March 2019 Uncut Magazine

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March 2019 Uncut Magazine

Postby Maarten » Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:31 pm


I stumbled upon this cover of the March 2019 edition of Uncut Magazine... Looking forward to it!

2019-03-00 Uncut magazine.jpg

Edit: @Jarkko: can you add this cover to the Gallery of Magazine Covers, please? Thanks!
***Done now. I was waiting for a picture without the CD in the corner. Barneby sent now one! / Jarkko***

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Re: March 2019 Uncut Magazine

Postby Born With The Gift Of A G » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:32 pm

"Little lady.....I AM Kris Kristofferson....."
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Re: March 2019 Uncut Magazine

Postby John Etherington » Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:21 pm

I bought this today at Euston Station. It's well worth-buying, as there are thirteen pages of Leonard inside. The article features quotes by major people connected to Leonard regarding ten of his studio albums plus "Songs From the Road" (no "Songs from a Room", "Death of a Ladies Man" or "Popular Problems"). Those contributing include Jennifer Warnes, Anjani Thomas, John Lissauer, Roscoe Beck, Leanne Ungar, Hal Willner, Julie Christensen, Sharon Robinson, and the Webb Sisters. There are also lots of great pics, and more.

It comes with a free CD titled "Tower of Songs", which is not particulalyr Leonard related. However, I would urge everyone to check out the track "After All This Time" by Michael Chapman, from his new album "True North". This is a reworking of his song, featuring Bridget St John, Sarah Smout on cello, and B.J. Cole on pedal steel. This combo are touring in the U.K., this spring.
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Re: March 2019 Uncut Magazine

Postby WiTS » Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:06 am

Image ... ter-108908

PAT LEONARD [PRODUCER/CO-WRITER/PROGRAMMING]: He was getting really ill. The creative process was fairly normal up to a point, then it got to where he couldn’t do every day, maybe just a couple of days, and even those days were truncated. It got tough. Some days I’d come and all he could do was talk. That lyric, “You Want I Darker”, I certainly know where that came from – yet sometimes we would laugh ourselves sick about just about anything. There was a very light heart there. He said a couple of times how lucky he felt. I have recordings of things we did that were as real and raw as anything I’d ever heard. Live versions with Bill Bottrell playing guitar, me playing piano and bass, and Leonard singing. They were messy and noisy. By then, he wasn’t really playing guitar. We did a couple of things where he would play his ‘chop’. You know how musicians talk about having ‘chops’? He had that fingerpicking pattern that he did, and he called it his ‘chop’. He only had one!

ANJANI THOMAS: I remember Pat Leonard playing me this amazing track for “Treaty”. It was so beautiful, I cried when I heard it. Pat loved it, I loved it. I looked at Len and he said, “You know what, it’s too beautiful.” He said the music was too obviously moving, almost manipulative. Too emotional, too poignant. Too much! It was distracting him. He wanted to control it, he wanted some edge.

LEONARD: Ironically, that early version is the one that’s on the record. We used to talk about ‘Treaty: The Movie’, as I did no less than 25 versions of “Treaty”. There were some really interesting ones – the last one was so interesting, I think it pushed him back to the first one. In fact, his request for me to do a little string arrangement of it was an homage to how much effort went into the damn song. He said to me that ultimately it was about the line that he didn’t have. There were many variations of the chorus, and until he found what he wanted it to say, we just kept trying it.

SHARON ROBINSON [VOCALS]: He knew he was getting sick. It was a quiet time. We’d get together to talk about life and death. Leonard lost a lot of friends during that period – he was almost in a continuous state of mourning, but he was intent on putting out another record and book, as he knew his time was limited. He wanted me to be involved, so he gave me the lyric “On The Level”, and really liked what I wrote. I did the vocals in my own studio, but he played the whole record for me once it was finished, on his little boom box – which I think was the same boom box we worked with back in the ’80s!

LEONARD: At the end of the day, his son Adam finished it with him. There was some father/son stuff that I wasn’t about to get in the middle of. You could see that he couldn’t keep going much longer, it was just a matter of when something was going to happen. I don’t like the ‘tragic end’ thing, because it wasn’t. This was a beautiful man who died in his home with his children around him, and I guarantee the day he passed away he was working. He never stopped. No matter what, he worked. I know he was still looking for something else – looking for better. Leonard Cohen Chinese Fansite
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Re: March 2019 Uncut Magazine

Postby B4real » Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:23 am

Thank you WiTS,
That brought more than a tear to my eye! So bittersweet to read ....
The first song I was drawn to instantly on this last album was Treaty and it still is - it really is "too beautiful" and that includes String Reprise/Treaty. I keep saying that we will indeed hear at least one more version of this song - maybe it’s that last one spoken about :)
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Re: March 2019 Uncut Magazine

Postby Mary72 » Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:35 pm

Plus a full page on Nick's Broomfield documentary, Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love.
Highly recommend for collectors.

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