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CONCERT REPORT: Lisbon, July 30

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 4:36 am
by burningviolin
Just back from a really beautiful concert. I didn't think any concert could top Dublin but Lisbon was it! As usual the band were 'really happening' with beautiful solos and great interactions going on. The concert started a bit late so there were one or two things cut but that didn't diminish a great night (one little gripe, would've loved to hear Gypsy wife, but not to worry I guess thats what live DVD's are for).

His voice is really sounding excellent!! Really strong. He even did a little scat ad lib somewhere on one song, FWTM if I remember rightly. Could be wrong. Again, the sound in the venue was super super super! Its a big venue and there was an echo but that can't be helped, but there was plenty of volume and it was crystal clear. The technicians really are excellent.

A few highlights:
When LC sang the line in Ain't no cure for love...I'm aching for you baby...someone shouted out something which I think LC heard and it brought a smile to his face, was a nice moment! From there on in things just built to a big crescendo. LC really looked to be enjoying every minute of it. I even felt at the end he didn't really want to get off the stage!

Waiting for the Miracle was really intense, I love that song anyway but I think the live version is superb. Javier Mass solo at start of Who by Fire as usual was fab, love how he exposes the notes and then lands on that chord and jiggles his jowls!! He got a massive round of applause when he was introduced and a lot of people gave him a standing ovation...possibly the Spaniards in the audience?! :D 8)

He also commented that it was so nice to play in a city that was peaceful as he started Anthem.

The second half just took off, built to a great crescendo, can't think of anything that wasn't a highlight!!

During LC's solo on the keyboard for I'm Your Man he did a lovely little trill (alternates two notes really fast) at the end of it and he made himself smile with it...great!!...loved that!
After that it seems that everything was the best version of the songs I've ever heard...the Partisan, Boogie street, Halleluiah was amazing...
Boogie Street was really funky as well, very tight version of it. Sharon's voice is just meant for that song. (slight girly point here...boys and those of a macho nature do look away now, but I just noticed Sharon Robinsons make up tonight, it was really lovely on her.)

Ok boys you can look back now. More highlights:
People rushing to the front for the encores and I believe people were waltzing in the aisles to Take This Waltz!

Everyone standing up for FWTM so I finally got my wish to have a bit of a boogie to that song! (made all the more comfortable because I didn't manage to sell my extra ticket so had had extra room for swaying...!)

I'm your man was really funny and really cool. He was so in the groove!! The audience were also and we clapped along to the beat for at least half the song which seemed to fire LC up even more. I loved the change of words "wear a leather mask for you"...and of course "old mans" and an added "speak up now" towards the end. Plus on the chorus he sang Ah the moon...too tight...the chain...too bright...with out the 's' which created great emphasis I thought. He did a great job on that song.

Personally for me Suzanne struck me with a special reference especially the lines
"And you want to travel with him
You want to travel blind
And you think maybe you'll trust him
For he's touched your perfect body with his mind."

I think thats pretty much whats been going on in my life for the last few weeks (perfect body aside)as I've had a really great time travelling around following the tour from Liverpool, via Ireland to Lisboa.

The evening came to a lovely close with us being sent on our way with what I like to think of as the (Inter)National Anthem of the Order of the Unified Hearts and as IrishAl calls it 'a cuddle' that is Whither Thou Goest when he again thanked everyone sincerely. I offer my thanks to all involved also, it was another wonderful night, a realy tonic and as LC describled singing for the audience as 'a real treat' it was even more so to be in the audience. Thank you Unified Hearts Touring Company!!

It was also lovey to meet boirina and her friend before and after the concert. Thanks for dropping me safely to the door of my hostel ladies!!

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Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:14 am
by ladydi
Oh BV...what an awesome eyes are tearing but I'm also smiling! How fortunate you are to have been there, at this moment in time. I will re-read it all tomorrow but I felt I was with you throughout it all! Hope you're feeling better!

Take care...and thank you so much for making my evening even better than I thought it could be! :D

All the best,

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Lisbon, July 30th.

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:30 am
by MaryB
Afric, what a beautiful, detailed, funny review. It really is one of the best! Thank you!

Warmest regards,

My own, blurred, vision of the concert...

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:15 pm
by boirina
I don't think I had ever cried so much at a concert, or smiled. Actually I can't remember crying so much in any 12 hour period in my whole life. Today my eyes are swollen and my voice is gone completely.

As it turns out I lied twice on the day before the concert. When my husband called on Wednesday to tell me that ETA had planted a bomb in Burgos I told my friend that, being from Mallorca, I felt somehow safe because it was not likely that ETA did anything there, as it's difficult to get out of an island. Then, later on, we were talking about something else and I told her that I usually control my emotions and it's very difficult for me to cry.

Yesterday, as we were having lunch, my husband phoned again with the news of a car bomb in Palmanova, only a kilometre away from our home, in the barracks of the Guardia Civil. That's a new building, with apartments for them and their families. When I asked if there were any victims I was seeing faces in my mind, and I was thinking of names, because my first job ever was with the Guardia Civil, as a translator. Later on he phoned again to tell me that there would be a controlled explosion of a second car, this time in the actual offices where I had worked, and which are even closer to our apartment. As you can imagine, I spent the hours before the concert on the phone, trying to find out about the victims (I didn't know them, but still, they were so young that it hurts when I think of them), and about the general situation on the island.

When I got to the concert and "Dance me to the end of love" started I couldn't help the tears. They were the kind of tears inpired by beauty, extreme beauty and emotion. I was like that for most of the concert. And I was also smiling and singing and dancing. But, when he introduced "Anthem" and talked about all the violence and chaos in the world, and of how nice it was to be in a peaceful place I just couldn't help it, I broke down. So... if any of the musicians reads this and happened to notice the woman who was crying her eyes out in the second row while "Anthem" was playing... it had nothing to do with you, I was just going through a very difficult time of my own.

As for the concert... It was much better than the concert in Algés last year. It was such an intense experience I don't really have words now.

I'm just thinking that I might try to get tickets for Mallorca on the 12th of August, even if I can't really afford them. I'd like to go back there and smile a lot instead of being in tears most of the time.

Also, Leonard's last words "Be kind" had a special meaning last night. :)

One more thing...

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:17 pm
by boirina
When some couples started waltzing in the aisle I couldn't help thinking that it would have made Lorca happy to see it, so very happy...

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Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:33 pm
by lady_mcbeth
What a lovely and impressive concert from Mr. Cohen last night at Pav. Atlântico in Lisbon!
What a beautiful, miraculous night he gave us!
I am a fan for so long and yesterday was my first Leonard Cohen concert. I was blown away! It was so great!
And I don't mind telling you that a couple of tears run down my face while Mr. Cohen was singing Halleluya.
Thank you all. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen!
I wish all the best for Mr. Cohen and all his crew and may God bless you all.
Isabel aka Lady_Mcbeth

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Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:04 pm
by bridger15
Does anyone remember what Leonard's Blessings were - usually four - following, Whither Thou Goest?

I am trying to compile LC's "Priestly Blessings" from as many concerts as possible.
Thank you to those who have already responded in other threads with a written version and great youtube links.

And thanks in advance to all you lucky concert goers who were there.

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Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:50 pm
by icecreamtruck
You suggest that LC played Keyboard during "I'm Your Man"

When I saw LC Dino was playing the instrumental breaks. Has Leonard Begun to play it?

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Lisbon, July 30th.

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 12:02 am
by burningviolin
Icecreamtruck what beady eyes you of course I meant tower of song. It was late into the night when I wrote that report as an aid to sleep.

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Lisbon, July 30th.

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 2:34 am
by catswhiskers
Hi Everyone
Well,What a night!!
But firstly,to blue_bird,I have sent you a PM :) :)
Also it was wonderful to meet you and Magdasta.

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Lisbon, July 30th.

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 2:48 am
by catswhiskers
My review,not that I can add much to what's been said already.Yes,it was a brilliant concert.Leonard and band were certainly overcome by the warm welcome they received.He still has so much energy,skipping on and off the stage,obviously thoroughly
enjoying himself.Again he reminded me of that "Little Imp"--and so full of mischief!!
My highlights---
Magdasta leading the waltzing in the aisles,followed by so many other couples.That was magic.
The audience participation in "So long,Marianne"--much to Leonards delight.
Of course,Leonard himself---a man I greatly honour.Actually he could have just stood on the stage and said nothing--just being in the presence of this Great Man,i would have felt equally as humbled.
Finally,the fact that I didn't think he wanted the concert to end either--he could have gone on far into the night.

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Lisbon, July 30th.

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 2:55 am
by catswhiskers
Second part---
My disappointments--
No Chelsea Hotel or A thousand kisses deep.
To the lady,on my right,who cried all through " Famous Blue Raincoat"--I wanted to hug you,but you looked so lost in your own private meaning of this song,that I didn't want to intrude.But,I am sorry,if you did indeed need a hug.
Was the lighting a little strange?? I found it hard to focus--or maybe i just need spectacles???

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Lisbon, July 30th.

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:06 am
by catswhiskers
Now,I am sure,to the horror of everyone,I am going to say that last years concert at Alges,was.for me,the best EVER.
It was pure magic--the setting,on the banks of the river,under a star studded sky--nothing can be more magical and romantic.However,I must add, I was well and truly spoilt.I managed to get to the very front row--so close i could almost touch Leonard.I could see the sparkle in his eyes--every facial feature.Being where I was there was a certain intimacy--I felt he was singing just for me :D :D .Yes,I was spoilt,but that sparkle,that intimacy and magic,for me, was missing from Thursdays night show.The Alges concert was a moment I will never be able to recapture again---but something I shall never forget.

Re: CONCERT REPORT: Lisbon, July 30th.

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:13 am
by catswhiskers
Finally,thank you Leonard,for returning to Lisbon again.For sharing with us your words of wisdom,love.passion,pain and thoughts.For 3 hours you captured us,making us forget all the pain and suffering going on in the "real world".
I know I speak for many--Leonard,we love you,we always will--you are in our hearts forever.
Thank you.

Afterthought--What were those leaflets they were handing out,outside the concert? My Portuguese is virtually non existant--but something about boycotting Leonards trip to Israel??

CONCERT REPORT: Lisboa, July 30

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:18 am
by Moonlover7
Leonard Cohen better than ever!
What a come back! His performance in Pavilhao Atlantico in Lisbon 2 days ago was simply brilliant. He far exceeded all his recordings to date. He was at his very best singing, joking and dancing in and out of the stage. His band was fabulous. Seeing him live was an amazing and memorable experience that we all wish can be repeated. Lost count of the encores as the whole audience did the utmost to keep him. Warmest Congratulations Leonard Cohen! Please come back soon. We all wish you the very best :)