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Post by Frank_Langy_Tiwi » Sun Sep 20, 2020 4:37 am

The meaning of this song probably needs to be experienced rather than analysed. My understanding of it is limited and could well be wrong, but for what it's worth here's a couple of inklings that may resonate with some.

1. 'The light came through', 'In streams of light I clearly saw', 'in the sunlight': It seems to me that the light is the love - not so much a romantic love (although that may be encompassed), but that universal, blissful state where we sense that we are somehow 'all one', that we are in a way deeply connected to everyone and everything.

2. 'Through the window', 'inside my little room', 'came back from where I'd been, my room, it looked the same': His room may be referring to his existence in this world, a small circle, as compared to where he'd been, the spiritual sense of being in a unified state powered by universal love, beyond all circles.

3. 'The dust the Nameless makes to speak a Name for one like me' (wording from the original version), 'the flecks did float and dance, and I was tumbled up with them in formless circumstance', 'there was nothing left between the Nameless and the Name': This could be interpreted as the Nameless being God, or what we sort of realise we are (ie as part of that total unified 'thing') when we let go of our sense of individuality. Then the Name would be our attachment to that individuality. The dust could (possibly!) be what makes up the material world, being under the spell of the sunlight, and being there for us to play with.

4. 'Love went on and on, until it reached an open door, then Love itself was gone': This could be seen as love disappearing into itself. Indicating universal love, fully connected with everything and everyone, past and present.

Love to hear what others get from this song.
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