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Zaragoza - September 15

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:20 pm
by Mabeanie1
Did anyone go to this show?

It seems that both Zaragoza and Valencia (September 18) are rather "secret" shows - possibly because they were confirmed late (though the details were printed in the souvenir programme for the summer tour) and we didn't get a fans pre-sale.

All the reserved seats are sold for Valencia and yet I seem to be the only one going to it????

I have a spare ticket for sale in the 5th row centre if you would like to join me!


CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza, September 15

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:46 pm
by I'm your fan
Hello to everyone,
I'd like to write about the concert from Zaragoza on the 15th of September, because I can see nobody has written about that. I am from Zaragoza and I am goingo to do so.
I don't know how to do it, so what I am going to do is write down the songlist that was played during the concert (I wrote it down in notes in my mobile phone).
I only wrote down the songs played in the first part, but I will try to remember the rest of the set! -if ony to make things clear. At the end you can ask me: "Did you ever go clear?" ;-)
Here it goes: goes like this... :razz: -

First part:

1-Dance me to the end of love
2-There ain't no cure for love
3-Bird on the wire
4-Everybody knows
5-In my secret life
6-Boogie Street
7-Who by fire [With a great instrumental introduction of Spanish guitarist Javier Mas]
8-That's no way to say goodbye
9-Lover, lover, lover
10-Waiting for the miracle

Second part:

Well, as I've stated before, I only wrote down the setlist for the first part; I have to rely on my memory to remember the songs of the second part and "If I got to remember that's a fine memory" ;-)
The second part started with Tower of song, followed by Suzanne, and Sisters of Mercy.
There was also The Gypsy's wife, Hallellujah, That's no way to say goodbye... and at the end, If it be your will, Closing time, I tried to leave you... Famous blue raincoat was also one of the last songs.

Here are comments of the concert (in Spanish) from the Spanish newspapers: ... kid=524713 ... toico.html
Here is the second link translated in English by Google Translation: ... n%26sa%3DG
I'm sorry for the for the translation, but I can't make it myself! What happens is that I must go now. I will try to translate in the next 24-hours, in the weekend, or at least I'll came back here and I'll try to make a resumé.
The thing is nobody had written about the concert in Zaragoza and that's just what I've done! I am from Zaragoza myself.
And it was a great concert that will be remembered. One of the best concerts of the last years in Zaragoza. I doubt very much it will occur again here, unless Leonard will go again on a world tour on the next years, if he would still had a long way to go..

Alfonso Ansó Rojo

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza (September 15)

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:36 pm
by tomsakic
Thank you, Alfonso! :)

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza, September 15

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:59 am
by sturgess66
Here is one translation - from - ... toico.html


Leonard Cohen played in Hall last night Prince Felipe de Zaragoza before about 3,000 people, who enjoyed a bouquet made up of some of the most memorable compositions by Canadian artist
LC-Zaragota.jpg (67.51 KiB) Viewed 10010 times
Leonard Cohen, yesterday during his recital at the Principe Felipe de Zaragoza .. oliver duch

None of teenagers on the verge of fainting or fans camped in front of the Prince Philip Hall. And not because the artist did not deserve it, but simply because the audience is Leonard Cohen's people who come to his concerts with calm, willing to listen reverently paying attention instead of wasting and screaming frenzy.

And that, although most of the audience comfortably exceeded the Canadian average quarantine yesterday, young and not missing the Zaragoza José Antonio Roca, 26, who admitted being a follower of Cohen "for about 3 years since Benicàssim came to the festival, but I began to hear much before, especially my father. "

From behind came the devotion of Julian Zaragoza Chancellor-resident but his accent betrayed a clear choice-British origin, who at 52 years claimed that Cohen is "a myth and a great poet" whose voice was to serve last night to " relive his lost youth. And he added humor to see the Canadian singing for 3 hours at 75 "as quiet but with so much enthusiasm, gives us hope for the future."

Boards came to the pavilion and Ana Lola Aventín Masetti (Cohen stating that he remembers "a little bit Bogart"), 48 and 46 years. Yesterday was the birthday of Lola and the concert was part of the celebration, although humorous explained that "the poor Cohen is in need of money and have come to have a decent pension," referring to rumors that the artist undertook this tour after this phase your advocate leaving no savings. "Songs that I like about him? There are so many!" Exclaimed the Zaragoza, and decided to choose 'So Long, Marianne "and" Dance Me to the End of Love' which was precisely what opened the concert last night.

Cohen took the stage with British punctuality, surrounded by six musicians and three girls for the chorus (two of which showed his agility by giving an unusual cartwheel over the interpretation of 'The Future'). The Canadian opened her recital literally at the feet of Javier Zaragoza But it fell to his knees before the guitarist at the beginning of the song. Cohen repeated the gesture several times more throughout the concert, which undoubtedly pleased the family of Aragon, who came in full to the action and even took a group photograph at the entrance. When asked Alicia's mother But if he attended only by his son or even a hobby to Cohen, nor thought: "For both of us!" He said resolutely. With her six brothers not only the instrument, but also several nephews and even his godmother, itself coming from Tudela.

Javier Mas had his moments of brilliance with various stringed instruments (including the very Aragonese mandolin and lute), none as beautiful as the starter with one of several minutes 'Who By Fire', with several outbreaks illuminating only to him and cutting her silhouette on the bottom (it won an anonymous Olé hand!). Very ovation was when Cohen began by Mas - "from the beautiful city of Zaragoza, said the presentation of his musicians.

By then it had sounded 'There Ain't No Cure For Love'-on a background of intense red light, 'Bird on The wire', the critically acclaimed 'Everybody Knows' (with Cohen displaying the quality of its gravity),' In My Secret Life '-one of the few moments where the audience dared to speak, tapping with the palm shy end of the song,' Lover, Lover, Lover ',' Waiting For The Miracle 'and' Anthem '.

But there was here to stay, as the Canadian portfolio was more than a dozen songs ready, as has been common throughout the tour, which began in 2008 and immortalized in a double DVD recorded live during one of his concerts in London and edited last year.

At the end of this tour, Cohen plans to record a new album, although, as Javier Mas said yesterday, "now or talk about it. Are 18-month tour will extend far enough and just think of the concerts."

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza, September 15

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:11 am
by I'm your fan
Thanks to Sturges666 for putting here the translation of the "Heraldo de Aragón" article.
As I promised yesterday, I'm putting here the translation of "El Periódico de Aragón" article of September 16:

Excuse me. See next post! I 've translated it and put it here, but without the photograph. Excuse me. Please see next post.

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza, September 15

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:14 am
by I'm your fan

Leonard Cohen dazzels Zaragoza whispering with his words

The three leading singers Leonard Cohen as a counterpoint to their chants of Jewish prophet, began to the tune of Dance me to the end of love and the whole audience was pending from the scene of Pabellón Príncipe Felipe [the name of the scenario], rocking in this melancholic song, with the tenor sax , the counter melody.

Cohen was a whisper yesterday, a reciter correct and existential well flanked by a team of soloists who got on stage blues, folk, country, soul, flamenco and jazz. If the temper bullfighter is to collect the momentum of the bull with a shorter way, that was yesterday's task Canadian caressing and enveloping.

The mandolin of Javier Mas put to the song The Future in the Mediterranean: "I've seen the future, brother, and it is murder." The great scene with blue lights was unfathomable.

A backflip from the Webb sisters did think about those tafishnks of expensive restaurants, where they are perceived slight movements: an antenna here, a clip there ... The musicians played mired in the strictest minimalism of gestures. And against the lights were like the shadows of the penitents of Bergman's "The Seventh Seal". Pure spirit.


Leonard Cohen began "Ain't no cure for love", kneeling, as a Buddhist monk and then lifted into the great hall in the dark with the song "Bird on the wire:" Like a bird on the wire / Like a drunk in a midnight choir / I tried my way to be free ...". What an epitaph. It was a long wail of the singer after being scaled by the sound of the seven-branched candelabrum, with metal Dino Balance at her side.

The singer took off his hat politely, with each soloist. It seemed a notary getting up suddenly from the head of the table and being made to sing as one would expect only a notary, courteous, consistent and correct, but with chilling lyrics: "And sometimes when the night is slow/The wretched and the meek/We gather up our hearts and go/A thousand kisses deep "(A thoussand kisses deep).

Spain sounded in the innards of this massive leatherback Javier Mas and his hat silhouette in the background was like the advertisement of Tio Pepe [The trademark of a brand of Sherry. The spotlight on Javier Mas maked a shadow that was like the form of the brand of "Tio Pepe Sherry": the silhouette of an Andalousian man wearing a waist coat and an Andalousian hat]. The bass, Roscoe Beak, marked rhythms and harmonica accompanied the profound Cohen. ... Hearing last night was like hearing the ocean, a wave, another, another ... with a sense of momentum at infinity.

Leonhard Cohen played on a Casio keyboard as the notary who planted a firm somewhat extravagant. Arriving Suzanne, soothing and sad, the show had gained height in the second half. The composer had lost the rights to her, but she claimed to hear her sing on a barge in the Caspian Sea.
Leonard Cohen with Javier Mas.jpg
Leonard Cohen with Javier Mas.jpg (12.38 KiB) Viewed 9948 times

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza, September 15

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:39 am
by tomsakic
Videos upped by adumasadumas:

Dance Me...
I'm Your Man:
Take This Waltz:
First We Take Manhattan:

All seems to be incomplete. But they're record of another excellent show.

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza, September 15

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:24 am
by sturgess66
I found some video on YouTube from "eldoctorcd" from this show -

Anthem -10+ minutes - the whole song

Leonard Talking

The Future - partial - but - wheeeeeeeeeeee!!! Excellent capture of Hattie and Charley doing cartwheels!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Dance Me To The End Of Love - entire performance - shows Leonard taking the stage at the beginning of the show

Thanks "eldoctorcd" !!

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza, September 15

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:38 am
by tomsakic
It's available on dime. One of the better recording, and excellent show. Javier in top form, and Leonard also.

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza, September 15

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:02 pm
by DrHGuy
eldoctorcd has now also uploaded:

Whither Thou Goest & Goodbye:

Javier Mas Solo:

First We Take Manhattan:

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza, September 15

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:23 pm
by sturgess66
DrHGuy wrote:eldoctorcd has now also uploaded:

Whither Thou Goest & Goodbye:

Javier Mas Solo:

First We Take Manhattan:

At 0.52 of "Whiter Thou Goest" Leonard welcomes the family of Javier Mas in the audience, and then he turns to the stage and welcomes the son of ____? playing the verse and says "it's a great privilege." Who? Does anyone know?

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza, September 15

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:25 am
by MaryB
sturgess66 wrote: and then he turns to the stage and welcomes the son of ____? playing the verse and says "it's a great privilege." Who? Does anyone know?
I have listened to it over and over, as I'm sure you have Linda, but still can't figure it out. But, it looks like Javier takes a second bow when it is said. Maybe someone out here has better ears or you will find another youtube link :razz: :D .

Warmest regards,

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza, September 15

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:35 am
by Mollydog
I believe Leonard says "the son of Zaragoza" (i.e. Javier).


Re: CONCERT REPORT: Zaragoza, September 15

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:51 am
by sturgess66
Mollydog wrote:I believe Leonard says "the son of Zaragoza" (i.e. Javier).

By jove, I think you got it! I think that is right Mary.