Re: Leonard at Sandalford ... or Bust!

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Re: Leonard at Sandalford ... or Bust!

Post by Greg Ross » Thu Feb 05, 2009 5:54 pm

For those of you interested in the art of sculpture, this evening (Thursday 5th) I picked up my copy of Robert Hitchcock’s “Cohen with Cap” sculpture and the bust is now proudly displayed on my piano. It is pure magic.

Now I realise, (after a previous posting), that it’s almost impossible to properly photograph (and do justice) to sculpture, but I’ve attached some photos for people to look at. The white cast stone image is in its raw state. I've included a picture of the bust on my piano, to give an idea of scale.

Rob’s coming in the coach with our group (he loves Cohen as well) and he’s come up with a special deal to celebrate Leonard serenading us all in the West. He’s produce a limited edition series of busts in either Cold Cast Bronze, or Cast Stone, at $1,250.00 each, (plus postage and packing if you need it) which in my opinion is a fantastic price – that’s why I’ve got one. Mine is in cold Cast Bronze, (Cast Stone is white). Some of them are of a younger Leonard, some with the cap and some with the Fedora.

He’s going to bring one out to the concert, so if you’d like to have a look and meet another 50 Leonard fans, you’re very welcome. We’re in Silver seating, but will be picnicking on the grass before the concert, from about 5.00pm. You’re welcome to give me a call on the mobile 0418 953 275 if you want share a red and friendship.

And if you want to order a bust, you can chat to Rob at the concert, or email him at:

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