LC book in Portuguese (pdf on-line)

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LC book in Portuguese (pdf on-line)

Postby jarkko » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:17 am

Enclosed please find -- in a link to Google Drive (where a file in PDF format can be freely downloaded) -- a book, without any commercial purposes (and written in Portuguese, a language perhaps not too much familiar…) published by me during the year 2017 (February) on Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell, and their works and mutual dialogue.

With best wishes for the new year 2018 (and congratulations for your website)

Yours sincerely

Alfredo Pinheiro Marques
(Center for the Studies of the Sea - Figueira da Foz - Portugal)

(…) Authored by a local historian (!) and written in Portuguese (a language that only a few people in this world can speak or understand!), during the year 2017 a book was published in Portugal (!) by a small publishing house (!) — a charity devoted to scientific matters (!), out of the business of publishing commercial works — with the most sensational and impressive story about the love and dialogue between Leonard Cohen and his fellow countrywoman Joni Mitchell during their entire life! It's incredible. And it's true! Now we know it:

Cohen Morreu… e Eu…? [Cohen Died… What About Me?], by Alfredo Pinheiro Marques (Figeira da Foz, CEMAR, 2017 - ISBN: 978-972-8289-55-3) ... llcGNGOE0/
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