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Montreal: we will be there!

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:05 am
by jarkko
Here is an updated list of members who have signed to our Dinner at Moishe's and/or to the guided City Tour
(both on Sunday 5).

Aaftink, Mary - Canada
Adams, Curt & Joann - USA
Adian, Ken
Arjatsalo, Jarkko & Eija - Finland
Bachner-King, Jane - USA
Bacon-Smith, Elizabeth - USA
Baker, Kim & Wendy - USA
Barclay, Lyn - Canada
Beldock, Rachel & Tyd, Robert - USA
Bohan, Tom & Berg, Rhonda - USA
Buczkowski, Mary & George - USA
Böther, Kolja - Germany
Cardelús, Meritxell & Pujol, Rosa - Andorra
Chan, Chengyi & Jean-Guy
Christelle - France
Clayton, Joe - Canada
Coats, Vickie & Dave - USA
Costello, Joe - Ireland
Dahart, Diana - USA
Daykin, Janet - UK
Dorr, Ciaran - UK
Dullemont, Hélène & Hugo - The Netherlands
Egle, Ute & Owart, Norbert- Germany
Elkoni, Avi
Franz, Henning - Germany
de Graaff, Aad & Bogaard, Gery- The Netherlands
Graf, Christof - Germany
Granofsky, Lorne - Canada
Gutschmidt, Caren & Kloss, Hans - Germany
Hadassah & Tali - Israel
Harrington, Julie - USA
Hasler, Karen
Head, Frank & Phyllis - USA
Hiljanen, Sinikka - Finland
Huillet, Babeth & Henri - France
Hume, Jenny - Australia
Hühne von Seth, Marianne - Sweden
Johannessen, Fred & companion - Denmark
Karl, Chris - Austria
Kannapell  Andrea
Kayal, Danien - Canada
Kettel, Gerard - Germany
Kloberdanz, John - USA
Kuivalainen, Petri & Oljakka, Auli - Finland
Lageveen, Willy & Wijbe - The Netherlands
Lex, Christa
Lipka, Birgitte - France
Liptrot, Philip & Jean - UK
MacMillan, Scott & Helen - UK
Marshall, Wendy - UK
Massa, Eddy & Mechiels, Ann - Belgium
Massa, Maarten - Belgium
Mazur, Marie - USA
McCann, Paula & Cummer, Don - Ireland/Canada
Michalski, Sally & Stan - USA
Moxey, Brian & Seidler, Janice - Cyprus
Neuberg, Christiane & Detlef - Germany
Nevens, Martine - Belgium
Nolan, Marie & Noonan, Albert - Ireland
Nowlan, Jenni - UK
O´Connor, Brian & Caroline - Ireland
Ooievaar, Oscar & Babet - The Netherlands
Parkins, Robert - Canada
Parr, Josie - UK
Parry, Carys & John - UK
Peters, Steve - UK
Poola, Eva - Canada
Porter, Anne - Canada
Rohr, Gabriele & Reinhard - Germany
Remy, Judy - France
van Ruth, Liesbeth - The Netherlands
Salles, Beatriz - Spain
Scanlan, Dan - USA
Schmaltz, Bruce & Monique - Canada
Schnabel, Lea - Israel
Sigler, Mona - Canada
Simmons, Sylvie - USA
Spencer, Shirley - Canada
Tengelsen, Henry - Norway
Vainio, Maire & Pentti & Riitta - Finland
Volk, Connie - Germany
Way, Joe & Anne - USA
Wener, Leslie - USA
White, Marsha - USA
Williams, June - Greece
Wozniak, Peter & Isabelle - USA
Zinger, Trayah - Canada

Re: Montreal: we will be there!

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:43 am
by jarkko
The list above has been updated. Now only members who will come either to the dinner or the city tour (or both)have been listed.

We have still a few unfilled seats in the city tour, and Moishe's has kindly given us more quota for the dinner, so if you want to join us, please email me now.

Re: Montreal: we will be there!

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:57 am
by jarkko
It's Closing Time: registration to the City Tour and to our Dinner at Moishe's has now been closed.
See you in Montreal!

Re: Montreal: we will be there!

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:21 pm
by Eva
So we are less than a week away before our rendez-vous in Montreal!

Chris & I have been busy organizing the bus tour that will take you around Leonard's Montreal.

The weather has changed suddenly from warm autumn winds to chilly 11C (52F). Before travelling you can check
AccuWeather for details, but as we all know, we don't necessarily believe in weathermen!

Pls do not forget to adjust your watches! One hour back on Sat night! We meet at 10:15 sharp at the Best Western Ville Marie Hotel, corner Peel & Sherbrooke.

Wear comfortable shoes as we will do little walking on the mountain if the skies are clear to view Leonard's Mural.

Have a hearty breakfast, we will have a snack for lunch, but we are very short on time, if we want to cover all sights & make it for dinner.

At Moishe's there is no dress code, you can come casual if you like.

As mentioned before, visit to cemetery is a private affair.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Warm regards to all

"...came so far for beauty"