CONCERT REPORT: London, RAH, November 17-18

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Re: London RAH, 17-18 November 2008

Post by Knickerless » Tue Nov 18, 2008 1:33 pm

yeah, thanks to leonard for an amazing evening. I too thought he was a little quiet first half, especially as my last encounter with the great man was back in manchester earlier this year where he had already introduced the band a dozen times before the first interval. However, as the show went on he began to acknowledge a few calls from the crowd (damn hippy in front of me would not shut up and then danced during FBR... who the fuck danced during FBR?!) & towards the end he walked side stage to accept some roses which he then 'danced' off back stage with.

Especially pleased to get raincoat, chelsea hotel & partisan though if im being picky my mother was holding out for sisters of mercy... still!

The lighting worked really well, i love looking up across the albert hall and seeing those big old spot lights coming down for the top tier and the quality of the visual on the screens was great (i would have happily married the dark haired of the two sisters a thousand times). I have to say, I was sat in the front stalls to the right of the stage and I would have still liked to have seen both the overall volume and the level on leonard's voice a little higher though I don't think it was out of sync with the rest of the tour.
The band have got better and better as the tour has gone on and tonight, once again, was the best i think i have seen them play.

Ice cream was great, french merlot was the best of the wines (£7.20 a glass) and the albert halls scent of moth balls remains.

So yeah, all in all another absolutely magnificent show.
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Re: London RAH, 17-18 November 2008

Post by Bela » Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:02 am

Wasn't it wonderful?! A quiet, respectful, yet very enthusiastic audience. When I realised no drinks were allowed in the auditorium, I knew it would be great. The RAH feels so intimate in comparison with that huge O2 warehouse. I loved every minute of it. I'm so glad my experience at the O2 (on 17 July) came first. I would have been so disappointed if it had been the other way around and I'd been expecting the O2 concert to be as enjoyable as the RAH one.
London O2 Arena 17 July (with binoculars)
London RAH 17 November (without binoculars)
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Re: London RAH, 17-18 November 2008

Post by John Etherington » Tue Nov 18, 2008 4:56 am

Excellent evening! Highlights for me were "Bird on the Wire", "Anthem", "Famous Blue Raincoat" (the latter two songs respectively with beautiful gold and blue lighting), "Take This Waltz", and "Democracy" which naturally met with loud cheers. Sharon Robinson's solo version of "Boogie Street" was powerful, and The Webb Sisters "If It Be Your Will" as stunning as ever. Earlier, the wonderful Webbs did synchronized cartwheels during one number. It was great to hear Leonard's spoken "A Thousand Kisses Deep" again and (the first time for me this tour) "The Partisan and "Chelsea Hotel". "Whither Thou Goest" was a perfect finish to the show.

At first, I thought Leonard might have a cold, or that he was conserving his voice, because he hardly said anything until the latter part of the first set. However, he said most of his now-familiar set-pieces later on (though he only introduced the band twice). I found that the show really gained momentum during the series of encores - especially "First We Take Manhattan". For all of Leonard's entries and exits, he skipped across the stage.

The audience were very respectful, and I can't thank Jarkko enough for making it possible to get such an excellent seat (I was three rows back, close to the right of the stage, in the stalls). Fortunately there were nice people either side of me.

It was a pleasure to meet so many good sequence - my astrologer friend Mike Harding, then for drinks before the show and in the interval, my dear friend Felicity Buirski. Inside there was Andy Barnes, Julia's mum and her husband Scott, the guy who remembered me from a Dylan show circa 1990, Sue Farebrother, Jarkko and Eija, and Gina and her friend. Later in Janet's bar, it was great to meet Hydriot, Catherine and her mother, Judy. Pity, I couldn't have stayed later, but last trains beckoned.

Love to all, John E
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CONCERT REPORT: London, RAH, November 17-18

Post by Midnight Choir » Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:33 am

Live from the RAH! Chelsea Hotel tonight. So much more intimate than the O2.
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