am
by burningviolin
Have I really just read through 2 pages of 'who said what' and 'what, in fact they actually meant' and a member having to justify why they posted something that was of relevance to the topic of this forum for others to see? :oops: :roll:

Re: CONCERT REPORTS: Sligo, July 31 & August 1, 2010

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:09 pm
by Nellynolan

re all the fush about people leaving during songs
That is normal in concerts, provided the person or persons are considerate to those sitting then there are no problems, most polite people would leave at the end of a song and comeback before the start of another song. The ques for toilets were poor so people would have being inclined to run for the toilets during the show, as otherwise they could be queing for a long time. I was in block b and luckily for me, most were considerate and moved in between songs, my wife left for a toilet break in between songs, this idea that we should all site down like school kids is a bit of a joke. The problem people are all the drinkers who go to these concerts and drink and don't give a damn about the rest. To be honest nothing can be done on that. I had a few people behind me who were chatting at various times and another was tapping his legs,out of synch to the songs, which drove me bonkers, but you can't really say anything as it would cause offence, as they were just enjoying themselves.
Non of this took away from a great concert, great location and even the dreadful organisation of busses and taxi's after didn't affect my opinion on the concert

As a new member of this forum I'm enjoying reading some of the old threads and I have to say this one worries me slightly. I too am constantly irritatated by the to-ing and fro-ing at concerts. I saw Tom Jones last month at an outdoor venue which was standing only. I spent the entire evening moving out of the way of people squeezing through the crowd holding at least two drinks aloft - I was lucky to avoid having a pint poured over me on more than one occasion. These people are inconsiderate but also unfortunate not to be able to just stay in one place and enjoy the music. There are however many people who even if their liquid intake is reduced still have little control over their output. More than one male friend of a certain age would struggle not to have a 'comfort break' as our American friends say. My own dear husband may very well find himself annoying people at the Dublin concert. If you happen to be seated close to us apologies in advance - he doesn't do it deliberately.

Re: CONCERT REPORTS: Sligo, Ireland, July 31 & August 1, 2010

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 12:00 pm
by Mikeaus
Rob Hallett, former President of AEG Live (who oversaw Leonard's world tour), described the Saturday night at Lissadell as "This night was one of the great nights of my professional life. As an experience, as a concert, as a happening, it was astounding"

Re: CONCERT REPORTS: Sligo, Ireland, July 31 & August 1, 2010

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:44 am
by Mikeaus
The Webb sisters talk about Leonard and the Lissadell concerts. ... h-22775358

Re: CONCERT REPORTS: Sligo, Ireland, July 31 & August 1, 2010

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 5:50 am
by Mikeaus
“People talk about magic at shows, and it’s an indefinable thing, but those nights in Lissadell had an aura about them that I’ve never experienced before and will likely never experience again. It was the spirit of W.B. Yeats engaging with the spirit of Leonard Cohen, as literally a hundred metres away, the Atlantic waves pounded away. It was the biggest seating-rig ever assembled in Ireland, and we had all four seasons in one day, so there were huge challenges that had to be overcome” ... o-22760557